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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sold out soon

In only a matter of hours, or days if you're lucky, your local stores will sell out of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pre-orders. Upon going to GameStop, this is the status report an employee gave. Don't make the same mistake I made last gen thinking you can find that one store with no one camping out at it. (GameStop, Next-Gen, PS4, Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

Intentions  +   655d ago
Wow.. That's crazy, it's only been a day pretty much. Next-gen is going to be so epic.
ps4 is number 1 and 3 on amazon!

And the top next gen games are ps4 version.

JhawkFootball06  +   655d ago
Looks like I'll be camping out again. (Don't have the money to preorder right now)
febreeze1  +   655d ago
I don't understand whats the difference between launch edition and standard edition. Does launch edition have something special?
thechosenone  +   655d ago
So I just spoke to an Amazon rep and they said the PS4 Launch Edition sold out in mins. O.O
FlameHawk  +   655d ago
Lol Look at the Gamestop best selling, PS4 Is Dominating, there are like 10 PS4 bundles in the top 20.
rainslacker  +   655d ago
The launch edition you're guaranteed to get it on day one(assuming you get 2 day shipping). This was from their initial allotment I assume. Standard edition is the same product, but it will be shipped out on a first come, first serve basis whenever they get in inventory. I'm assuming they'll track the order in which those people ordered to be fair.

If you ordered within the first 12 hours you probably got the launch edition. After that, to see which you got, just go to the product page, click on either tab for the two editions, and it will tell you if you already ordered that product in a yellow banner at the top.
Docknoss  +   655d ago
Got my Xbox One Day One Edition Pre Ordered
Campy da Camper  +   655d ago
Just got one of the last ones at my GameStop. The entire region is almost sold out! This Fall its gonna be a feeding frenzy!
teedogg80  +   655d ago
I might have to hire security to accompany me to pick up my PS4.
Excalibur  +   655d ago
Well let's be honest here, when they say "Sold out" how many units are we talking here?

If each company only releases say 20,000 units day one of course they will be sold out.

I'm curious as to number of units each will deliver to the various retail outlets, until that info gets release I save my "being impressed".
adorie  +   655d ago
Existing pre-orders, I'm assuming? Can't tell if stores will get stock other than pre-orders. Never bought a console on or before launch, but there is a first for everything. Lol.
thehitman  +   655d ago
There will be a set amount of consoles dedicated for pre-orders. Then they will have a set only for shelves/walk-ins. What the author is trying to say is that the walk-ins can be too numerous on day one that you may not even get a console if you were dependent on that. Its not about the numbers of how much is sold its about the availability of if you ACTUALLY want one you better put out the money now and pre-order it or you could be left out of having one for 2-3 months. Now I am hoping that Sony will be able to gauge how many pre-orders and day one demand they will have and ship as many consoles as possible because I dont want to be one of those left out since I dont have pre-order money atm.
chcolatesnw  +   655d ago
Doesnt best buy and amazon charge you cc on shipment? You dont need the money now
Godchild1020  +   655d ago
My Gamestop was only given 16 Xbox One preorders to take on Monday, same as the one upstairs in the mall. The others in my area were given 20 and 14 System to reserve.

The PS4 was given 80 spots at my location, I don't know about other locations. The numbers are based off the amount of reserves each location had after we were told that we can't take anymore reservations.
BattleTorn  +   655d ago
I went and pre-ordered both last night.

The employee at th EB Games (Vanc, Canada) said that they were only give 8 Xbox One pre-orders, then 2 more (gone in minutes), then a few more (also gone instantly - which I was one) -- around 14 in total.

While they are taking unlimited PS4 pre-orders - which they have gotten tons of.
johnniejay  +   655d ago
Crazy my gamestop location got 8 xbox 1 pre order allocations and 26 ps4 allocations I was able to pre order both system no camping out for me this go around
rainslacker  +   655d ago
My local one got 8 X1's and 20 PS4's yesterday. They were sold out when I was able to get there in the evening. A couple other stores I called in my area were also out of PS4 pre-orders. The guy at my regular store called me today and said that GS corporate opened up more pre-orders for the store, so I secured one, along with my Amazon one for backup.:) Will sell the 2nd one to a friend or something who can't secure a pre-order.
mediate-this  +   655d ago
Good question, the game stops in my city all got ten xbones, and they are sold out, so its not that big of a number. Best buy still has xbones.
TheLyonKing  +   655d ago
Preordered my ps4 on amazon and preordered killzone and driveclub cause I have a feeling the bundles will sell out before I can get home from work an reserve them. Better safe than sorry cant wait to get my ps4 day one.

Does anyone feel like the ps4 has created buzz within the gaming industry like when the ps1 and 2 were shown?
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subtenko  +   655d ago
Yes because Sony listens to the fans and seems to care the most out of the 3. At least that is my perspective of it. Yes they want to make money but they chose not to follow suit with features like MANDATORY DRM.

They are a company that likes to have fun (as seen my the Used game tutorial video,lol)
Spontogical  +   655d ago
Yes.. the PS3's run-up launch is an absolute shambles compared to this.

The PS4 will always be remembered from that See The Future video Sony released on their YouTube account back in early february :P

PS2 levels are returning, I'm getting all kinds of feels right now.
teedogg80  +   655d ago
Don't forget you get Driveclub free with PS+. You'll need plus anyway to play online. So it's pretty much free for anyone that plans to play online on PS4.
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mi_titan27  +   655d ago
Good point about Driveclub, only the PS+ version wont have "all" the content, same features less content. But for me, im getting the plus version, so I can leave some money left over for another game.
DEEBO  +   655d ago
well my store ran out of xbox ones the first day and i only had 8 ps4 left when we closed on it's first day of preorder.keep in mind that i only had 12 xbox's and 32 ps4 that i was able to preorder for customers.
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Ashlen  +   655d ago
That's interesting information. Thanks for sharing
duli14  +   655d ago
Yes There's been a rumour and reported on gaf that stores have more PS4 consoles available to pre order than Xbox.
mediate-this  +   655d ago
That is true, in my city atlest. evrytime I buy games and what not, im like a little kid in a candy store, asking about the sales between the two. you get a lot of information.
SIX  +   655d ago
Interesting. This is what I've heard as well. MS having hardware issues might be true after all. Also, I heard that Amazon is already on thier second run of PS4 pre orders.
NaAsAr  +   655d ago
the GameStop close to me said the samething. except they had 7 x1's and 32 ps4s when I traded my 360 for a ps4 pre order. they gave me 140 for it too which was sweet.
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abzdine  +   655d ago
how can X1 be sold out???
do people have mud in their eyes and ears or it's a MS tactic once more?

Greatness awits
yugovega  +   655d ago
some people must not be happy with their normal cable box.
jjb1981  +   655d ago
Good one!
kneon  +   655d ago
That's too bad because even with the xb1 they will still need their cable box. The xb1 is a cable box peripheral, not a cable box substitute.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   655d ago
Probably because Sonys launch titles look weak.
adorie  +   655d ago
People have been saying that MS has been giving stores less supply to make it look like they're selling out faster.

I don't want to spread FUD, though. So, take that with a grain of salt, and all that.
vitullo31  +   655d ago
Ive been hearing that too my buddy works at eb games he said they had around 35 ps4s available and somewhere around half of that for xbox ones
Simon_Brezhnev  +   655d ago
Dont know why you getting disagrees. A lot of people on gaf went to their local gamestops and they kept saying PS4 has like 3 times the supple. Seems like that rumor about the production for Xbone was true.
horndog  +   655d ago
Yeah, you're right! Stop making up crap. Just be glad game industry is still healthy. Competition is good. Look how sony has turned things around thanks in much to its competition.
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punisher99  +   655d ago
"how can X1 be sold out???
do people have mud in their eyes and ears or it's a MS tactic once more?"

Fanboys will always be fanboys. They are basically married to Xbox. They dont care what policies microsoft forces.
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ebreda  +   655d ago
So if I want to play Forza 5 I'm surely a stupid fanboy? If I'm okay with not sharing games or reselling them, I'm married to Xbox?

Open your eyes, it's just a hardware device. If there are games I want to play on it, that's reason enough to buy it. I got a Wii U for ***'s sake, and I'm happy enough playing Nano Assault on it. That's what matters.
irokster  +   655d ago
@ebreda Wow, you have a Wii U?
Godchild1020  +   655d ago
Stores weren't accommodated that many systems to reserve. There will be more for walk ins.
monkey602  +   655d ago
The similtanious worldwide releases will contribute to this
Ron_Danger  +   655d ago
Sony is worldwide release. MS already said earlier this week that Asia is getting XBox One in late 2014.
Dante_007  +   655d ago
Don't Believe everything you read on the internet
bonafide732  +   655d ago
Deg guess no launch day for me :{
Ares84HU  +   655d ago
Good thing I preordered my with games than.
paris007  +   655d ago
PS4 will be outsold XBOXONE I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
swishersweets20031  +   655d ago
i guess who ever is manufacturing them both better put in some over time :P
PersonaCat  +   655d ago
The ps4 launch edition is already sold out on Amazon. Good thing I grabbed mine right after the conference haha
Tatsuya  +   655d ago
I can understand why PS4 might sold out soon. But the XBone, huh. Never mind, people are entitled to their own choices even if it means they are making the stupidest mistake ever.
BabyTownFrolics  +   655d ago
preordered my ps4 from gamestop, preordered my xbox1 from the MS store, its gonna be a great winter
superterabyte  +   655d ago
BabyTownFrolics  +   655d ago
nah, just a lucky adult with a full time that pays pretty well

gaming is my only luxury, I'm pretty frugal with everything else
superterabyte  +   655d ago
@BabyTownFrolics Yeah I wish I had that money i'm a student FML lol =/ Doesn't help that gaming is more expensive in the UK £54 for a DS4 controller that's the equivalent of around $85 despite this American DS4's only cost $59.
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mediate-this  +   655d ago
How is buying a xbone a stupid choice? there are people who prefer their choice, whether it be xbone, pc, sony or ninty. that's their choice. You can call their choice a mistake because they work hard for money( or their parents worked hard)and they can do what ever they want with it.

Competition is great , and if it were not for micro, online would have not been as good, sony would not have pushed so hard.

that's my opinion sorry if I sound rude, just passionate about open thinking.
LightofDarkness  +   655d ago
I pre-ordered mine in February, only €50 to pay off before release :) Might have to preorder Killzone as well, though.
airgangstarr  +   655d ago
the xmas im doin my shopping in october im not goin anywhere near the stores in novemeber when these consoles release people are gonna be killing each other an thats a fact... its gonna be crazy i mean look at last xmas they were killing each other over some cheap phone at walmarts whats wrong with people
Tatsuya  +   655d ago
Anyone else getting PS4 priced at £290.83 on Amazon UK upon check out?
dethpuck  +   655d ago
Microsoft needs to keep up with demand. I hope that retailer won't takeover preorders than they can fill. Ps4 is going to be a very hot item.
jay2  +   655d ago
We beat you guys per order wise. The UK started in Feb and last month.
ianblake  +   655d ago
xone and ps4 first day sold out @ amazon
KrisButtar  +   655d ago
is there a way to report that the link is broken to the story?
teedogg80  +   655d ago
I am so, so happy I pre ordered my PS4 yesterday. I get goosebumps just looking at the receipt lol.
lildudexst  +   655d ago
fool gamer go day one. pro gamer wait a month or 2 when shit already out with few more game to really play and when net not crashing or not working at all for some reason. Cod ghost or bf4, assin4 not going no damm wear.
mediate-this  +   655d ago
Can I get that in English please, or in sentence I can comprehend.
Jaybronee  +   655d ago
RIP King's English.
horndog  +   655d ago
Wasnt the playstation 3 rated higher on amazon at the start of this gen? I remember sony fanboys bitching as to how npd numbers didnt include amazon numbers every month that showed the 360 dominating NA. Im just saying amazon isnt really an indication of where the consoles really sit.
ElementX  +   655d ago
God enough with the next gen console wars already. Next gen isn't even here yet and people on here are acting like children arguing and fighting.
mediate-this  +   655d ago
where I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, all xbones are sold out at the gamestop, but they each game stop only got ten xbones per store, so its not really that much to sell for a hot system.

preordered my ps4 from gamestop and had topre order my xbone from best buy.

excited for my two next gen systems.
DialgaMarine  +   655d ago
Already preordered my console, 3 games and a controller. Super psyched for this November.
SITH  +   655d ago
1st allocation of xbox one and PS4 are sold out in Little Rock Arkansas at my gamestop. The 2nd allocation may be sold out today also.

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