Warhammer Online CE Eases Delay Pains

Sure it's been delayed again, but look at all of the nifty stuff you get! EA Mythic has revealed the contents of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition, perhaps in an attempt to get you to look beyond the release date, which they've done twice now. If that is their tactic, it seems to be working for me. All Mike Fayhey can think of now is getting His paws on the exclusive Games Workshop miniature, hardbound graphic novel, and 224-page hardcover art book packed inside what is sure to be a massive, weighty package. Now how much would you pay? Wait, there's more! The collector's edition also comes with bonus in-game items, quests, rewards, titles, and even special heads for your characters, setting them apart from the plebeians who couldn't scrounge up the extra dough. $79.99 secures you one of these babies, but you'd best preorder now, as quantities are limited to 60,000 in North America.

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