Amazing PS4 The Playroom video demo shows-off camera, mini-games and Dualshock 4 integration

Surprisingly, the new controller-sensing camera for PlayStation 4 wasn't even mentioned during Sony's E3 2013 press conference, but we have now received this tech demo showcasing some of the things that it will be able to do.

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Blackdeath_6631684d ago

feels more like a tech demo than an actual game reminds me of the kind of stuff you would find in the demo disc that used to bundled with every ps2

faysal1684d ago

it is a tech demo but with mini game,ish stuff i guess.

1684d ago
isarai1684d ago

i liked those though, it's the tech head in me that enjoys the hell out of these types of things

chamber1684d ago

Looks interesting but augmented reality never really took off

Bolts1684d ago

Lol this is none sense. Sony still haven't clearly explained how the camera and dual shock lights are useful in core games.

Ashlen1684d ago

I don't think they need to.

Motion controls are a niche and that's why the camera is optional. But if you happen to like motion controls it's there for you as an option.

Some people like Call of Duty, other people like Dance Central.

naiyo1684d ago

What about me that like Call of Duty with Motion Controls.

the_espresso_kid1684d ago

Just bring back the "tilt your controller to adjust your sniper aim" like Killzone 2 had and I'm good.

isarai1684d ago

I had the idea of using the touchpad to dial your zoom for your scope, would be fucking sweet, just glide your thumb across the touchpad the adjust your scope UNG!

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