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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About the PlayStation Camera and on Why it Isn’t in the PS4′s Box

The fact that the PlayStation camera won’t be sold in the same box as the PS4 raised some questions between the playerbase, and today Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida shed some light on the reasons behind the decision, also giving further info on what the SualShock 4 can do without it. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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Blackdeath_663  +   463d ago
i agree with absolutely everything he said about motion controls " I believe, and this is personal opinion, that for a technology to gain universal acceptance a certain degree of maturity is required. For instance touch control has been introduced a long time ago in machines like ATMs, but it wasn’t as easy to use as in today’s smartphones and tablets.

I think natural interfaces will spread in the future, but I believe we to need identify proper uses for them first." my thoughts exactly
Abriael  +   463d ago
Same here. That was a very smart thing to say, and rather "gallant", as he didn't go out of his way to trash talk kinect.
Cueil  +   463d ago
Soooo... he's going to let Microsoft go through the growing pains and when they figure it out he'll use that to then creat something along the same lines? Art of War tactic
Baka-akaB  +   463d ago
Well they went through the same process in the past by that logic , like sega , so why not ?
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sashimi  +   463d ago
Well doesn't microsoft do the exact same thing with every industry they enter? I can't remember the last time they were the first to do anything relevant. They were always the enter the industry once someone else has established it kind of company.
Skips  +   463d ago
I swear to God.

It's like Yoshida KNOWS what we ALL WANT!!!

This man...
NateCole  +   463d ago
/\/\ @sonic

It's because he is a gamer himself.
Triforce079  +   463d ago
Look i have Wii U so i get VGA camera on my controls and for gaming that will do me and it can scan your face and put you in games ie zombiU.

In fact all the features of GAMEPAD are amazing and to think when i buy a new GAMEPAD i have a second camera ect ect not to mention local 2 player with 2 GAMEPADS.
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SecondSon  +   462d ago
*coughs* Windows *coughs*
Its just smart business.
baodeus  +   462d ago

Art of War? You are funny. Look what happen to the tablet industry. Bill gate introduce it longs ago, but they didn't push it forward because they think it isn't good at the time. Apple did, and now MS is just want to hang themselves because they can't break into that market since apple dominate in that now. Being the first in the market has it advantage.
Cueil  +   462d ago
@baodeus Yes... I was making a funny, but it's likely they are waiting it out... it's really way to expensive to role into what Microsoft is doing... Microsoft is also selling this tech to the Military and science centers
trickman888  +   463d ago
The SualShock4 is looking great.
DOMination-  +   463d ago
It's strange how they implement all that tech into the dualshock4 for the camera to detect them, but then only a small percentage of people will probably bother with the camera. Oh well, as long as the price of extra controllers isn't increased because of that, then it's a non-issue.

Otherwise, Yoshida talks sense for the most part, as he always does. A very sensible and humble guy.
Plus the controller, games and camera are all the same price.


kupomogli  +   462d ago
PS+ is $50 for a year or $18 for three months.
bub16  +   463d ago
im glad its not in the box. motion gaming is something i have no interest in, it would just raise the price for something i wont ever use
Cam977  +   463d ago
*Cough* XBONE *Cough*
The inclusion of a compulsory Kinect clearly raised the price; moreover, I rarely use my current PS EYE so making the Kinect compulsory is just ludicrous. Sure, it has voice commands but it's arguably easier without them because you can use a controller which is quick too. What's the point of voice commands except when you haven't got a controller in your hands? Somebody please tell me.

At least Sony have learnt their lesson from the PS3 - that is that high prices don't roll well with the consumer.
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FragMnTagM  +   463d ago
The only thing I could think of is RPG's with big menu systems. If you know the names of spells or items, it could save you a pause and going through tons of lists and categories.

Other than that, I can't see it being better than a controller.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   463d ago
But considering that both consoles will have headsets and (I belive both again) a mic on the controller, do you really need kinect for voice input?
KwietStorm  +   463d ago
I don't care for motion controls either, and I'm glad they kept the camera separate to keep the cost down for everyone, but I'm getting it for video chats and live streaming.
CaptinzLee  +   463d ago
Thank God Sony Has A Brain Cause I Would Barely Use The Camera. But I Will Get It In The Long Run
nukeitall  +   463d ago
So you will get the camera, but don't plan on using it?

If you are paying for it, don't you want practically universal support with it both from third party and first party?

See that is the thing, as an accessory the support will most definitely be subpar from everyone including Sony. I'm not saying if that is good or bad, but that is the reality of it.

Having the camera in the box, guarantees better support and increased value. The only real question is the value worth it for consumes?

The previous Kinect sold gazillion for $150, something nobody thought it could so first impression it is, but we will have to wait to see, but if you ask biased n4g, then they will definitely say no.
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panbit86  +   463d ago
The thing is though that by not having it in the box you can have a better price for your main product without shoving it down everyones throat and flooding games with pointless gimmicks just to give meaning to their decision. Also shovelware is a big concern with Kinect while with an accessory like Move and Eye they have to strive for more quality titles and additions to make gamers want it. All in all i think Sony is doing everything right this time around!
Temporary  +   463d ago
The previous kinect sold well initially because of the fake videos put out in ads showing smoke and mirrors and making people think it worked much better than it really did.

There's no need to pack it in with the console, it DOES get more support and thats the problem. No one wants kinect shovel ware and no one would care if the PS Eye didn get support with every title released.

I just want to pick up my controller an play games. Thats it. The gimmicks don interest me, and Sony knows thats how most true gamers feel.
Why o why  +   463d ago
C'mon Nukeitall... stearing wheels aren't included with any console yet they're supported very well but dont get used all the time. Just more false talk especially when move was implemented into many of core games available in a more precise way. You could actually play killzone with the move controller alone.....that couldn't be done with kinect on any fps and I doubt you can with k2 either.

Granted, the support for move was pushed mainly on 1st and 2nd party games but there were a few outside of those that utilised it. Integration for integrations sake isn't a benefit if it adds nothing to the game.

Kinect 2 may actually do what ms demoed all them years back but the question is will games now be forced to tack it on or will 3rd party devs start making core level type games with it in mind...not as an extra feature but the controller.
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NateCole  +   463d ago
There are many flaws with your argument.

1. Kinetic sold because the entery level cost of owning it was 299 with the x360. The X1 will cost $200 more so it will be significantly more expensive for casuals that may be looking at buying it.

2. Forcing kinetic will drive up dev cost and add gimmicky motion gaming that add little or no value to core gaming.

3. Having PSeye optional forces devs to build better motion gaming games that will attract PS owners to buy a PSEye because the experience is worth it.
Redempteur  +   463d ago
Nothing prevent sony or any third party to have a bundle with the camera in it ...
Just like some copies of sports champions had the pseye in them.
giovonni  +   463d ago
@pinbit, no one had an issue when ps3 forced Bluray down people's throats... I heard no gripe about those issues, Bluray was one of the Main factors why ps3 came out on the steep end. There were no worries there. If we gonna complain about the xboxone than complain about Sony Pratices too. People are just reaching for things to make them feel better about there purchase. We have been living in a always on Internet world for years. Download a game from the playstation store and try and trade it in and see what happens.

I like how Xbox is taking a risk and banking on kinect. No risk no reward. Gamers have killed Sony's ideas for example the boomerang controller. We had no idea what it was able to do, so we said we hated it with out fully understanding it. And Sony comes out with the sixth controller that didn't even get supported. Someone has to take risks or this industry will never evolve.
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Hicken  +   462d ago
Give it a rest, nuke.
nukeitall  +   462d ago

I wasn't going to bring it up, but Kinect can be far better value than blu-ray ever was to the PS3.

That said, the full potential of Kinect is likely to unfold with Xbox One. Based on what MS has shown, I think it will be a huge game changer.

Once you walk down the path of as an add-on that decision practically stays with you the entire generation.


ditto, especially since you really have nothing intelligent to share!
Hicken  +   462d ago
What's the point of sharing something intelligent with someone who wouldn't understand it?

Your whole argument is about it being in the box universally and thus seeing better and more support, but you talking about the first Kinect, which WASN'T in the box universally, and yet was still successful.

You don't explain how Kinect could be a better inclusion than Blu Ray- not surprising, since that'd be a hard sell, even to Microsoft.

Really, you just say a bunch of stuff, and expect people to take it as gospel.

Problem is, nothing you say rings true.
nukeitall  +   461d ago

"What's the point of sharing something intelligent with someone who wouldn't understand it?"

Yeah, if you talk BS, surely I won't understand it. Yet you spend time sharing with all of the n4g.com a worthless comment. Congrats!

"you talking about the first Kinect, which WASN'T in the box universally, and yet was still successful."

Yes, but success doesn't exclude Kinect from being a better success with a higher adoption rate.

"You don't explain how Kinect could be a better inclusion than Blu Ray- not surprising, since that'd be a hard sell, even to Microsoft."

It is pretty obvious, but I will spell it out to you. Blu-ray was purely used for two things a) play movies b) extra storage. For a) people were for the longest time not really using it much, when the adoption of blu-ray kicked in the standalone players became cheap i.e. you paid way extra for something vast majority don't utilize a lot, but when you did the price gap had reversed i.e. you paid more for the blu-ray capability early on.

For games, it was clear there weren't many issues and there were plenty of workaround.

Why is Kinect potentially a better inclusion?

It enables the gamer to have a different gaming experience, allows you to have a video chat, communicate without a microphone and allows for gesture based interface among other things. The full extent of it, we don't know yet.

Now, it's your turn. Tell me why you think that is a hard sell (i.e. the opposite of what I said)?
NateCole  +   463d ago
Its the right thing to do by consumers.

There is no reason to force every PS gamer to pay $60 extra for something that they don't want.

If a PS gamer wants it then they should buy it.

Options is good.
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giovonni  +   463d ago
Now choices are good? When xbox360 was giving choices it wasn't ok.People complained that the Xbox was giving choices " nickle and diming" with its different price levels. Now it's smart business ?
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DVAcme  +   463d ago
SMART. Sony understands that gamers value choice over everything else, and that we're adverse to being forced to do anything. Not only that, it also makes the Sony camera dodge the HORRIBLE stigma the Kinect has.
mmj  +   463d ago
"Rather than forcing every user to buy the camera, I think it’s better to to allow a separate purchase just for those that will enjoy it."

Common sense overload.
Bathyj  +   463d ago
that's why.

I also think they should make an add on that plays bc and people can decide for themselves if it's worth paying for our not. then again if Gaikai does what everyone hopes it will it won't be needed
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NateCole  +   463d ago
I would buy a 599 PS4 with a PS3 chip inside no question. I hope there is one.

Internet connection where i am sucks so Gakai is not an option for the foreseeable future.
r21  +   463d ago
I think I might get the camera. Why? This demo: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

All that AR stuff looked neat as hell!
vickers500  +   462d ago
The only thing I found slightly interesting about Kinect on 360 was the voice commands for Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 (still haven't tried it out yet because there's no way I'll pay over 30 bucks for Kinect).

Using voice commands in Skyrim to poison your weapon or change your spells/weapons/gear without having to bring up that slow ass menu sounds really helpful and cool, as I always forgot about all that stuff (poisins and potions) during combat.

Though I'm fairly sure it could be done with just a regular old mic, the concept sounds really cool, and if the playstation mic will be supported by devs for voice commands like that, I'd buy it in an instant.
edonus  +   462d ago
Why get it now they arent going to support it worth a crap.

This is the problem. Not standard devs arent going to try and do things with it no matter what the potential.

The poison in the media had core gamers not heavily adopting kinect. The devs had great ideas for it but they werent going to waste their time making something the people they wanted to use it didnt have.

Honestly I hope I am wrong and people adopt it for real because the more devs working in that type of system the more innovation, kinect can do anything the sony cam can do so it that will just speed up innovation. And I am all about innovation.
vickers500  +   462d ago
Maybe devs might try adding those smaller features like move and camera support now that the ps4 is supposedly the easiest thing to develop for. Back with ps3, devs probably had to put all their resources into just making the game (as it was apparently pretty tough), now they can easily make the game they want, not have to worry so much about optimization and working their ass off just to make the playstation version better than the xbox version, and might be inclined to add those features since they'll probably end up having extra time and resources.

I'm just being hopeful though, I don't think it will happen, though it DOES have a better chance of happening now.
project_pat36  +   463d ago
smart move sony.

no drm
no mandatory camera
no always online
no 24hr check in

and most importantly......

mcstorm  +   463d ago
I think this is the wrong move by sony. Yes I know some people don't want the camera but if its classed as an add on then less developers will use the new eye toy on there games for the PS4. Sony made a big things about what could be done with the new controller and move on the PS4 but then decide to make it a add on. IMO it was the wrong choice. Just think what this could add to LBP games ect.
boing1  +   463d ago
I concur.
It's good for consumers but bad for developers. If camera isn't guaranteed with every purchase, than most devs will simply skip it.
tiffac008  +   463d ago
I'm actually expecting Sony to come out with a bundle for it. They did it with the Move.

Of course the bundle will probably still be outsold by the entry point sku because of price.
mcstorm  +   463d ago
Im sure they will but like I said this is still limiting the amount of people who have the device and will limit the amount of developers from putting the functions of the new controller and Move into PS4 games where because Kinect is on every Xbox one the developers know it can be used by everyone.
tiffac008  +   463d ago
I understand your point and its a valid one.

The thing is, Sony has always treated the PS Eye as an add-on rather than another console like what MS did with Kinect. So it would actually be more surprising (for me) to see them add the PS Eye on the get go rather than being optional.
HeroReborn  +   463d ago
I think it's a bit of a mistake, yes they were concerned about cost, but it shouldn't come at the price of fragmenting the market place from the jump. All they have done is make another optional device, instead of integrating it into the system, and to me going back on there word just a little since Feb, when they first showed the controller along with the eye as if it was standered.
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NateCole  +   463d ago
Entry cost is more important to consumers than having potential features that are gimmicky that add cost and most likely be of not much use to the majority that buys it.
HeroReborn  +   462d ago
Thanks for you point of view always enjoy healthy debate
creatchee  +   463d ago
I wouldn't say that it's a mistake per se, but there are benefits to having a standardized ecosystem, regardless of the peripheral in question. In the case of Kinect and The PS Camera, we might see things beyond the normal motion control and menu navigation that has become synonymous with camera-based applications.

All that said, each company has their own strategy and offers a different out of the box experience, which is nice as opposed to having clones.
HeroReborn  +   462d ago
Thanks for you point of view always enjoy healthy convo
C4BL3  +   463d ago
I am beginning to regret wasting an entire generation on the 360. Sony sounds like a company I will be proud to back in the near future.
Imalwaysright  +   463d ago
I don't want it so I shouldn't be forced to pay for it. This is what companies that care about their costumers do: giving their potential costumers freedom of choice.
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givemeshelter  +   463d ago
If the PSeye were included the price would have been more in line with the XboxOne. Good choice for Sony not to do this
kingPoS  +   463d ago
[facepalm] I can't believe I didn't see it earlier. It's a camera with two lenses. I'm guessing you'll be able to take 3D pictures & video and do what ever with them.
Tatsuya  +   463d ago
This just might be the reason why I need to get a PS4 camera. So hyped to hold that DS4 by this holiday!

Related video
Dlacy13g  +   463d ago
Interesting tech demo ideas...hated the cheesy video.... not sure that is a reason the majority here at N4G would buy a camera. In fact I think the PS4 camera will have a similar fate as the eye toy did on PS3. Smal small user base with limited support for games that make good use of it. If its not mandatory and coming day one with all... why burn resources on it?
Tatsuya  +   463d ago
you might be right, but I'm hoping for it to actually bring creatives innovation to the next gen games. It's a sad thing, if it was built just to be stuck on the tv or on a table and just to be ignored in the end. No gimmicks, just pure next gen experience. That's all I'm asking.
WeAreLegion  +   463d ago
I just hope there is SOME support for the camera/motion controls. I really enjoy playing things like Sports Champions 2 and Wonderbook. I'd hate to see them disappear, entirely.
Belking  +   463d ago
The real reason it isn't included is because it would of made the console more expensive. Maybe not as expensive as MS but definitely more expensive. Besides their is no reason for them to include their camera if their isn't a use for it.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   463d ago
Microsoft.....did you hear that? Smh....assholes.
WickedLester  +   463d ago
I really go back and forth over this topic. One the one hand, I get that Sony wanted the console to launch at a cheaper price and give consumers options. On the other hand, by NOT including the camera in every box you are all but guaranteeing zilch support for it. So yes, Sony is trying to give their users options, which is good. On the other hand, for those who DO buy the camera they are kind of screwed because they'll have a 60.00 dust collector sitting in front of their TV becuase companies will not bother wasting development resources to implemement it.
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Dlacy13g  +   463d ago
Basically the camera was trotted out on stage on their reveal to say "we have one too" and "look at how it interacts with the controller and useful it will be"...and then it was packed away. it will wind up with the same fate as previous sony cams.

The only way it becomes something useful and integral in gaming experiences is if its there at day one and considered important. That camera was just a check mark for Sony on their todo list.
Jamaicangmr  +   463d ago
And that is how it's done kids. This is Chess no checkers.

Nice clear logical answers.
NeoTribe  +   463d ago
They didn't include it because not everybody wants it... Hows this a hard concept to grasp? It would be like if they forced a 2nd controller or a docking station. They would just be forcing more profit at the expense of giving the consumer the middle finger. Sony played it neutral while Microsoft is trying to stick a finger in your ass.
chasegarcia  +   463d ago
I disagree, having the camera come with the console would help motion gaming because developers then could assume most have the camera.

This is an area I think Microsoft is getting right.
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-Gespenst-  +   463d ago
Fine by me. Better than MS making it mandatory AND always on so it can flippin spy on you. (That NSA controversy makes the Kinect even more suspicious).
punisher99  +   462d ago
"I disagree, having the camera come with the console would help motion gaming"

Which is the exact reason why Im glad Sony did not include it with every console. Motion gaming does not need any more attention then what it got for the Wii. Motion controls need to die and go away. Real gamers do not need gimmicks.
rezzah  +   462d ago
I plan to get the camera, as long as they create unique games that use motion mechanics well.
Zancruz  +   462d ago
Awww man I was hoping in came in the box, but it just wasn't mandatory to use like the Kinect... IF it was in the box game developers could make special features using the Sony eye like they did in Burnout Paradise and the PS Eye. It wasn't mandatory to use, it was cool seeing somebody is picture pop up after you put them in a wall. Lol

Oh well, I'll buy one anyway... Hopefully enough PS eyes will sale where developers will add cool features other than motion controls.
Alexander24  +   462d ago
It is a good thing it isn't in the box because it would bumped the PS4 up to $500. I'm still probably gonna buy one anyway though, smart thinking Sony.
DivineAssault  +   462d ago
This is why PS owns gaming.. They know how to properly build & sell their PS products & M$ needs to take notes.. Forcing ppl to buy kinect made the price of xbox one go up $100+.. Then the damn thing not even working without it connected is straight BS! They think we're still in 2008 & ppl still want motion controls & cable TV... Sony took em to school at E3 & their trash talking bit them in the ass
Refugee   462d ago | Spam
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