PS Plus Driveclub Has Less Content

The Average Gamer spoke to Ben Gouldstone of Evolution Studios, confirming that the version of Driveclub coming for PlayStation Plus will have less content than the full version.

Video also includes gameplay footage.

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Dark_Overlord1832d ago

Pretty much guessed this when it had the sub title 'PS+ Edition', the question is how much content?

Blackdeath_6631832d ago

more importantly can you add/buy this content off psn?

shivvy241832d ago

hey its free so im not complaining

The_KELRaTH1832d ago

Agreed, if there's an upgrade path to the full product then it will all works great.

Philoctetes1832d ago

Honestly, I thought the offer of DriveClub for your $50 Plus subscription was too good to be true, so I'm not surprised this is scaled back.

If there's an option to buy the offline part separately, I'd be completely satisfied with this.

badz1491832d ago

It's not like you're only given 1 car and then other cars need to be bought separately like that 1 other fee game lol!

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JoySticksFTW1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I think Yoshida said Drive+ is an online edition without most of the single player content.

I could be wrong though

@ disagree

From Yoshida

"So at the beginning we typically picked from older games for the instant game collection on Vita and PS3, but because everything is new on PS4 we decided to make a smaller version of Drive Club with all the online features open, included in that instant game collection on day one."


wastedcells1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

im very happy, was on the fence about getting a racing game anyway. plus I have other launch games in mind. Free version of any kind is awesome. Especially a next gen game.... and at launch.

Raf1k11832d ago

I'll be downloading it regardless. If I like it enough I might just buy it for the extra content.

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yewles11832d ago

Essentially, DriveClub has become Sony's answer to Real Racing 3...

coolmast3r1832d ago

What the f*ck is Real Racing 3? And how is it connected with PS4?

IMightBeRetarded1832d ago

Cheap micro-transaction filled iphone game, and it is not related to ps4 in any way.

MajorLazer1832d ago

Most retarded comment i've ever read. Congratulations, because that was pretty hard to do, but you did it.

windblowsagain1832d ago

Looks very nice, but why such a dark and dreary looking track.

People want to see bright and colorful tracks when at shows. so it stands out etc.

Baka-akaB1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

To each their own , but personally i hate overbright and color satured stuff in racing , even if arcade .

I dont want the military shooter's grey and brown syndrom to apply , but "realistic" tones arent that much to ask

insertnamehurr1832d ago

Driveclub was built around reality not some fantasy looking game like forza 5.

The_KELRaTH1832d ago

... And there's nothing to stop ppl wearing their Oakley Sunglasses while playing :)

aPerson1832d ago

Turn up the contrast on your television... Problem solved.

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bub161832d ago

i was going to buy this game. but seeing as you get the ps plus edition i shall treat it as a demo and buy something else in the mean time :D

TimeSkipLuffy1832d ago

Getting to play a next gen game right from the hook is a cool thing to do! :3

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