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Submitted by Ask 976d ago | news

E3 Killer Instinct ‘rape joke’ controversy

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s known, is no stranger to controversy but has never trodden on the sensitive topic of rape before. During a demonstration for the Killer Instinct reboot, which will be an Xbone exclusive, a particular bout of dialogue has caused immediate backlash on Twitter and led to a quick apology from Microsoft. (Culture, E3)

Ask  +   977d ago
I honestly don't see it as a rape joke. It's part of gaming culture for fucks sake. Seriously.
Myst  +   977d ago
They really should watch twitch or at least listen in when people play fighters. I hear this kind of stuff a lot...
xHeavYx  +   976d ago
While I think the joke could have been skipped, calling it a" controversy" is going too far. It was just a guy not thinking before speaking
crxss  +   976d ago
not really a rape joke. just a funny joke
Kurt Russell  +   976d ago
Exactly what a rapist would want us to think ;)
xtremexx  +   977d ago
omfg, it wasnt a rape joke, seriously. im disliking how people are turning a couple words into a whole problem when it clearly wasnt even related to rape.
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Godmars290  +   976d ago
E3 is about talking to the general public about games. The general public knows jack all about banter during online matches fighting or otherwise.

And to someone who understands both general public and online gamer speak - that was a rape joke!

The real joke though would have been if the woman had said it. If MS had brought out a woman who actually knew how to play and she just shot off the quip.

But then there'd likely be a few articles about emasculation.
MikeyDucati1  +   976d ago
Rape joke? Really? Did feminism take away your manhood or something? Lol seriously, it was far from a rape joke.
stubbed_out   976d ago | Bad language | show
house  +   976d ago
hate feminism because they ask for equality but as soon as we do its like nope i didn't wanna be treated the same, you cant pick and choose what you want and dont jesus! thats not equality its supremacy.

and this isnt even a rape joke!!!!
I expected an article about this from Kotaku because I'm sure they would've also mistaken the joke. It wasn't a rape joke, it was a murder joke.
NameRemoved0017  +   976d ago
Why did noone during that show yell Xbox Off.
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project_pat36  +   976d ago
gooood fucking question.. they said xbox sucks.

but I imagine the voice commands are limited to the logged in user alone.
project_pat36  +   976d ago
to who ever pointed this out... maybe you need to get an evaluation.. you seem to find darkness out of the brightest of situations..

@ the female population

watch out for @Ask, we got a badass over here.

and possibly a rapist.
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Toon_Link  +   976d ago
What exactly did they say? I watched the whole press confrence and don't remember a rape joke.

But on a side note I really don't like when people make rape jokes online, even if its common to hear while playing games online. I feel it's immature and I think if you knew anyone that's been molested or raped you wouldn't think it's ok. Also I have a young daughter that might have something to do with it as well.
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iphotographgoatsman   976d ago | Spam
animegamingnerd  +   976d ago
i honestly didn't even notice the rape joke
cheetorb  +   976d ago
Only a dumbf-ck would take those comments and twist them into a rape comment,
Stupid people shouldn't be allowed on the computer or to procreate for that matter.
cyborg47  +   975d ago
I think the line was kinda offensive, though I also think the internet is over reacting to this.

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