GTA IV: The Xbox, PS3 Pricing Debacle

TheGameReviews analyzes the current pricing debacle going on between the two versions.

"The PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV, due out on April 29, has been priced 5 pounds higher than the 360, as confirmed by UK store, WHSmiths. Other retailers have indicated a price difference as well, but have not revealed the pricing structure, which apparently will be decided exclusively by Rockstar" Via

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Wozzer3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Biased article:

They are trying to say that the PS3 version is $hit

MURKERR3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

dont need half a brain cell to know stores will be offering incentives and cheaper prices so they can get your custom,sheesh

and i agree with wozzer how can this article be talking about frame rates when theyve not played the game and from what ive read everyone whos played the ps3 version has stated it runs perfectly,this article is biased £39

Utalkin2me3741d ago

In regards to your biased comment, I find it funny how anytime something runs a little better or play a little bit better for the 360 all the sonys owners rant rave that its a biased article. But when something good for ps3 is said "OMG ITS PS3S YEAR". But its been said a bunch of times that the 360 version runs bit smoother.

AliC3741d ago

No one really knows which game runs better, all the points put across are quite moot.

The only persons I will blame of PS3 games costing more is Sony itself.

BrianC62343741d ago

What this looks like to me is a sneaky way to try to sell more copies for the 360. Gamestop seems to be doing something too. If you go to their site and go to the PS3 section you'll see a few buttons on the right side for different games. Click on the GTA4 button and you'll see a page where you can buy GTA4. But what's this? Only the 360 version is on this page. And it's on the PS3 page.

I emailed Gamestop and pointed it out so I hope they fix it. If it's a mistake. I just have an idea Microsoft paid them to only put the 360 version on that page though.

Rama262853741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Yawn. An old article based on something which has already been proven false and then speculates on the quality difference between the games. Sounds like trouble making to get hits to their website if you ask me.

""The PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV, due out on April 29, has been priced 5 pounds higher than the 360, as confirmed by UK store, WHSmiths."
Really? So because one store (which doesn't specialise in games) prices the two versions differently, that means it's 'confirmed' to be £5 more? Their website still shows them as the same price by the way ( ) and every gaming website has them at the same price.

"Other retailers have indicated a price difference as well" - Really, well where is it because we can't see it!

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Marty83703741d ago

Both PS3 & 360 versions of GTA IV can be bought for £34.99 of Why the hell would you pay £44.99. Shop around and save a small fortune.

mighty_douche3741d ago

I honestly cant believe this... WHSmith's man...

cr33ping_death3741d ago

"Most seem to agree, however, that the 360 version will be a better bet overall, with better frame rates"

did i miss something?

Ri0tSquad3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

You don't remember hearing [enter anyone who previewed the game here] saying this game has a better framerate on the 360? Ha, me too. Cause no one did.

toughNAME3741d ago

I'm just going by probability

RobertGonz693741d ago

I am glad I live in USA. Sorry my Europeans. If this is true.

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