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Miyamoto is on Twitter, but you won't find him

Is that a challenge, Mr. Miyamoto? (3DS, Culture, Wii U)

calvincrack  +   497d ago
just look for the guy who only posts smily faces and giggles
josephayal  +   497d ago
Miyamoto is too busy

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fsfsxii  +   497d ago
lol, atleast you're not spamming.
gamer42  +   497d ago
was that supposed to be funny?
kirbyu  +   497d ago
That meme didn't even make sense. It's of Miyamoto isn't it?
GreenRanger  +   497d ago
Just avoid the people that say "Retweet this/Follow me or I'll kill myself", and you'll narrow your search down by about a hundred million.
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