Battlefield Bad Company beta leaked, playable?

Tipsters are telling Xbox 360 Fanboy that the Battlefield: Bad Company beta has not only leaked to online download sites but that it may also be playable via a burnt DVD-R, much like the demo for Guitar Hero III. The ability to clone the download of the beta and release it to other consoles also reminds Xbox 360 Fanboy of the Call of Duty 4 beta glitch which allowed gamers to use the account recovery feature to circumvent the barriers in place of people who hadn't been selected to participate in the closed test.

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Boldy3768d ago

And this is why the servers went down.

Premonition3768d ago

I see some bans coming from either EA or MS on this, dont quote me on that.

xboxftw3768d ago

Let us play u idiots. After all we're contributing to beta.

radzy3768d ago

not much people downloaded it . less than 100.

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