I don’t think Microsoft can get away with the $499 price tag

CarlosX360 Writes: "Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One with an 'OMG, Go Home, Xbox' price at $499. I think Microsoft has it all wrong, and I believe that Microsoft can't get away with the price that they've set for Xbox One, like Sony's PlayStation 3 did."

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FrigidDARKNESS1589d ago

At 499.00 you get Microsoft is offering more. An improvrd Kinect sensor Windows 8 Kernel a web brwser and DVR. ...that is one hell of a package.

CarlosX3601589d ago

But, but, my cable company provides me with a DVR!

FrigidDARKNESS1589d ago

Well it your whole home entertainment improves when you plug in the xb1 into your cable box. You will never hav to pick up a tv remote again and worry about batteries and pets cheeing on it.

kneon1589d ago

My cable box already has a fancy onscreen guide that is also accessible from a tablet. I can also change channels from the tablets and stream TV to tablets and PCs.

I seem to already be getting a much better TV experience than what Microsoft is trying to pawn off on people. And cable boxes will just continue to add even more features in the future.

xHeavYx1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I can imagine those 12 year olds COD fanboys getting upset when their mother yells "Xbox off" when it's past bedtime.
BTW, how lazy do you have to be not to pick up the TV remote? You'll still be picking up the Xbox controller to play, won't you?

irepbtown1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I have Virgin Media... TV/Movies is sorted.
There are 3 laptops, one computer and a Tablet in the house... Web browsing sorted.
Heck, I even have LoveFilm for watching movies through PS3/Tablet/Laptops/Computer!!!

Why do I need to pay £429.99 for something I already have?

I'm getting a PS4 for Gaming.

PS: I save £80 for getting PS4 instead of X1, I can get a plane ticket for that price.

Boody-Bandit1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Plus my Samsung LED display has a motion camera built into it. So why would I need XBOX ONE other than for gaming?

MS is way late to the party with this type of all in one device. All of the things MS is implementing with the XBOX ONE is already being done by smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TV's and broadcast receivers (Comcast, DirecTV, Dish ,etc).

They should've focused on a traditional gaming console 1st and everything else secondary. They came in at too high of a price point and too many restrictions plus FULL DRM. Not going to happen. At least not for me. A once hardcore devoted MS fan.

thrust1589d ago

Irepbtown, wow just wow.....

You are so bias it is unreal! What a stupid post.

Btw if you plan on playing the ps4 online your not saving £80 at all, maybe you should go and read up on the real price difference, there is not much to it.

Perjoss1589d ago

The price tag is not even close to being the biggest problem the xbox one has.

forcefullpower1589d ago

But it is not a DVR. Just a path though device for changing channels

irepbtown1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


I'm not biased...

If disliking the restriction of used games, having to be online all the time, having a camera always on, paying £80 more is biased, then I don't know what to say to you.

There was a point a few months ago I considered ordering the X1 however after the PS4 conference in Feb I put a deposit down for the PS4. After E3 I cancelled the order @Game and I ordered the PS4 from Amazon.

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kneon1589d ago

It's only a DVR for games, not for TV. So you still need a real DVR for recording TV

jronj1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I thought it would replace your DVR, but I looked it up and you are right.
If it does get DVR services (which I pay $15/month for service and box rental) it would eventually pay for itself though, well in a few years :)

kneon1589d ago

Well it may replace a DVR at some point but it can't replace your cable box. So maybe your $15/month will go down to $10.

ANIALATOR1361589d ago

I swear you must work for Microsoft

unchartedxplorer1589d ago

Yeah how much is he getting paid?

Shadow Flare1589d ago

He gets paid according to how good Microsofts reputation is.

After 2 years of service, he has so far earned nothing.

reef10171589d ago

You also get a bunch of privacy issues!

Blackdeath_6631589d ago

microsoft was the first company that provided data to PRISM way back in 2007 so if you have 360 you would have already been spied on

creized11589d ago

LMAO man said Windows 8 kernel as an advantage. omg..

SpinalRemains1589d ago

And a DVR which it doesn't have for tv.

He flat out lied.

iliimaster1589d ago

my smart tv has netflix amazon prime video facebook twitter etc at the push of one button on my 65 inch tv..... and i prefer my HOPPA ! from dish can record up to 6 shows at once ! and i got a ipad 2 lol, and

you forgot to add one thing..... if you dont pay ur internet bill forwhatever reason you can't access ANYTHING on that console

WeaseL1589d ago

I have a new Samsung with gesture controls after the novelty wore off I got tired of waving my arms and went back to the remote.

Jakens1589d ago

You don't seem to have a problem paying for your other crap.

Mikelarry1589d ago

hey i never thought of it like that, that is so true. imagine trying to move isp did not have the internet for 1 month let me repeat that 1 MONTH, that would mean if i did get the xb1 (over my dead body ofcourse) and decided to move isp i am am basically screwed for 1 MONTH

SpinalRemains1589d ago


On xbone you cannot put in your blu ray disk and the game because it is not your game lol.

Its actually painful reading those who defend it. It can possibly destroy everything great about console gaming.

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saggysack791589d ago

i dont care for any of that shit

Odoylerules0001589d ago

Offering more if you're big into live television I guess. You're getting kicked in balls if you're a gamer, though. Honestly, you're paying for an incredibly overpriced fancy cable box (You're not really impressed with the skype or browser..are you?)that you can talk to. If you're lonely its kind of cool. Really though, its all pretty poor for that price.

zerocrossing1589d ago

Don't forget about the invasive, restrictive DRM, mandatory second hand game fees, 24 hour online authentication, Kinetic 2 listening and watching you, and all games must be installed on your hard drive before you are allowed to play them.

LackTrue4K1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

If the prices where switch around I would still go with Sony's Ps4!!

Bull 5hit/fan boy aside, I don't like the fact that your game is almost worthless after you install it!
Your console....your games, your money!
Nothing agust XboxOne, just they have not provide any good games (aside from Titian Fall, that game looks sick!)

I would like if they set them side by side @ retails, and record the effects on video.

thecurseddevil1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

im pretty sure that their windows 8 kernel is gonna perform worse than ps4's unix based os.

94 % of supercomputers use linux which is unix based,
only 0.6% of supercomputers(pretty sure those which are on the bottom 0.6 percentile)use windows kernel.
the only reason that windows is popular on desktops is because most comps come preinstalled with windows,and very few people take the trouble of installing their os themselves.

if you compare pure kernels,windows kernel is,beyond a shadow of doubt the worst one out there.

Hooby1589d ago

What if I don't care about ANY of that. I want to play games...with a controller. All that extra bullcrap I'd be paying for is worthless. Thanks for making me spend a hundred bucks on something I don't want.

Sitdown1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

You just need to realize no matter what Microsoft says or does, some people will disagree by default......Then some will disagree and come up with off the wall scenarios to try and justify their default response. More so recently on N4G it has been from the Sony crew.

Example.......I would never pay to play online, Pay Wall.....soon as Sony gives the revelation, b b but PSN+ offers so much more and it pays for itself. Sony would not do it if it first was not advantageous to them. When there was report of low amount of units for launch....well that is a tactic by Microsoft to create a demand, when reports come out about Sony.....oh that's awesome, people love it. As an owner of all current consoles and future owner of next gen.... Well we will see about the xbox one. This foolishness is one that I never remember during the Sega and Nintendo days.

SpinalRemains1589d ago

You're actually defending all of these awful restrictions under the veil of "well you're a SONY fanboy"

Tell us all personally how you feel about every single feature that MS is either forcing and taking away this Gen.

We would all like to know why we should buy one.

Sell us one.

creatchee1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

He's not defending restrictions - he's pointing out hypocrisies. For about ten years, Microsoft fans have been berated on a daily basis by Sony fans for paying for online multiplayer. Now the shoe is on both feet and there are excuses from the same people who did the attacking for all of those years.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Plus is a GREAT VALUE. This is indisputable. However, no matter how many things they attach to the subscription, you still are paying for online multiplayer. That is the central issue.

Sitdown1589d ago


Bubbles for being level headed and seeing the intentions of my post.

1589d ago
shaenoide1589d ago

A go to hell package you mean? :p

1589d ago
amiga-man1589d ago

M$ are also offering a DRM infested 24 hour check in with a kinect that has to be plugged in

Anyone buying into this crap truly are blind to the damage they are doing.

BlindGuardian1589d ago

Xbox one doesn't have any DVR capabilities

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3-4-51589d ago

You can't DVR....not sure if you heard that.

Nor can you watch On-Demand or record to XB1.

But you can watch basic cable !

That a side, at least those who buy, will have solid to really good games to play.

Their game lineup was better than expected but not perfect.

I think they will be pressured via money problems and internal pressure to lower the price + bundle game + remove restrictions they have in place for used games and possible enabling off-switch of kinect sensor.

Drekken1589d ago

Nice try, Don Mattrick.

dale_denton1589d ago

it's been awhile, SERRRRVED.

rainslacker1589d ago

I'm not sure if Windows 8 should be a selling point. It's reception on PC was pretty lackluster, although it is fine for tablets and phones.

All the systems offer a web browser, and generally Internet Explorer is considered one of the worst ones available, although it is still the most widely used due to the fact it ships with windows.

Most gamers don't want Kinect, and while the tech is nice, there are things about it which obviously turn people off. Why not just leave it extra like Sony did? Let the people that want it bear the cost of it.

Also, you don't get a DVR with the X1, you get a pass-through connection which adds an overlay and control functions to your existing DVR. It's a cool feature and all, but hardly worth dropping $500 on. It's one of those things that if it's there it's maybe worth using, but many TV's, and other devices already have this functionality. It seems to me that a lot of people aren't rushing out to get those devices...which are already much cheaper.

So...what features of the Xbox, besides the one you listed, make you think people would be willing to buy the system for $500? The games perhaps, but it seems most gamers are really turned off by the system.

The system will probably sell fine at first, but I expect it's long term appeal will be low to the mass consumers. MS does have a chance to work with cable providers though, which could help it's install base. I also wouldn't doubt that the current high price is more reflective of the fact that they want to subsidize it, thus making it look like a better deal to get it through some sort of contract...not unlike how most cell phones are sold now.

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FrightfulActions1589d ago

I'll be 'that guy': The price tag is the LEAST of Xbox One's problems right now.

Sitdown1589d ago

I think it's a big can't require me to give up what I am accustomed to, force a camera on me, all while requesting me to pay significantly more than your are forgetting how you made it this far, the cheapest alternative to playing 3rd party games.

snipab8t1589d ago

It is $599 bloody dollars in Australia!

shivvy241589d ago

we are part of the european pricing so, convert it and it should be close i think

BALLARD321589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

The $499 price tags is like the least of the problems. I wouldn't have a problem paying that if it wasn't for the stupid DRM.

MysticStrummer1589d ago

Agreed. I bought my PS3 when they were $599 and never thought twice about it. $499 is not the thing that made MS lose E3.

irepbtown1589d ago

Because of the restrictions, because of the stupid things MS are implementing, $499/£429.99 is not justifiable when Sony are charging $399/£349.99 for a console that is a mile ahead of the X1.

If MS had a beast console, no stupid restrictions, $499/£429.99 would not be a bad price.

Perjoss1589d ago

Exactly, I was ready to buy both Sony and Microsofts consoles on day 1 until Microsoft started pulling a Harbinger and assuming direct control of pretty much everything.

I'm paying for games with my hard earned cash so I can play them on your console, the only thing you need to do is tell me 'thank you', NOT tell me how and when I can play MY games and eventually cut me off when you decide you no longer want to host the authentication servers.


Gaming4Ever1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Judging by the response I'm getting when talking to people, I really don't think they'll get away with it. I've seen the toughest of the tough Microsoft fan praise Sony and the PS4 instead. It's game over.