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Sony clarify PS4 stance on used games – “PlayStation 4 does not enforce DRM restrictions”

OPM: SCE UK boss Fergal Gara has clarified PS4′s DRM message stating: “PlayStation 4 does not enforce any DRM restriction around used games”. However, like the PS3, if third party publishers want to use DRM to charge for resale of games, “that’s in their hands really”. (PS4, Sony, Tag Invalid)

mushroomwig  +   563d ago
Yup, basically what they said 2 months ago. It's just a shame that people are still bringing this issue up like it's a new thing.
r1sh12  +   563d ago
why does this need clarification?
They said it at e3 day 1..
Its not hard to understand is it?
dedicatedtogamers  +   563d ago
It's because FUD sites keep spreading FUD. This topic was 100% crystal-clear. Jealous fanboys simply wanted to make the PS4 seem like "it does DRM just like Xbox One lolololol!" so that Microsoft wouldn't look as bad.
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darkride66  +   563d ago
It was crystal clear before. It's crystal clear now. What's funny is sites spread this FUD and then when it turns out they're dead wrong, they never, ever bother correcting themselves, or admitting they're wrong. Zero integrity.
1Victor  +   563d ago
@r1sh12 hey some of us don't have internet down here under the rocks. the rest can't believe its true
Pyrrhus  +   563d ago
Saying its basically like the PS3 has me sold on their policies alone.

Already anticipating TGS and GC.
hellvaguy  +   563d ago
Not sure how forced paid online and paying fees to play used games online is like ps3, but ok, I guess.
Destrania  +   563d ago
There's no reason not to already have PS+ imo. And, correct me if I'm wrong, they haven't mentioned if online pass will make a return on the PS4.
BigStef71  +   563d ago
It's like these sites have an agenda against Sony. I just read Edge has an article saying their "sources" say publishers will implement DRM the same way for both consoles which is complete bs. Difference is Sony doesn't have it built in like Xbones. Jack said it's the same like this gen and for online only. So basically they're saying Sony lied to us twice on the biggest stage? Yea like I believe that for a second. At least Sonys standing up to anti-consumerism
Hufandpuf  +   563d ago
We heard you the first 50 times.
golding89  +   563d ago
exactly.. thats really good for gamers.. :-)
wenaldy  +   563d ago
Enough with this..
Bobets  +   563d ago
1 hour later another desperate fanboy article comes up...

"rumor PS4 has DRM"

MS desperate fans:"I knew it!! xbone is better now!"

1 hour later Sony clarifies yet AGAIN....

"NO DRM on PS4 FFS!"

rinse and repeat.....

Seriously PS4 no drm confirmation really got into some ppl head didn't it.
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thehitman  +   563d ago
It was going on for the last 3 weeks was very annoying like article after article "what is sony drm policy blabla". When they had quotes and other things specifically saying that there is no drm. Even though Sony was probably trashing MS at E3 it was like they knew they had to go on stage to do that for themselves to shut the idiot "journalist" up. Now we will see news of how they have no drm when they stated it from the very beginning. Its not news its over with lets get on with our lives and buy a ps4 when it launches and play games lol.
Baka-akaB  +   563d ago
"but but even clarified it's not clear" , is the kind of crap we had and will still get for a while
givemeshelter  +   563d ago
We already knew this... Let's just hope 3rd party publishers don't follow Microsoft lead...
stuna1  +   563d ago
Looking how the PS4 is blowing up in the media! I don't think any publisher/producer wants to be outed as the bad guy! Right now they'd rather share in the good publicity and good will that has been extended to Sony and the PS4.

Now if the reception for the Xbox1 had been more favorable, I think the publisher /producer would have mirrored Microsoft stance on the restrictions.

Just on GP, I think that those who have or who will continue to support Microsoft, take a hard look at their consumer ethics! Because in so many ways they have taken gamers for granted! All in the name of the mighty dollar.

If Sony is willing to compromise, why can't they?
xhi4  +   563d ago
How many times do journalists have to ask? Pretty sure they made it pretty damn clear.

It's exactly the way it is with the PS3 today. Period.
Madd4400  +   563d ago
Ok Microsoft is doing the samething with the xboxone the system can play used games and it's up the 3rd party pubs to charge to play used games
rydamgw  +   563d ago
Nope not at all with the PS4 the DRM will be exactly the same as the PS3 which is pretty much non existent. Meanwhile with the Xbone you get DRM restrictions required checkins, no loaning no borrowing no renting and no selling of your games and if there is some it will be dictated to you by Microsoft. No thanks im getting a PS4.
joeorc  +   563d ago
@ Madd4400
No! its not the same thing, its very quite simple

With MICROSOFTS XBOXONE: YOU BUY THE DISC, IT'S DISC'S CONTENTS GET DOWNLOADED TO YOUR XBOXONE'S INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL HARDDRIVE. THIS IS "REQUIRED" you than will not be able to trade or give away the disc until, Microsoft's consumer trade policy goes into effect, which will not be ready even @ launch for Consumer's! . than when it is ready consumer's can trade the disc, or give it away to a person that A: has been on their friends list for no less than 30 day's, and B: you will be able to give or trade away the disc "Once" to that friend.

Sony's policy is: just like the PSA loan a ps4 game to a friend Video

step one have your disc, with friend, hand him the disc friend says's thank you..the end of all steps needed to allow a friend to use and play the game .

There is no way or shape of form of Sony's policy as restrictive DRM as what Microsoft is employing, that is the truth and 100% a fact!
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hellvaguy  +   563d ago
Youll want to download the game onto your hard drive regardless. It will run faster, quieter (no spinning disk), less heat, and less wear and tear to your system.

Other than that, ya DRM sux if want to buy used games.
joeorc  +   563d ago
"Youll want to download the game onto your hard drive regardless. It will run faster, quieter (no spinning disk), less heat, and less wear and tear to your system."

While what you say is quite true, there is draw backs to everything, for instance you only get so many Read/writes. Disc's with Moving parts can wear out if its not Solid state like internal Harddrives platter motor's grin!. but correct when it has to seek for data it will be faster than a optical drive, and again less wear and tear on moving pats vs an optical drive.

well this issue is not just about buying used also, for instance to even lend a game to a friend of yours they have to be on your friends list for 30 day's, say a real life friend of your's just gets his or Her xboxone, you cannot give them the disc on loan , because they may not have been on your friends list for 30 day's because you may not have had them on your xbox360's friends list because maybe they owned a Nintendo Wii, or a Playstation 3, Now you and him have to wait. while with Nintendo and Sony's method you do not Have to wait at all, hand the disc over to your friend and he can barrow the game. day one.

That is one of the thing's that is quite upfront about what Sony and Nintendo are doing, and what Microsoft is doing for DRM with their platforms.
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firelogic  +   563d ago
No it's not the same thing. Xbone has DRM BUILT-INTO it. You are REQUIRED to authenticate every 24hrs. That's system-level DRM. You can only lend your game ONCE. That's system-level DRM. If you want to sell your game at retail, you need to follow a set of pre-determined rules and retailers. That's system-level DRM.

The PS4 DOES NOT HAVE ANY BUILT-IN DRM. Just like the PS3, if pubs want to force the use of activation codes/online passes, it's up to them. SONY themselves have no DRM functions in the box.

Do you see the difference now?
Tatsuya  +   563d ago
Double Punch!
Obamanationn  +   563d ago
what he means is its like PS3 and 360 already ... nothing else new here , its not a console feature is what hes saying like its built into the firmware/hardware of Xcrap
warewolfSS  +   563d ago
wait, i thought that microsoft wasnt enforcing it, but lea ing it in the hands of the developers
shinrock  +   563d ago
Facts ignored,as always.
warewolfSS  +   563d ago
can we lend and borrow hard copies of the game
joeorc  +   563d ago
see Microsoft's XBOXONE'S FAQ:

Give your games to friends: Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable you to give your disc-based games to your friends. There are no fees charged as part of these transfers. There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once.


AND THE LOANING OF YOUR GAMES OUT TO YOUR FRIENDS WILL NOT BE READY FOR LAUNCH. So if you buy a game and you would like to lend it out to a friend, you could not do it yet even in a few days after launch, because the policy is not ready set for Microsoft to allow you to do it yet!

this is the truth!
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warewolfSS  +   563d ago
im getting both so i dont really care honestly.. its just rediculous that people get so defensive over this shit.

its a TOY

anyone can buy one. you werent born with a God given talent or ability. you paid a company money for their product.

some of you fanboys act like they care about you hahaha
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joeorc  +   563d ago
Its is not about if a company cares about you as a consumer on not in many cases, because the actions a company take will show .How much they value you as one of the consumer's they sell a product too. It is about the Consumer, without the Consumer they would not be able to offer products because if you do not have a consumer base you get no $$$$.

That's How that works, the blunt truth of the matter is one Company is not putting more restrictions, on what you as a consumer can do or not do with one of the products they are selling you! That is the pure truth of the matter. Because if this was not an issue it would not have been brought up!

and you can see this is very much an issue for some consumer's, well Many Consumer's it seem's see it as a problem, no matter which company it is that's exactly why we have consumer protections.
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Protagonist  +   563d ago

Anyone can buy one yes! but we choose whether to buy a product or not! and SONY seems to listens to gamers, so yeah they care about there consumers, which makes me want a PS4.
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warewolfSS  +   563d ago
This generation I agree with you. Sony has defiantly listened more. The 24 hour check in is INSANE, but also, I stay constantly connected as do most players so it dosent concern me to the point of not getting it. I hope they shit can the 24 hour check in. I can deal with always connected.
swerve121  +   563d ago
Has anyone forgot about M$ is trying to stop pirates. If people find a way to easily copy ps4 games. The customers them selves will kill the console. Remember what happened with dreamcast? Awesome system great games had online but the pirates killed it

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