PS4's Shot Heard Round the World

Yesterday was the big day for gamers. The day we found out everything about the new generation of games. Both Microsoft and Sony showed great games but the news Sony dropped on us at the end of their press conference made gamers stand up and cheer.

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ltachiUchiha1832d ago

If u jumped on most of the forums & even facebook. Ive noticed many 360 owners are even jumping off the sinking ship of the titanic one.

project_pat361832d ago

better pre order your ps4's soon, gamestop is already on their 2nd preorder.. ordering. $100 down.

NameRemoved00171832d ago

Gamestops going to want you to buy a ps4 so they can get that used game money.

project_pat361832d ago

don't bother me at all. why buy a new game when you can get a used game (blu ray) that is damn near impossible to scratch up unintentionally. the game has already been paid for in full at one point in time. the devs have made their money from that sale. not my problem.

1831d ago
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