WiiU Zelda Game Was Considered To Be Shown At E3 Direct

One thing that Nintendo hasn't talked about since they revealed the WiiU is the Zelda game that was shown running on the console in a preview, however it has come to our attention that the game was even considered to be presented at Nintendo's E3 Direct event.

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xBigxBossx1564d ago

And why they wouldn't show this is beyond me.

vitullo311564d ago

exactly what i was about to say.. whos idea was it not to LOL

Thirty3Three1564d ago

Copy article.

I believe you're given a list of articles that are providing the same exact information?

Please don't ignore that. It's there for a reason.


creized11564d ago

Nintendo why are failing recently? :/
I always admired you :(

CalamityCB1564d ago

You'd think they would have shown a teaser at least, you know, to build hype.

CaptainYesterday1564d ago

They should have shown it or shown something even some concept art would have made me happy :(