Battlefield 4 Dev Pokes Fun at Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Moving Fish’

MP1st - A Battlelog Producer known as DICE_TheBikingViking on Reddit recently took a bit of a playful cheap shot at Infinity Ward and their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Ghosts and, boy, was it a low one.

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gamedebater1837d ago

All they added was some dx11 features. The problem I see is that if they go out of there way to talk about moving fish they obviously have very little things to boast about.

Making the next gen COD suffer from the same BS gameplay we are used too. Nothing new or innovative.

Thats why Im getting bf4. and maybe killzone 2 ; )

But most hyped for The division !

elhebbo161837d ago

its killzone ShadowFall (4) actually.. but I totally agree. BF4, Killzone and The Division day 1 for me!

gamer20131837d ago

Battlefield was my favorite until Origins fucked that up. I haven't been able to play End Game content yet because it wont let me connect. Tried lots of ways to correct this but still nothing. Devs can stick BF4 up their ass.

famoussasjohn1837d ago

Have you updated the Battlelog client? There have been a few updates since End Game came out that were required.

gamer20131837d ago

yup. Most recent effort was last week some time.

SeanScythe1837d ago

Works fine on my PS3.. sry had to do it.

gamer20131837d ago

Go hump you're PS3 then.

famoussasjohn1837d ago

Did you try a repair of your installation?

SeanScythe1837d ago

Oh don't be so butt hurt, geez PC gamers get so bent out of shape. I have the game on both PS3 and PC, I was joking but I guess people like you have no understanding of humor.

Soulscare1836d ago

Why bring platform into it? The guy's raging because he's a moron, not because he's playing on PC.

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Jaybronee1836d ago

I can promise you that I will hump my PS4!