Haze confirmed for May 22

Ubisoft has today revealed that Haze is scheduled for release in Europe for PlayStation 3 on May 22.

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Mr Playboy3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

$ony fan can now sleep happily tonight no more nightmares lol

in another news,

Haze confirmed xbox360 version 3 months later

Lucreto3493d ago

3 months later not likely I would say 6 months to a year. 360 doesn't have Unreal Tournament yet.

360sucks3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

after i finish haze
GETTING READY LBP ,Killzone 2,Motorstorm 2,Resistance 2

Lucreto3493d ago

I will be doing the same. Can't wait for Resistance 2

ScottEFresh3493d ago

Where have you been? Not only have Ubisoft bigwigs confirmed this game was NEVER going to another platform. The developers at Free Radical also stated that they wanted to develop on the PS3 exclusively so they can get the most power for their game.

This game is going to be another great addition to the already growing PS3 library.

LarVanian3493d ago

Mr Gayboy confirms he has no proof and just talks a bunch of bullsh!t.

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damnwrx3493d ago

Release date: June 10 and expect more delays......Thanks for your patience.

jwatt3493d ago

They don't want it to get too close to MGS4. I think Haze has found a good spot in between GTA4/GTP and MGS4.

The Killer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

to keep shooter fans waiting for the big two(killzone 2, resistance 2)

madestar3493d ago

F all you mods banning me from the gamerzone F A G S

keony3493d ago

now without the regular bunch of ubisoft bugs.

ScottEFresh3493d ago

This game is only being published my Ubisoft. Not developed. The developers are Free Radical Design and have already said that the delay time was really good for the game so they could add the necessary polish. This game will probably have very little bugs, if any and will look great and run smoothly at a constant 30FPS.

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The story is too old to be commented.