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Sony Outduels Microsoft in First PS4-Xbox One Skirmish

Bloomberg: Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 won the initial skirmish over next-generation video-game consoles by exploiting the weak spots in Microsoft Corp’s plan for the Xbox One: price and used-game policies.

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Community1504d ago
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jaredhart1504d ago
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killcycle1504d ago

No Dead rising 3 for PS4! :(

I Hope it's only timed exclusive for Ps4..

I wonder how much MS paid them.

jaredhart1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I never played the first two Dead Risings but 3 looks good. Microsoft has deep pockets.

Still more excited about the PS3.

denero11504d ago

With the decisions they make they need deep pockets lol

JoySticksFTW1504d ago

Loved the first Dead Rising!

That game was one of the games that made me buy a 360 (Mistwalker games, Mass Effect, Gears, and Crackdown were the others).

The Meerkat1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You also needed to buy an HDTV for the first Dead Rising. As the writing on the screen wouldn't display properly with SD.

DoesUs1504d ago

I believe it's being published by MS, so there's a good chance it will be an XBone exclusive for the forseable future.

yesmynameissumo1504d ago

The series was born on Xbox, I understand why they "chose" to make t exclusive. Just wait it ;)

killcycle1504d ago

It's true Dead rising was founded on xbox but it's annoying that they gave us DR2 and then took away the sequel. Same happened with Monster hunter but with the Wii.

I noticed the game play mechanics seems a little similar to Uncharted. Hmmmm something fishy s going on.

1504d ago
WeaseL1504d ago

Coming "THIS" holiday only on XB1

Remember the small details

But that is just my opinion

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thehitman1504d ago

I think the first year is as far as third party exclusives will go for MS. Sony will be too far ahead in hardware sales for publishers to get any benefit from selling exclusives to MS.

Foxgod1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

MS got a lot more first party studios this gen, compared to last gen tho, and some third party devs keep their stuff exclusive, such as Remedy.

They lost one (bungie), but build new studio's.
Black Tusk, 343, Microsoft studios LA, Microsoft studios Victoria, Microsoft studio Osaka, Team Dakota and Platform next.

And these are all the studio's that where created near the end of the 360 lifetime, to work on next gen stuff.
On top of that i excluded the studio's that work on kinect stuff such as Goodscience and Soho.

Pyro2000x1504d ago

Very True can't believe they are falling for M$ lies all over again

Foxgod1504d ago

Any gamer would look at the games first, and the hardware second.
Otherwise you might as well be a PC only gamer.

And when it comes to games, MS squashed the competition.

yesmynameissumo1504d ago

Nope. Ex-Kinect titles and games I can play on PS4 is not squashing the competition.

Foxgod1504d ago

Your are trolling, or youre not informed.

yesmynameissumo1504d ago

I am informed. You being unable to name games and resort to "troll" as some sort of deflection speaks volumes.

Narutone661504d ago

And you're a corporate shill on damage control.

Foxgod1504d ago

And you are also trolling, because if i where a shill i wouldnt have to pre order the XB|1, i would get it for free.

MysticStrummer1504d ago

"when it comes to games, MS squashed the competition."

Entirely subjective.

You and others think MS showed better games.

I and others think Sony showed better games.

Neither group is wrong.

A gamer should know that, but a fanboy might not.

QuickdrawMcgraw1504d ago

It reads that the 360 is the console leader for the last two years,is that true?

MysticStrummer1504d ago

Funny to think about after all these years of Sony vs MS, but this will be the first time their launch windows will be so close to each other.