Nintendo's expectant titles shown, but is that it?

Elliot Zeichner argues that even though Nintendo's E3 presentation was predictable, it holds promise.

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BullyMangler1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

From article; "Nothing original was shown at nintendo's E3 presentation"

Only DK in a brand new and original game for wiiU with more immersive barrel blasting at diff angles.

bayonetta = new wiiU gamepad original touch gameplay mechanics that really work.

smash bros = megaman now in smash

viewtiful 101 = special and original wiiU gamepad

pikmin 3 = player is now able to aim the pikmin on certain creature body parts where the pikmin will stick to like back, chest, head, feet even monsters eyeballs.

mario kart 8 = players can now ride the sides of walls with original design of the tires as they transform inward to allow gliding of walls.

mario 3D world = mario has new cat suit also green pipes are now clear and introduce a brand new original inward pipe gameplay.

pokemon x y = pet the pokemon talk to them spend time with them in a more personal level face to face and watch them grow diff.

etc etc

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

A nintendo fans idea of Original is very narrow i guess.

I think u waould call mario at 60fps innovative.

I haven't seen any next gen nintendo games yet.

If u want the biggest variety of games at a good price ps4 is perfect.

wiiU 3rd party support is near dead and can't run next gen games with 1gb+ ram(only has 1gb ram for games).
xbox is $500.

So $399 is just right 4 me.
The most powerful hardware sits in the middle of the 2 price wise.

may get wiiU in 2016 though.

That FF15 & kingdom hearts will have ps4 selling hot In japan think.

Nintendo direct was far from the least exciting to watch for me.

Not really any surprises much.
People will see luigi basketball and say "wow unexpected and original"!!

Always mario something or DK somthing or kirby something.

I see no reason to get wiiU yet. Especially becuz I don't only want to play nintendo games.

Raccoon1951d ago

I find nintendo so washed out and boring, god help the lonely souls who play rehash after rehash.

yugovega1951d ago


rehash like dead rising3, halo, and forza?
or rehash like gt, elder scrolls, and final fantasy?

mikeslemonade1951d ago

Last gen the Nintendo camp said it's all about the innovation and motion controls. Now they're coming back to there old formula, and that doesn't seem to be working very well either.

mcstorm1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney but that is your view of things for me I cant wait to play Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World 3D, Pikmin 3, and Super Smash bros on the WiiU as it will make a nice change for me than buying Shooters and hack and slash games ive been getting for the last 8 years on the 360 and PS3.

For me Nintendo and Microsoft offered more of the type of games I want on there new consoles than sony offered. Also FF has lost its way since 8 imo and I would take a Zelda game over FF any day. Also I missed Wind Waker on the Gamecube so I am happy it is coming to the WiiU.

As I said its all about having choice and having Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in the market gives us that choice and also a lot of IP's to get excited about.

So far for me the WiiU and the Xbox one are the consoles I want to own and I will pick a PS4 up later on in its life.

CaptainN1951d ago

So X (Xenoblade 2) isnt impressive or next gen ??? Looks better than 95% of the games shown on the other consoles !!

BullyMangler1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

maybe you should read my comment carefully again.

being original and creative is 2 different

and yep very advanced the ps4 is. its 2013 and ps4 STILL with sPlit screen? woW

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sway_z1951d ago

Leave Wii U's not a sprint, it's a steady pace. Even MS would tell you that!

RedHawkX1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

wii u wont be left alone unless you bash the xbox one more. i do not see wii u owners destroying the xbox one but some are actually saying they gettin a wii u and xbox one combo. wii u owners in for a thrashing if they refuse to unite with ps4 and pc gamers to destroy the xbox one. know who your freaking allies are dudes. for fricks sake.

deafdani1951d ago


Dear God, you're exactly the class of fanboy / tool I never want to become.


Knushwood Butt1951d ago

There's really no reason to buy one in 2013 though, and at that price, there's going to be extremely heavy competition in 2014.

Hadoukameha1951d ago

None of that is entirely original/good. They didn't fail but they get a sad face on their report.

yugovega1951d ago

what original did any of the others show? bro shooters? and open world dude games? everything looked like last gen with shiny paint on it.

Raccoon1951d ago

Your entitled to your own opinions but at least the sony and Microsoft are confident to show new faces... All of nintendo's top ip's look like 3d cartoons with the same old faces i played when i was 6 years old! Im 23 now and deserve more unique adventures like "the last of us" or "the order:1886"..... I truly admire your passion and dedication for Nintendo but dont you guys think you deserve a bigger variety of new IP's?

yugovega1951d ago

as long as the games are fun i could care less who the character is or the name on the case. the problem with most of what everyone else showed off was more shooters. didn't bros get enough of that last gen? oh but wait this time we are going to make them fake mmos. everyone is putting out the same stuff, nintendo isn't alone in that. difference is halo is now called destiny, and modern warfare is called titanfall.

Raccoon1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Sir, nintendo characters can barely show emotions besides the basic happy, sad and mad face maybe thats all youre capable interpreting... I enjoyed the mario lands/karts, Zelda's, metroid primes, star fox's , pokemon's and other nintendo IP's to the point where they make me sick! but as i said youre entitled to your own opinions even if you're a 12 year old that enjoys the same old same...

I have incountered a nintedo fanboy and your delusional levels are chart topping so i must eject this senerio and let you enjoy mario kart 18, i mean 8.

I wont reply to you anymore so you get to enjoy the last word... Oooops Just noticed you ran out of convo bubbles...

yugovega1951d ago

all the hate nintendo is getting yet they announced more games for this year then anyone else. and not just games. big titles coming this year. mario, dkc, wonder101, zelda, wii fitu, pikmin. all first party and all this year. not to mention the 3rd party games coming. wiiu is kinda loaded with quality this holiday. if they can advertise it right thy should do very well in the holidays.

project_pat361951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

ubisoft will only carry wii u so far unfortunately.. my wii u is covered in dust because I haven't touched it. I honestly prefer playing my vita and 3ds vs wii u.

this will restore my faith in wii u for about another 2 years... after that there will be nothing.

yugovega1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

all the titles nintendo announced shows nintendo will be carrying the system with loads of first party titles. perhaps you should turn on your wiiu and get some classic games on vc, or some eshop games, i've had plenty to play on mine.

also if it has dust perhaps you may want to take time away from a game and do some cleaning. just saying.

you do realize this 3d mario isn't being made by the mario galaxy team right? this was a quick fix to help the system this holiday. same as zelda. they knew they needed titles out in a hurry and they have done that.zelda and mario hd will be shown next e3

Munnkyman1951d ago

You must have a very dirty house :) Im pretty sure nintendo will announce something else in the next 2 years.

deafdani1951d ago

"you do realize this 3d mario isn't being made by the mario galaxy team right? this was a quick fix to help the system this holiday."

Actually, Super Mario 3D World is being made by Nintendo EAD, who are, in fact, the dudes behind both Galaxy games, as well as 3D Land.

You guys (yugovega and Raccoon) are going pretty much like this:



Do you realise how ridiculous and hypocritical you both sound? It happens that we, as gamers, have different tastes, and we should do well in respecting each other's gaming preferences instead of taking a shit on ourselves just because we don't all like to play the same types of games.

I'm outta here.

MrSwankSinatra1951d ago

honestly the only highlight for me was Mega Man in super smash bros. other than that everything else meh.

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