inFamous Second Son New Info On Story, Powers, Moral Choices and More

During an interview with Sony and inFamous Game Director, Nate Fox, much was revealed on the new installment into the inFamous series, inFamous Second Son.

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N4realGMRZ1594d ago

Easily my most anticipated game on the PS4 for now.

ZodTheRipper1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

After reading this:
"Though Sucker Punch is only showing Delsin's initial fire-based powers during E3, we're told that he will have the ability to grab other superhumans and absorb their abilities. Griesemer isn't ready to explain how this works, but he hints that Delsin will be able to swap between powersets at will. "

It went up into my top 3. If it would have been a launch title, it would be my most wanted without a doubt :D
It's from the Polygon interview btw.

SageHonor1594d ago

Gotta preoder the PS4 soon.

Mr_Nuts1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

*** Cole McGrath, the protagonist for the previous 2 games is most definitely dead, this is due to the fact that a lot of people when playing the game decided to sacrifice Cole at the end of inFamous 2 and Sucker Punch was aware of this therefore they decided to go in a whole new direction which is what brought about inFamous Second Son. ***

Nope...they didn't call this game inFAMOUS 3 so in my book Cole can return at any time.

Plus it's a comic like super hero game...superhero's never die. Jean from X-Men...perfect example

Rubberlegs1594d ago

Watch the interview they say he is dead at the start. They are using the ending where Cole sacrifice himself based on how many people picked that ending.

Mr_Nuts1594d ago

I'm not saying they didn't, I just refuse to believe it.

They only are saying this so we move onto the new character and focus our attention on him but we'll always remember Cole.

They will bring him back, they would of called this inFAMOUS 3 if they weren't since it's continuing the story.

You don't add a question mark at the end of someones death if your NOT going to bring him back

Clover9041594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Sorry man, Cole's gone. Let it go.

They didnt call it infamous 3 because it would alienate playstation newcomers from experiencing it since they haven't played the first two. This game is a great jumping on point, and the new name reflects that.

As for the question mark lightning bolt at the end of infamous 2... The team deliberately left the door open to have Cole return, because they weren't sure what the next game would be. It wasn't until sometime later that they made the choice to take the franchise in a different direction with a new hero. We may get a Cole McGrath skin, but don't expect a game starring him anytime soon.

mike0242076261593d ago

It's actually the opposite, since it is not infamous 3 cole is most likely not returning. this is a spinoff series kind of like bioshock infinite.

itBourne1594d ago

They should of shown gameplay of this in the e3 conference, maybe at the end instead of Destiny gameplay. Because after I seen this running I was blown away, looks amazing.

Drakesfortune1594d ago

'for example he will be able to convert himself into smoke and easily travel through pipes located around the city to quickly move to the top of a building'

Awesome ha

smashcrashbash1594d ago

If you look at the video demo you can see him doing just that.

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