Sony clarify PS4 stance on used games – “PlayStation 4 does not enforce DRM restrictions”

OPM: SCE UK boss Fergal Gara has clarified PS4′s DRM message stating: “PlayStation 4 does not enforce any DRM restriction around used games”. However, like the PS3, if third party publishers want to use DRM to charge for resale of games, “that’s in their hands really”.

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mushroomwig1743d ago

Yup, basically what they said 2 months ago. It's just a shame that people are still bringing this issue up like it's a new thing.

r1sh121743d ago

why does this need clarification?
They said it at e3 day 1..
Its not hard to understand is it?

dedicatedtogamers1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

It's because FUD sites keep spreading FUD. This topic was 100% crystal-clear. Jealous fanboys simply wanted to make the PS4 seem like "it does DRM just like Xbox One lolololol!" so that Microsoft wouldn't look as bad.

Anon19741743d ago

It was crystal clear before. It's crystal clear now. What's funny is sites spread this FUD and then when it turns out they're dead wrong, they never, ever bother correcting themselves, or admitting they're wrong. Zero integrity.

1Victor1743d ago

@r1sh12 hey some of us don't have internet down here under the rocks. the rest can't believe its true

Pyrrhus1743d ago

Saying its basically like the PS3 has me sold on their policies alone.

Already anticipating TGS and GC.

hellvaguy1743d ago

Not sure how forced paid online and paying fees to play used games online is like ps3, but ok, I guess.

Destrania1743d ago

There's no reason not to already have PS+ imo. And, correct me if I'm wrong, they haven't mentioned if online pass will make a return on the PS4.

BigStef711743d ago

It's like these sites have an agenda against Sony. I just read Edge has an article saying their "sources" say publishers will implement DRM the same way for both consoles which is complete bs. Difference is Sony doesn't have it built in like Xbones. Jack said it's the same like this gen and for online only. So basically they're saying Sony lied to us twice on the biggest stage? Yea like I believe that for a second. At least Sonys standing up to anti-consumerism

Hufandpuf1743d ago

We heard you the first 50 times.

golding891743d ago

exactly.. thats really good for gamers.. :-)

Bobets1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

1 hour later another desperate fanboy article comes up...

"rumor PS4 has DRM"

MS desperate fans:"I knew it!! xbone is better now!"

1 hour later Sony clarifies yet AGAIN....

"NO DRM on PS4 FFS!"

rinse and repeat.....

Seriously PS4 no drm confirmation really got into some ppl head didn't it.

thehitman1743d ago

It was going on for the last 3 weeks was very annoying like article after article "what is sony drm policy blabla". When they had quotes and other things specifically saying that there is no drm. Even though Sony was probably trashing MS at E3 it was like they knew they had to go on stage to do that for themselves to shut the idiot "journalist" up. Now we will see news of how they have no drm when they stated it from the very beginning. Its not news its over with lets get on with our lives and buy a ps4 when it launches and play games lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.