Microsoft defends the Xbox One’s licensing, used game policies

Kyle Orland: "This is a big change, consumers don't always love change, and there's a lot of education we have to provide to make sure that people understand."

This is the extremely diplomatic way Microsoft Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi spun his reaction to the PR challenges surrounding the Xbox One of late. And it's true, consumers around the world (and around the Internet) loudly expressed how much they dislike the changes Microsoft announced to its game licensing terms (and online requirements) for the Xbox One last Thursday, giving Sony the ammunition it needed to win E3 by basically doing nothing.

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Intentions1775d ago

Sony is going to be the lead for sure [At launch]. Not saying that Xbox would totally fail, but Sony will definitively lead next-gen.

Regardless, hope MS can give a decent competition and pump out cool games. Same goes to Sony.

dedicatedtogamers1775d ago

If Microsoft is defending it now, there's zero chance they'll be reversing the Xbox One policies any time soon.

US8F1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Proud and arrogant. Typical loser mentality.

Didn't the Microsoft boss say either you have internet connection or stay with 360?. Sorry Microsoft, easy victory for PS4. I'm predicting 4-1 sales figures


The only way they would change is if the console bombs and bombs hard!

Sadly I don't think most gamers care, understand or have the will power to stand up to this.

Educate us he says.. You can try for the next 10 years, I am not buying it.

I am still waiting for truly beneficial reason that I should sign up to this crap.

Being an old xbox fan, I have a few friends who are jumping with me to ps4 and other friends who are upset with me for making the jump. They keep asking me if I am going to leave them when they are all going to be playing Titanfall.

I can see a lot of people giving into this just because they don't want the social divide.

Anyway I tell them to try and justify the drm situation and they can't.

pompombrum1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I couldn't even get past the forth paragraph before my eyes were rolling and I couldn't take it anymore.

Try harder M$.. you are screwing over gamers and everyone with half a brain cell can see that the negatives massively outweigh the positives.

DevilishSix1775d ago

I see MS still defending anti-consumer policies much like the government is defending its snooping into everyones phone calls and emails. It's a damaging situation they have put themselves into. I don't see how they could reverse course, it would mean they would have to admit they were wrong, it would be embarrassing for MS and it does not fit MS corporate culture. They have always taken a juggernaut stance in the business world.

Testfire1775d ago

@ Dark Witness, I think you would be surprised how many gamers are saying fk MS because of restrictions and pricing, as well as the non gamer focus with the later years of the 360. And I'm talking about real world gamers I've spoken with not forum goers.

Insomnia_841775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I actually have a friend who trys to justify it and says it's "innovation" lol
Says it doesn't affect him one bit. Says the style of the XBone console is better than PS4's. He says the PS4 has no new festures, he was actualy disappointed that there was not kinect in the E3 MS conference. He said the DRM was being enforce by the publishers to make console makers do what MS was doing and that Sony would follow too, after Sony's conference I have not heard comment from him in that topic. He doesn't see anything better in PS4 but everything with the XBone is good for him, innovative and the best for the future. He says gamers are just paranoid and that we the ones against all the DRM and restrictions are the minority.

I think I have as a friend the biggest Microsoft fanboy in history. lol

NextGen24Gamer1775d ago

Xbox One’s licensing, used game policies benefit Gamers in the long run if it drives down prices of the games.

Example: PC games sell brand new for 19.99 to 39.99. You can't trade them in, you can't lend them to a friend.

If xbox one multiplatform games are less expensive on the xbox one than the ps4, that would be a Game Changer for the "On A Budget" gamers.

It only makes sense that DRM would drive down the prices for the games on the xbox one. We have 5 months to find out.

The 24 hour check in can be done with your mobile hotspot from your cell phone if your internet goes down. Sure it's different, sure it seems like it could be a problem. But, honestly...It won't be an issue for next gen gamers. People who have internet. People who have cell phones, people who own HD1080p television, people who own tablets. LOL...This is High Tech High End gaming at it's finest.

Sure they are leaving behind the gamers who don't have internet, who don't have HD Televisions, who don't have cell phones or tablets.... And those people have the ps4 to buy. It's cheaper and has less next gen requirements or restrictions.

Xbox ONE, I'm IN!!!! I'm the high end consumer you are aiming for and I'm excited. The exclusive games look amazing and if the costs of the games are less due to DRM...That is a win win for ALL Gamers!

People always resist change. It's a normal reaction. Let's talk again in 2 years. LOL...

abzdine1775d ago

Wii U sold 875% more consoles on may 21st, and it's for a reason.

Nintendo showed some cool stuff at E3 direct, and Sony obviously went consumer friendly and pulled off some quality titles as well. PS4 is a definite buy but Wii U starts to be interesting to me as well.

to sum it up:

Greatness awaits

LeCreuset1775d ago

"Let's talk again in 2 years. LOL... "

1st it was, "Wait until the reveal."

Then it was, "Wait until E3."

Now we have, "Wait until 2 years." LOL indeed.

ABizzel11775d ago

"We're trying to do something pretty big in terms of moving the industry forward for console gaming into the digital world. We believe the digital world is the future, and we believe digital is better."

If that's the case then your digital games need to sell for a $10 - $20 less than retail, and you need to add multiple annual sales to your XBL service to recoup the loss of retail games, and make sure the 2 free game per month aren't 6 year old games.

On top of that there was no need for DRM, always online, and alway on Kinect to implement a digital future, especially when the PS4 can do the same thing.

MysticStrummer1775d ago

"1st it was, "Wait until the reveal."

Then it was, "Wait until E3."

Now we have, "Wait until 2 years." LOL indeed."

lol Exactly. The goalpost keeps mysteriously moving. This 2 year wait suggestion is the longest one I've seen.

kenshiro1001775d ago

Microsoft's arrogance and refusal to listen to gamers will be their downfall.

madpuppy1775d ago

"If Microsoft is defending it now, there's zero chance they'll be reversing the Xbox One policies any time soon."

MS avarice will be their downfall.

they don't like failure so much that they will cut and run rather than try to compete on a level playing field, remember their first foray into cell phones the ugly Kin and Kin 2? they were on sale for not even a month with dismal sales numbers (i think only into the hundreds) they stopped producing them and dropped all support for existing customers, didn't give them a refund or let them get a different phone. also, look at the first xbox, when they released the 360 they dropped all support for the first xbox. virtually abandoning the people that did not want to upgrade at that time.

AngryTypingGuy1775d ago

I'll be getting the PS4 first for sure, but I read the comments in the article and they make good points. Eventually, consoles will not have discs, including future PlayStations, that's just the way things are going. I don't think that MS is being evil or anti-consumer, rather they are trying to please everyone, which means a little give and take in each area.

But the bottom line is that right now, I want the ability to buy used discs without restrictions, and only the PS4 offers that.

Tultras1775d ago

Proud and arrogant, I seem to recall Sony fitting into that category.

I guess History always repeats itself, just In different forms.

FunkMacNasty1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

From the interview, as stated by this MS rep:

"I think it's fair to say there's a segment of consumers at this show in particular who really pay attention, who are very passionate about all aspects of gaming, and that we listen to closely. In a broader set of community, people don't pay attention to a lot of the details. We've seen it in the research, we've seen it in a lot of the data points."

So right there ^^^^^ he basically admits that MS is aware core gamers are paying attention and are steaming mad at MS, but that's okay because people who dont pay attention to anything will basically still buy the XboxOne. Wow. Just... WOW. So it is true.. MS really doesnt care about gamers, and really DOES want to market to the casual crowd. There's absolute proof, right there, in his words.

F*ck this guy and the marketing/PR horse he rode in on.

Enemy1775d ago

"No internet? Buy a 360, that simple." - Microsoft

Arrogant is the last word I'd use to describe Microsoft. Unfortunately there aren't nearly enough foul words to describe them at this point.

jacksons981775d ago

"No internet? Buy a 360, that simple." - Microsoft

Or a PS4

N4GDgAPc1775d ago


The reason PC games become cheaper is because they don't have to worry about paying percentage fees to Microsoft or Sony like consoles do. It all goes to them.

GamerToons1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


That's his response?

"This is a big change, consumers don't always love change, and there's a lot of education we have to provide to make sure that people understand."

F*** You MS... I am an adult. I don't need to be educated. All you are teaching us is "Pay us more money and you will still have a bricked console"

rainslacker1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

"I think it's fair to say there's a segment of consumers at this show in particular who really pay attention, who are very passionate about all aspects of gaming, and that we listen to closely. In a broader set of community, people don't pay attention to a lot of the details. We've seen it in the research, we've seen it in a lot of the data points"

MS just doesn't get it. Basically saying, "Yeah, we listen...we just don't care".

They're banking on a market which doesn't care. A market which could just as easily decide to pick up the other two consoles which are cheaper. Seriously, when people who don't care about gaming want to get a game system...who do you think they ask about it? That's right, it's their gamer friends. I've fielded so many questions at work and within my social circle recently from the exact crowd that MS is going after, and not a single one hasn't been incredulous over what MS is doing, and can't understand the reasons why.

This whole article the guy kept saying "Value this, value that". What I found though was he didn't really say what value MS is giving to gaming, or even to their target market...which i guess is the casual/TV watching crowd.

How can MS be so dense to completely ignore the fact that digital convenience isn't what people are complaining about, it's the restrictions of digital that they have a problem with. This guy just readily admitted they want to force a digital future, not wait for it to come around on it's own. The fact he admits that they still need retail discs should be a pretty damn good indicator that the digital future is not now.

I hope all this nonsense blows up in the face of those pushing the "all digital future". For the first time ever, people are truly starting to see and look into what an all digital future means. Up until now, all you heard about were the positives, but all the negatives just got swept under the rug. I say people analyzing all this now is a good thing, because it means we maybe won't have to deal with all the downsides when we have no other choice. I say it's good MS is going to slap all the ignorant people who don't realize all this stuff across their faces to get them to wake up.

StuffofLegend1775d ago

Key trying dude. I just got my friend who was hardcore Xbox to see how bad MS was/is :)

andrewsqual1775d ago

Lol who suggested they could? If they were to change it now the whole infrastructure and the way any games form the console have been shown would have to be redesigned. It wouldn't be out until Late 2014 then, do you think they will do that?


@ rainslacker

This is exactly what I keep telling people. This whole idea that it does not matter if the hardcore leave because the casuals will still buy it is bullshit because the casuals sooner or later end up following what the core market does.

if the casuals are the ones that jump all over the xbone the publishers will feel it because the casuals don't buy as many games.

One thing is for sure, this gen is going to be very interesting.

N4GDgAPc1775d ago


Your right. Look what happened to the wii. It sold great and first party games to but 3rd party games sold like crap. Eventually they stop making games for it.

rainslacker1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


Here's the thing, MS is trying to replicate what Nintendo did with the Wii, only to a much broader consumer base.

The Wii was an anomaly in the entire history of console launches.

Here's the thing though. The Wii didn't do what it did by trying to get into many different markets at once, it did it by making games accessible to everyone, whether they could manage a controller or not.

That is the exact opposite approach that MS is taking. MS is making gaming more restrictive for everyone. Sure it has Kinect, but the motion control fad has passed it's prime by several years now. Most people just don't care anymore...even Nintendo realized that and tried to get into the tablet craze, for better or worse.

The Wii made gaming appealing to a new demographic, it didn't try to change the way everyone already consumes their every day media. It also wasn't trying to tack on extra, new, and unasked for features onto that consumption.

The hardcore left the Wii for the most part, because it wasn't appealing for them.

The Wii also had a very friendly price tag for the more casual consumer.

titletownrelo1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

*cool, hey can I borrow one of your gam- nope nevermind...

*want to rent a game to see if its any good before buyi- Can't even do that, WOW!

*Live in Carribean Islands, India, Germany, China, or Japan? You want to play games on day one? Well too bad!

*Have some killer gaming headsets from the 360 you want to use on the Xbox One? Not happening, sorry.

*Uncomfortable with Kinect constantly watching you? Sounds like a personal problem.

*Want exclusives other than generic shooters? That's not how we role.

*Have a great idea for an indie game? Well, then you have to pay us to let you go through this obstacle course first.

*xbox live under maintenance? Wanna play some single player offline gam- Hmm, can't do that...

*want a leading console in hardware and at an affordable cost? Maybe a good looking slimmer case to conserve space? WELL THEN DO WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!!


davekaos1775d ago


I dont know why you got so many disagrees as you are correct. Geoff keighley ran an interview with Don Mattrick who said as plain as day. "if you do not have an internet connection then stick with the xbox360"

Microsoft = worst company in the world.

For those who have not seen it look it up on youtube.

Death1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

The analogy used was you wouldn't buy a cell phone and not have service. Why would you buy a console that requires an internet connection and not have internet. For people that can't get internet, he said they could still have a high level gaming experience with a 360.

Gamers can be like spoiled children. We all want gaming to evolve, we all want better graphics and longer games, we want free online, we want to see Blu-rays filled, but we don't care if developers can actually make money while doing all this.

Mobile gaming is very attractive for developers since the cost is so low and profit potential so high. If we want to see triple A titles released on our consoles, something needs to change or the developers will simply not exist. It's easy to laugh at the Wii and deny it's success. If you take the time and look at Nintendo's financial statements over the last decade or so you will see they make alot of money. They do this with platforms that are a generation behind in technology and simplified games. It's a very sound business model.

If you want the Halo's, Destiny's, Uncharted, Gran Turismo's, and GTA's of the future, something needs to be done to make the resources needed to produce these games available. Piracy and used game sales cost billions annually. If the DRM in Microsoft's new console succeeds, gaming can evolve or at the very least be sustained. If developers and publishers can make more on Xbox games, what do you think they will do? Sony will adopt a DRM policy to retain third parties or risk being a mainly first party console. Sony is also in need of cash which is why they reversed their policy on online gaming. Why would anyone think DRM is any different?

Ares84HU1774d ago


I hit agree instead of disagree by accident. Just wanted to clear that up. I don't agree with your fanboy veiws and your bad reasoning. Did MS say that games will be cheaper??? No, they will not be cheaper. Even if they could be cheaper MS will not give it to you for less.

Also, last time I checked you can lend PC games to your friends. In some games you can't play online because of the Serial number/cd key, but you can install them and play the single player without a problem. That is if it's disc based and not purchased from steam/origin or other online based shop.

Divine1774d ago

honestly i do think digital may will be dominant in the future and i like digital when it comes to certain things but when it comes gaming. i like to see my collection of games building up . like right now I would never download the last of us on to my system. But see this is where sony is the future. because they give us the "option"


personally I feel this sums up the situation perfectly;


BallsEye1774d ago

Look on the bright side, your friends even a country away can play your games anytime, unlimited without SENDING them the disc by mail.
Just use that family option. Thats one benefit.

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Blackdeath_6631775d ago

the install base and early adopters is really important and that's what sony is shooting for even more so this gen than any before because alot of money will be made via online services like ps+/psn getting enough people actively using this service means you can continue providing content and driving sales. also even if MS pumps out a huge amount of games and has a price drop the difference in policies i feel is enough to keep sony ahead. i don't think many people would want those restriction specially after gaming on a console without any restriction what so ever. trying to regain the lead for the XBone will be like pushing sand up a sand dune it will be and uphill struggle

shivvy241775d ago

the reason people went for the 360 was the cheap price ! all my friends had a ps2 but went for 360 because their reason was it was alot cheaper! all my friends wanted a PS3 but we were 15 yrs old back then and couldnt afford it but luckily my dad got it for me as a gift !

crck1775d ago

I'm sure the 1 year head start 360 had certainly didn't hurt either.

s8anicslayer1775d ago

Funny thing about is that MS has the same thickheaded beliefs as Apple and that is because Bill Gates and Steve Jobs once worked together and both practice and practiced respectively the same Motto "Our way or No way"! and that is sending both firms that has once led their respective industry to leaving the door open for anyone who wants to come through and that is because the consumer is standing ground with the exception of the diehard fans of these to behemoths.

AngelicIceDiamond1775d ago

"Within that, we've tried to optimize, and I think we've found a great balance across all of those dimensions," Mehdi said. "But there are tradeoffs. We do want to support everyone in that system, beginning with the consumer. But we want publishers to get paid for the great IP they work on. We want retailers to be able to drive and sell our products and make a profit. So we are trying to balance across all those."

Here we go trying to play hero and do everything, and tackle everything at once. MS needs to dedicate themselves to the consumer first and foremost.

But like I said MS isn't changing anything until the initial reaction and possible backlash. I think these policies will ultimately become ineffective down the line.

MEsoJD1775d ago

Sony can really go after them once commercials start airing for both consoles.

rainslacker1775d ago

Would love to see a re-imagining of those old Apple commercials where they had a Mac and a PC. Apple probably wouldn't care. They don't have a huge love of MS.:)

strifeblade1775d ago

Microsoft's drm policies are a big change in gaming- But i love games and i want the devs and publishers to be successful, but how can they be successful when used game sales take so much from profit. Did you know that heavy rain sold 2 million copies at a time where more than 4 million have played a copy of the game? With so many big publishers closing, most recently being thq and the cost producing AAA games rising with each gen- why shouldnt developers and publishers be protected? Microsoft said they are not getting a cut on used sales and its up to the publishers to use the system msoft set in place. I was hugely against drm policies but when i look at it from this perspective that my favourite game publishers and devs might be in trouble- im willing to lose a little bit of value on my trade ins if it means helping the publishers/devs. Why the online drm? well its the only way to enforce it. This article states as that up to 10 friends/ families can play from your shared game library. thats good news- its just msoft restricts private sales of your games, you can only trade to gamestop and probably bestbuy as well. If ytou dont have internet you are screwed- yes that is technically true so this system is not for you.

Ps4 is 100$ less and the hardware is supposed to be more powerful so does that mean all multiplats will look that much better on ps4? Why would devs put the extra effort to make games look better on the playstation counterparts? Is it to encourage all gamers to buy the playstation version- the version which can be traded and sold second hand multiple times? Or the xbox one version which makes every effort to protect the very publishers and devs that develop their games on? Its safe to say graphically they will be identical but to think that ps4 versions will be significantly better than the xbox counterpart would be foolish and a dev would be stabbing himself in the back if he did something to encourage the sale of the playstation version over the xbox one version

InSpectre1775d ago

New and used are two separate markets. On top of that you're seeing the glass half full.

How many people traded a used game in to buy Heavy Rain new? You don't get that statistic.

StuffofLegend1775d ago

Hate to say it,but the consumer is the end result. If you don't provide for the consumers wants or needs, eventually you lose business. If devs want to move numbers, then they need to provide a product compelling enough to continue owning, or upgrade the product via dlc. It really isn't fair to all devs,but if they continue making games, then they've obviously had a good return on sales, despite the consumers ability to freely move the product.

Restricting re-sales is just a way to increase the profit margin, by putting out the consumer.

How many people out of those 2 million who did not pay for the game are likely to go out and by the next Quantum Dream game because they know that a quality product will be delivered. It ends up being free viral marketing for the dev.

strifeblade1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Trading in used games games for new games only adds fuel to the fire. Its a continous cycle which initially increases the sale of the new game but those 3 or 2 games you just traded in for it- well you just hurt those devs and publishers. hurting the sales of 2 or 3 different games to buy one game brandnew- tell me how does that look? You just did good at the cost of a greater evil

Why not wait for the game to go cheap and become affordable? plenty games get price cuts to 39.99 sooner than you think. Xbox one does allow game share so split the games with your friend- take turns buying brandnew games and sharing them, its good for you and the devs/ publishers

fardan851775d ago

You know, sharing games with 10 family members is way worse than used-game sales.
Let me do a quick analysis to this.
As you said, Heavy Rain sold 2 mil, & more than 4 mil people got it used. The original 2 mil copy purchased from the store was sold and resold again. So, from this data I can see that the game purchased from store was played by 3 different people. Original buyer, then 2 used games buyers. (Total of 3 beneficiaries)
For MS new policy, share the game with 10 family members "I'm assuming the original buyer is part of the 10", So, one guy purchase the game only & a total of 10 people benefit from the game.
Used game sales = 3 beneficiaries
MS policy = 10 beneficiaries
Which one will hurt developers more?
I rest my case.
I can go on and show you that DRM & MS policies are hurting the market, and the current situation is way better but I don't think I need to.
before I end this reply I'll add one more thing, If used games sales are hurting the market and developers/publishers can't survive then why they continue investing in this industry?
I'll this for you to think about.

Rip-Ridah1775d ago

@ strifeblade
Heavy Rain is a VERY bad example to use to prove your point:

strifeblade1775d ago

The msoft share system works at any given time only one friend and play and access your library. One friend so 10 friends cannot actively play a game in your library even if they are different.

Now playstation- your library of games can be lent to as many friends as you want so long as they are different games. eg i give one friend killzone and he other friend infamous. This is not possible on xbox- only one friend can play the game at a given time so when the friends stops playing then some other friend can enter access the libary and play as well.

Now its entirely possible that devs restrict the game share feature for their title in the first month that its out and enable it afterwards- they can also prevent you from trading in the game the first month as well. Why is that? Because all devs say they lose most of their profits in the first month of release- by doing this they ensure they are maximising profits for their game in the first month. Anyone who really wanted to play the game badly enough would buy it instead of waiting a month to borrow- if they chose to buy the game used a month later devs still get a cut- And if you played the game on your friends account a month later well you may never have been a customer in the first place. Overall this system is far more profitable.

@rip ridah
sure they made plenty of money with 2 million- but they cut out a lot of profit margin- sony owns quantum dream if profits look like this for evry sony release then why is sony in such a bad financial state? imo they need all the profit they can get.

strifeblade1775d ago

Consumers will speak with their wallets when both ps4 and xbox one come out. Pre orders are looking good for both systems but i bet ps4 orders are higher. But we can only wait and see how they sell when they come out.

Microsoft is releasing it system for 500$ with tons of great exclusives in a short time frame. Microsoft is really hoping people will buy their system from the strong game conference and game exclusives shown regardless of drm.

sony have exclusives too but not nearly as many as msoft has shown and release dates are only known for 3 games killzone infamous and knack. You may wait a while to see other exclusives but sony's main selling point are not the games- they are the 400$ selling point and drm free.

Sony is smart- 100$ less and no drm= win for consumer. Msoft just has a list of very attractive exclusives.

If msoft manages to keep up with sony in sales then its bad news for multiplat games on sony. With an install base on xbox 1 equal to ps4 devs will begin to heavily promote xbox one versions (eg.exclusive in game content) since they stand to gain a lot more profit.

All speculation ofcourse

BallsEye1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yes! Glad someone finally understands it. With the system there will be more Single Player games, better games! If MS would not put this DRM we would just see COD after COD after COD coz it sells. Real SP masterpieces get very little attention cause they can just be rented to finish it and then that talented studio is closing.

I also really like the idea of family members. My brothers that live in other country will be able to share games with me without any limits and guess what? I wont have to send them the damn disc over the mail. It's a good thing!


No. Many family members can use your library at once, they just can't play the same game in the same time from your library. It will be "occupied"

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S2Killinit1775d ago

You know, I was totally in the same boat as you, until all the evidence came in regarding Microsoft's war on gamers, privacy rights, and consumer rights of ownership. Even though PS4 would have been my lead console I still planned to buy xbox but after everything MS has in store for gamers I am staying away from their console. I think at this point with the way Microsoft has played its hand, an xbox success is equivalent to a Gamer's defeat. They have gone against every desire and wish of the core gamers (the people that made Xbox what it is) and if they succeed without these gamers, gaming will be a very different habitat. For one thing, companies will not take gamers as seriously, and our wishes will be eclipsed by those of the so called "casuals". If you are a gamer, you better wish xbox flops, in my opinion.

Eddie201011775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Most hardcore Gamer's and other educated people understand completely what you are trying to do with the Xbox One, and they ain't liking it.

Taking away choice

Taking away My freedom to do whatever I want with the game I purchased weather I purchase it new or used. I should be able to share my games with anyone I like without having to jump through hoops. I should be able to play a legal copy of my game without having to check in with Microsoft ever 24 hrs.

Taking away my choice or working your way towards making people buy there games digitally rather than a physical copy.

Working your way to watch dogging my living room with Kinect, probably for advertising reasons and gage consumer behavior(that goes way beyond what Microsoft's already doing on the internet with bing) is a complete invasion of privacy. They could be watching while your playing a game. Not saying they are but sure is possible considering how extreme this whole situation seems.

This article basically says we are not smart enough to understand the big picture.

The only time Microsoft have been about choices is when you make choices within there own brand, then when they see fit they just remove choices that they deem you don't want.

I understand, you want to control my living room and limit my choices.

Everyone should be completly insulted by this person representing Microsoft and if indeed this is there view on things Microsoft too.

People please speak with your dollars,no matter the games or loyalty (there are other very good choices), what they are doing is wrong.

jiggyjay1775d ago

How times have change! I remember when Sony were the arrogants one with PS3.. Remember Krazy Ken Kutagari?? People will work to get a PS3..etc etc... Now MS is the one doing it... Although I think the value of the Xbox is justified they really are going to have a tough sell to consumers who will look at the bottome line which is the price..

sinjonezp1775d ago

What I did not like at this e3 is how microsoft is trying to force this new age with its policies that is anti-consumer whioe trying to literally buy the gaming industry. They have billions to spend and third parties care about dollars. So they buy up all these exclusives and then look at you in your face and say .."well, what are you going to do?" It is sad; especially after reading the interview with the titanfall developers. They say we have a great relationship with microsoft - yep its called money. M Pacther spoke on this and I share those concerns. They are buying up everything so the options are reduced. That is why everyone is saying they have such good line up and forgetting about the policies. Forcing this whild buying up all types of exclusives creates a sad forecast. What also I am afraid of is how will the hacker scene react. I believe they will attack the x1 relentlessly; forcing microsoft to impose further restrictions. If consumers make the x1 a success, we are looking towards a bleak gaming future.

colonel1791775d ago

I think the least of the issue is the always online. Whilst a lot of people can and will be affected about it since not all countries have as good internet as Japan and Microsoft HQ, the biggest issue is how they are treating their costumers with the DRM.

An iPad must be online to do a lot of stuff. There are a lot of games that need to be online (I am currently playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out), but restricting every little detail just so they can make more money it's what's making consumers rage.

If the Xbox required online to play games, but would be able go to a friend's house to play the game, wouldn't be much a problem. It is true that a lot of things will be connected to the internet in the future, even the refrigerator some day, but the way MS is doing is very, very wrong.

ritsuka6661775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Man, what a flamebait and immature comments here..You never cease to disappoint me N4G, never...

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Munky1775d ago

That's fine....But fix the damn price.

Grave1775d ago

I bet you $100 that when the Sony execs heard MS announce that price point half of them fainted from joy. They had to be sweating bullets. If MS matched them this would be a totally different story. Pretty sure anyways.

HarryMasonHerpderp1775d ago

They beat Microsoft on a lot more than just the price.
The PS4 is just a better console for gamers and that is a fact.

Hellsvacancy1775d ago

The room was on fire with applause when Sony mentioned the used game policy, that was before the price was even announced

Even if the PS4 was priced higher it wouldnt matter, the PS3 has costed more than the 360 this entire generation, and look hows thats turned out

SuperLupe1775d ago

"They beat Microsoft on a lot more than just the price.
The PS4 is just a better console for gamers and that is a fact."

The better console for games is the console that has the games you want play. Sorry but MS impressed ma way more than Sony on the games so no, its not a fact. The perfect console right now for me would be a PS4 with the XOne lineup of games.

The only area Sony have MS beat right now is the DRM, 24h check in nonsense and price.

When it comes to what matters most, GAMES, MS have Sony beat right now.

I will get an XOne thats for sure, but just not at the 500$ price point.

Grave1775d ago

See I am the exact opposite. I far more interested in Sony's exclusives, to each their own, but ya I bet many consumers wait for the X1 to come down in price which means that at the start Sony will sell MANY more consoles than MS.

CGI-Quality1775d ago

The PS3 started out @ $600 and STILL has outsold the 360. Doubt they were "sweating bullets". Being $100 cheaper just means it will be easy for them to keep a lead, but if both were $49.99, the PS4 would still be in a better position than it's predecessor was vs the 360.

SKullDugger1775d ago

It would not have changed a thing gamers want and have the right to do what thay want with a game they pay for outside of piracy which hurts everyone. If i or anyone else wants to give a game to a friend, sell it or trade it in they should be able to with out M$ telling them sorry you can't do that. SONY heard the gamers of the world and gave us what we wanted and what is fair.

MysticStrummer1775d ago

@Lupe - "When it comes to what matters most, GAMES, MS have Sony beat right now."

Entirely subjective.

HarryMasonHerpderp1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


You misunderstand me.
Whether Microsoft showed better games or not is subjective and I was in no way talking about the games. I was talking about the actual console which has region free, no DRM, supports used games, is more powerful and $100 cheaper.
The Playstation 4 is the better CONSOLE hands down. If anyone disagrees then please speak up I would like to know what the Xbox One console has which Sony hasn't already matched or beaten.
Not being a fanboy or anything ( I thought MS had a great conference) I'm just going off on the facts.

NeoTribe1775d ago

People were leaning tword ps4 prior to the price point. That was just the 30th nail driven into the coffin.