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Further Clarification On Sony's DRM Policies: No More Online Pass

Even more good news!

"Last night Sony made a big point of its no-DRM policies for PlayStation 4 -- including putting up a playful video featuring two of its executives, Adam Boyes and Shuhei Yoshida, which you can see above.

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton's announcement of its DRM-free policies elicited a big cheer at its press conference last night." (E3, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Tech)
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Loki86  +   898d ago
So Jack himself said that the publisher can impose a fee to go online in regards to third parties, but no online pass, wonder how that DRM could possibly be implemented and work then?
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   898d ago
They themselves wont implement any online pass in their games.3rd party can if they want.
GrieverSoul  +   898d ago
How to implemnt DRM on PS4?
Easy! PC game style.
A disc with a code inside the case. You redeem the code and voila. Samething as if you downloaded it. The same thing can happen right now with PS3 and Xbox360.

But SONY is focusing its games towards non DRM and non Online pass. Although I dont trade my games, its good to know that I can lend them to my friends and family.
I also can take my console on weekeends to my uncles in a rural area (no internet) without having it work for only 24h during saturday, meaning that Sunday I would have to play Bingo with them all day long! -_-
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irepbtown  +   897d ago
To make it simple;

First party games = No DRM.. NO restrictions.
3rd Party games = Do whatever they like (same as this gen).

'Just like the PS3'
I_am_Batman  +   897d ago
I'm glad that Sony gets rid of their online passes now that we will need PS+ for online play.
zeee  +   897d ago
EA got rid of Online Passes and the latest big name to do so is SONY. Weren't they the only two companies supporting Online Passes.

My question is. When two huge companies have already ended Online Pass system and called it a mistake, how can smaller/other publishers even THINK about taking the risk?

I think the ONLY change that PS4 brings would be the requirement to have PS Plus to play multiplat and since I love PS Plus, it doesn't matter a whole lot. Not at least to me.
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omi25p  +   897d ago
So essentially, Publishers can make it so you cant trade it games for PS4 as well.

Other than not having to sign in every 24 hours there is no differents.

Publishers could force you to have to be always online while playing they're games, They could make sure you cant trade in games.

Sony are telling halve truths and its annoying me that they are getting away with it.

Both consoles are the same with DRM except the 24 hour checks.
zeee  +   897d ago
@omi25p: Nothing changes except the fact that now you'll need to have a PS+ subscription to play online matches.

If you can't understand that then you need help my friend.
maniacmayhem  +   897d ago
Sony got rid of Online Passes because the PS+ has replaced the Online Pass. The same reason why Xbox 1st party games never had Online Passes.
waltercross  +   897d ago
@ omi25p

It's the same as the PS3, except now you need the PS+ to play online....Except Free MMO Games like DC Universe, PS2 and services like Netflix, Hulu etc don't need PS+. Quit being so Dramatic and making it seems so confusing. Also the PS3 can still play Multiplayer without PS+.
SilentNegotiator  +   897d ago
Look at Loki's comment history. He's not trying to be accurate, he's trying to stir up FUD.


Here's a link showing that optional DRM for third parties is only referring to restricting online gameplay access.

edit: Ahhh, I see Omi is here spreading FUD, too! Where's the rest of the Xbox party? Let's give these trolls the lovely partying gift of one less bubble!
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GameSpawn  +   897d ago
PS+ requirement for online does essentially replace Online Passes. The only difference is instead of making people who buy used games pay for those online passes, they've distributed the cost to EVERYONE who wants to play online or take advantage of the other PLUS benefits.

Personally, I'm a little against the principle of moving online gameplay into a paid service, but even before that happened I was already strongly considering PS+. Also I don't play online very often anyway (I'm a little antisocial) so I'm more indifferent (just a little bit) to the whole issue of online play being free or paid. For me online play would be an additional bonus to the other PS+ offerings instead of the other way around for most other people.

Seriously though, $50 a year for what PS+ offers is basically a steal and the benefits only compound more of you own more systems (PSV, PS3, and PS4) that use the network.
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zeee  +   898d ago
I think the article CLEARLY answers your question. I think you should read it again. I'd try to answer the best that I can (from what I understood of course).

They are saying that they are asking publishers to NOT use Online Passes but they can't FORCE them because Sony are in business and they can dictate certain things. So there you go. Sony's asking Publishers to not use Online Passes but if they do, they (the publishers) will have to deal with the wrath of the users and I guess no publisher in their right minds will even consider online passes anymore. THAT and Sony's getting rid of their online passes as well. I think this has to be the BEST E3. Even though, the new thing is the thing that we are already doing but since M$ changed the game, people have realized how we love today's gaming and business practices.

F***ng micro-transactions on the other hand... :(
hellvaguy  +   898d ago
" asking publishers to NOT use Online Passes but they can't FORCE them because Sony are in business and they can dictate certain things."

Idk Id be skeptical "asking" a company to take less money even though they have a choice not to. I don't see very many companies not wanting money. However, having a choice is do to online pass is still better than no choice.
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waltercross  +   897d ago
@ hellvaguy

You can't make money if you piss off your fanbase(coughs...Microsoft...) . Also you don't wanna be the only bad fruit in the bunch, so Publishers like now...will take the safe route, Only EA did Online passes that I know of yet they all had the option. I Don't see that changing, do you?

EDIT: Side note, I'm so proud of Gamers and even some XBOX Fans who stood up for their rights and Said in one voice "No used game restrictions!", also Glad Sony and Nintendo(yes gotta give them some luv to) stood up for our rights to, for the sake of all gamers and Hardcore XBOX Fans, MS Wise up!.
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DarkBlood  +   898d ago
so for us requiring psplus its mostly to access the multiplayer online of first and second party games but it would be extra on third party *should they so choose to do* for used games?

i think i understand it but i feel confused for some reason.
-EvoAnubis-  +   897d ago
Where's the confusing come in? Nothing changed. If you understand how it works on the PS3, then you understand how it works on the PS4.
zeeshan  +   897d ago
^ This.

@Darkblood: What is there to be confused about? I mean, if you are confused about that then god help you understanding what M$ is trying to pull here.
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DarkBlood  +   897d ago
lol i know exactly what xbox one is doing and i dont like it.

i understand how it is on the ps3 will be like the ps4 with the only difference now is needing ps+ for online play which translate to all games even third party.

the part where im getting confused is third party games when you buy used they still going to do online passes even though we couldnt go online with it without ps+ anyways but are still going to impose fees?

edit: you know what lol, i believe i have nothing to be confused about im just having one of those days again :P from the agrees with my first post i clearly understood the implications
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waltercross  +   897d ago
@ DarkBlood

You were scaring us...LOL
But from what I understand It's exactly like PS3 except when it comes to Multiplayer, You need PS+ BUT you can still play Planetside 2, DC Universe and access many online services like Netflix without PS+. ALSO, the PS3 can still play all Multiplayer games without PS+ just as it is now.

PS+ is only Required on the PS4 to play Multiplayer/cross voice chat.
GraveLord  +   897d ago
No publisher is stupid enough to use any sort of DRM on PS4.
LoveOfTheGame  +   897d ago
*EA walks in the door with a smile.
omi25p  +   897d ago
Then why have both Sony and Microsoft done it?
They are simply trying to keep publishers like EA happy.
BitbyDeath  +   897d ago
@omni25p, Sony haven't.
3rd parties control their own dedicated servers which Sony do not have control over.

That is where the online DRM is implemented.
Y_5150  +   897d ago
@LoveOfTheGame You do know that EA stopped doing online passes right? Check the PSstore, all thier online passes are free now.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   897d ago
Publishers have said that their wouldn!t be anymore Online Passes anyway Edge Magazine have reported that Sony no Drm announcement was a PR stunt they will have the same third party DRM policy as MS.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   897d ago
You guys are just so beyond pathetic.
Instead of being angry with MS for what they're doing to you, you guys won't say a damn thing about it.

Made up rumors about sony however (for months now) And you guys are all over it.

There's nothing more shameful then the xbox fanboys on this site, i swear.
waltercross  +   897d ago

Sony SAID there Policies have NOT Changed, It's the same as it is with the PS3!. God some people are so....whats the word? Blind Dumb. You may not really be Dumb but You'll believe anything that is Negative towards the Console you hate and Positive towards the Console you like.

How the fuck would Edge know what Sony's Policies are other than what Sony already told us what they are? Quit being Blind Dumb.
GraveLord  +   897d ago
Edge is wrong. Sony already said you can:
-Freely Lend/Trade/Rent Games just like you do on PS3
-Online Passes aren't allowed on PS4 as no one bought them on PS3 or 360.
-There is no sort of online authentication every 24 hours. There is no DRM.

Of course Sony has said that they set the standard for what they want PS4 to be, but they can't force EA to follow its rules. If EA wants to put DRM on their games, they can do it at their own risk. It's unlikeyly they will though. No publisher will risk the backlash this will cause. Just look at SimCity as an example.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   897d ago
No omni.Not even close.
Stop trying to drag PS4's into Xbones sinking ship.
Intentions  +   898d ago
So.. It's practically the same as MS, but easier to understand.
00  +   898d ago
The xbox one is built around DRM, the PS4 is not.

Sony cannot force the pub/dev to do anything they don't want to, without the mandatory internet connection they can't enforce DRM like security.
Campy da Camper  +   898d ago
Exactly. Xbox is mandatory online ps4 you can play a game without ever going online. Then give it to a friend. If a dev tries that draconian crap they won't sell squat. Not with Sony 1st party exclusives looking as good as they do. Y'all watch that new second son gameplay video??? Damn!
whoyouwit04  +   898d ago
but publisher can make there games require a always on connection, isn't assassin Creed Black Flag and Watch dog already confirmed to need in all ways on internet connection?
limewax  +   898d ago
@whoyouwit04 I can't even give you the long answer because it doesn't exist, so here's the short. No.

I have no idea why but some people seem to be desperate for Sony to have DRM. They don't. It's exactly the same as PS3 in terms of DRM and ownership.
MysticStrummer  +   897d ago
@whoyouwit04 - There are already games that require an online connection, and have been since before the current generation. That's nothing new, and it's not the issue.

The One was built specifically to make enforcing DRM easy. PS4 was not.
tiffac008  +   897d ago
AC:BF and Watch Dog always online? Where did you get that info? Source please, if you will.
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rainslacker  +   897d ago
There were rumors about AC4 and Watchdogs requiring online, but so far it looks like they just have extra features if you're online. Nothing has been reported that they require a connection for any reason. So far Ubisoft has said they haven't decided or talked about DRM for next gen.
omi25p  +   897d ago
Microsoft arent forcing anyone.

Its the Publishers choice if they want there games to be traded in.

Publishers for the PS4 could come out and say inorder to play there games at all they will have to be online at all times.

At least Microsoft have some sort of control over it by saying its every 24 hours rather than completely random.
waltercross  +   897d ago
@ omi25p

I'd rather have no Used game Restrictions or Internet requirement for single player games. Sony 1st parties are for sure no Restrictions or Internet required. Why would Publishers Isolate themselves by requiring Online or Used game fees??

Some people so strongly want Sony to follow MS's Route, MS Chose that path on there own...if You wanna go down it with them, by all means go right ahead....but The fuck if I am.
Qrphe  +   898d ago
How can DRM be implemented if the console is never required to ever go online at any point?

Cueil  +   898d ago
I suppose the individual software can require it... don't be surprise if some middle ware doesn't make it's way out after all this stuff is finalized in July
LostDjinn  +   898d ago
He knows that. He's trolling.

Aren't you glad the site owners decided to bubble-up all the trolls?

Edit: Just look at the MS employee above me. All proof points to the contrary but there he is proclaiming that Sony "May" quickly create some DRM that mirrors MS. Not because they will it's just an attempt to spread FUD.
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Mikelarry  +   898d ago
asking a xbox die hard fan boy to think, you will get water from stone easier
cyguration  +   897d ago

Could be a shill.

Even a fanboy wouldn't be that dense to purposefully go into a thread where the article CLEARLY lays out how the PS4 won't have DRM and then decides to obfuscate the matter more by constantly saying the PS4 and XB1 DRM are the same.

There aren't enough words to describe how asinine that is, but you could consider it astro turfing.
Why o why  +   897d ago
Sigh. Another projecting 'you too' 360 fan. Leave it out. Move on. Been old.
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maniacmayhem  +   897d ago

Easy, the console doesn't have to go online but THE GAME might require you too.

Is this really so hard to understand?

That a developer or publisher could easily implement their own form of Key Code, Online Check or Online Pass in their code if necessary, it has nothing to do with the actual PS4 not having to be online.

It doesn't matter if the console doesn't have to go online to check its the game that counts.
Foliage  +   897d ago
That just means I will buy a game without that restriction.

These hypothetical situations are becoming insane. PS4 and Xbox One DRM are not the same; stop trying to compensate. It's very simple to understand.

What single player game is going to require that you access the internet? Why would a company shoot themselves in the foot like that; when every competitor on the system is not?

That would be like how Microsoft shot themselves in the head; giving PS4 the easy win this generation. No publisher could equally be that dumb.

No luck doing that on the Xbox One; which the system itself enforces you to check in like you are on parole. Shit, you even have the always on security camera implanted in the center of your house. How fitting.

Don't be sold on the "pause" BS about the camera; you can't unplug it. If the thing is truly "off" when in "pause"; why would it respond to audible commands?

Derp! You guys sure fall for anything.
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bub16  +   898d ago
Sony are not forcing the DRM, Microsoft are.

So if a game on PS4 comes out with DRM, blame the game developer, not Sony.

People can stop buying DRM games and make it hurt the company, not Sony

I refuse to buy games with online passes and never have done, I will be doing the same with DRM
creatchee  +   897d ago
You didn't buy Uncharted 3? You missed out, man.
bub16  +   897d ago
ok you got me. i did buy UC3!!
soniqstylz  +   897d ago
You didn't buy Mass Effect 2? You missed out, man.
creatchee  +   897d ago
I can't blame you - it was amazing. 2 was still my favorite though! :)
bub16  +   897d ago

not a fan at all!
Foliage  +   897d ago
I know you xbots didn't buy Uncharted; that's for damn sure.

How is the 360 library looking? I just pre-ordered The Last of Us and Beyond: 2 Souls. Can't wait for GT.

Microsoft ditched Xbox; they now ditched Xbox 360. They are now selling you on a system that if they ditch support; you will not be able to use the machine at all (if that "check in" server is turned off; you have a paperweight).
-EvoAnubis-  +   898d ago
No, it's not the same as the XB1. It's the same as the PS3; they literally haven't changed anything whatsoever.
Mikeyy  +   897d ago
Intentions you are a pathetic troll. This is nothing like Microsofts policy.
SpinalRemains  +   897d ago

Its not even remotely similar.

You're not going to see DRM on a majority of PS4 games.

Can you please explain why you think it's the same as MS, but easier? This way there won't be any confusion.
KRUSSIDULL  +   897d ago
Yes and No
It is easier to understand because the Xbox One requires an online check every 24 hours to be able to play ANY games.

Publisher still have the option to NOT block used games but cant avoid Microsoft 24-hour policy. In other words Microsoft made it very confusing and unnecessary.

But there is more to it than blocking used games, this 24 hour online check is also most likely to ban modded consoles so you cant pirate games.

Anyway I think Microsoft is doing it wrong they are gonna lose more money than they gonna earn from this.
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edonus   897d ago | Spam
Foliage  +   897d ago
No more xbox one games at gaming tournaments.

MLG is pretty pissed off right now; everyone I've spoken with is pre-ordering the PS4.

Microsoft burnt a lot of gamers.

You have to feel for the Military; who will not have consistent internet oversees on duty.

FU Microsoft.
ziggurcat  +   897d ago
"So.. It's practically the same as MS"


not even close there, buddy.
GraveLord  +   897d ago

Look at what the Xbox One is doing, PS4 is the complete opposite.
Mikelarry  +   898d ago
Go on sony spread the good word so that it sinks into the minds of all these blind fanboys who cant understand the meaning of no drm on ps4 and who keep insisting the ps4 is like the xbox 1
ricochetmg  +   897d ago
100 dollar price difference...
AmkOwns  +   898d ago
None will buy the game if it had DRM, it's gonna be suicidal by the publisher

Looking at you EA.
ricochetmg  +   897d ago
this is more like buying a season's pass to all the amusement parks and being able to ride everything for free rather than paying for each ride individually on top of the entry fee. Plus, you also get a ton of free gear every so often.
FullMetalTech  +   897d ago
I gotta agree with you. I think they would end up making more by implementing season passes instead with extra content. And with no online pass on hand it will increase sales for them.
alb1899  +   897d ago
Make no mistake, developers will push!
smashcrashbash  +   897d ago
Well the fact that they are dropping online passes and DRM is good enough for me. Any publisher that does that on the PS4 it is their fault and we can go and knock down their doors.Sony is not doing it which is good enough for me.Anyone else putting these practices into play will get all the flack.You CAN'T blame Sony for it. Even though I know people will still try to.
KaMaHKaZiE  +   897d ago

Do you honestly believe its not sonys fault, cause I'm pretty sure they are the ones giving the 3rd parties the choice to implement DRM. Xbox built around DRM because that is the inevitable future of games. Otherwise say good bye to games for devs and pubs will close down left and right because people illegally download games, renting games, buying used games, lending friends there games. Al which may I add makes them no money cause them to close the doors and that's another company down. DRM is needed if the industry is to grow.
00  +   897d ago
the game industry made 70 billion dollars, it makes more money then music and movies combined.

if they're in trouble I want to know were is all that money going, wait it shouldn't be hard to figure out.
smashcrashbash  +   897d ago
So what do you want them to do? Reject every game that implements these policies? They are a business and that isn't practical at all.It is up to the company that makes the game if they want to do this and you can reject them or refuse to buy their games all you like.It will be someone's fault but it won't be Sonys's.You think the people who give you the option to buy a gun are responsible for what you use it for?

I suppose you would feel better if they forced DRM on you completely with no options at all. Some freedom is better then none at all. Yeah I am sure you would breathe a sigh of relief if Sony said 'We are implementing DRM in all our games' I can just see people cheering about that one./s 'Sony is completely forcing us into DRM too.Hurray.' And don't hand me that crap about Microsoft doing it because it is inevitable.No one would be saying that if it was in reverse.Don't ever mistake Microsoft's actions for the good of anyone but themselves.They are the worst out of the three. Don't even try to spin Microsoft's negative vibes into something noble
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Dgander  +   897d ago
Do any of you here seriously think third parties will restrict Xbox One games and leave it out of the PS4 when they have freedom to do so?
tuglu_pati  +   897d ago
Apparently that's the case here in N4G
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   897d ago
Only if gamers actually band together like they did for the no DRM campaign for the few weeks earlier. There were tons of publishers who didn't have restrictions this time around and if consumers are smart and stay united, this will make it easier for which ones to avoid.......
Dgander  +   897d ago
I feel the same way about Sony charging for online multiplayer. I never liked it on Xbox 360 and i dont want it on PS4 but everyone seems to think its ok for Sony to do this now when Microsoft was criticized for the same thing last gen. Subscribing for added features, game deals and free access to games is one thing but online multiplayer should always be free and it seems like no one wants to fight for that.
isarai  +   897d ago
No, but publishers are not the ones doing all the stupid restrictions on the XB1 that people are bitching about, MS and the infrastructure they created on the XB1 are, if 3rd party publishers add DRM that's ON TOP of what MS have already created
NatureOfLogic  +   897d ago
EA is already going around saying they have nothing to do with MS DRM. MS is the only ones looking bad right. Why would third parties want that image when they can still be very successful on other consoles?
Mikelarry  +   897d ago
no one is saying that third parties will not restrict thier games (more power to them) but the ps4 and sony have provided a drm free system. whatever and however the third parties want to block used games and all that headache is up to them

to the guy below me: I GIVE UP!!!
#8.5 (Edited 897d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tuglu_pati  +   897d ago
it doesn't matter you'll probably get DMR from publishers anyway how is that any different from Xbone?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   897d ago

Twenty four hours and 100 dollars.....
LoveOfTheGame  +   897d ago
If I had a nickel every time I said that to a girl and got slapped.
KaMaHKaZiE  +   897d ago
People it is fact that watch dogs and Black flag are gonna require online, both for Xbox and PS. As far as being given a choice to implement DRM or not is a far easy decision. Example EA no longer is dong online pass but given the choice for DRM they are gonna use that to solidify their sales, making up what they lose from no more online passes. Anyone who thinks a 3rd party developer won't take the chance at making more money is naive. Honestly is like asking someone that works hard all day if they are willing to take hours away from someone else but get paid double for the hours taken but the other person now has less hours. Come on people developers and publishers need to make money.
MrSwankSinatra  +   897d ago
ubisoft said months back you could play both watch dogs & AC IV offline. so no it isn't a fact.
rainslacker  +   897d ago
Link source please
#9.2 (Edited 897d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   897d ago
LOL. Thanks. Was asking the original poster though. I heard the rumors but never looked to follow up.:) I was sure it would be optional given the PS4 doesn't have to connect.
isarai  +   897d ago
LMFAO it's not that complicated people, basically Sony will do nothing, but they have no say in what 3rd party publishers will do, so it's basically same as this gen
Mikelarry  +   897d ago
i know its in plain english and people dont seem to understand it, i mean how crystal clear can sony be about their stance on drm. its mind boggling how some gamers cannot understand simply put NO DRM ON PS4 ITS BETWEEN PUBLISHERS AND THEIR CONSUMERS
#10.1 (Edited 897d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
despair  +   897d ago
status quo, things do not change in these terms for sony next gen (are we calling it this gen yet?).
isarai  +   897d ago
it'll be "This gen" when i get my chubby gamer fingers on inFamous
Paying to play online on P2P servers is far worse than online passes anyway.
isarai  +   897d ago
the fuck are you talking about?
airgangstarr  +   897d ago
this is how u share ur games on xbox1 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
gino9  +   897d ago
there are too many misinformed gamers on the web. Microsofts only problem is the always online. Sony's problem is the third parties. If they ever get the balls to force DRM on used games sony will get the blame. When it comes to used games their policies are exactly the same its up to the third party and the retailer. Microsoft or sony get nothing out of it. There are no fees for xb1.To much bs going around instead of facts. Hell you can even loan games to 10 friends or family if u want. Your friend doesn't have to be signed in on your profile ,you don't even have to be in the same place. They can play your games from anywhere as long as their part of your 10 person list. You think Microsoft thinks you have 10 people living in your house! lol. XB1 is a digital console they tried to please everyone buy keeping the disk. PS4 is a disk based console always online is the difference. You don't like being always on cool, you don't like a 24hr check cool. The rest is just fanboy bs with the camera watching you and the used game fees. You are doing absolutely shit in your house that any one of these companies are interested in. You don't say shit in your house that they want to hear except maybe XBOX ON! If you are really that concerned you wouldn't be sending emails, texting or talking on your cell phone. Give the BIG BROTHER shit a rest. Stick to the facts and do some research first. I preordered PS4 yesterday and the XB1 was SOLD OUT! Somebody likes it, but let me guess their just stupid right. C'mon people this shit is getting old.
Re-versed  +   897d ago
You are wrong...There are huge differences in the way sony and MS use these strategies...DRM doesnt exist on ps4...
Re-versed  +   897d ago
online pass & DRM is two SEPERATE THINGS,you idiotic persons!!!!

DRM on xbox one makes the ENTIRE GAMES unplayable on other consoles...Online passes is a policy that exists ONLY for the online sections of the games just the way it works this gen!!Sony implement online play of the games behind PLUS paywall so they abandon the online pass policies from their First parties for PS4 ...Third parties could lock the online sections of the games with online pass policies Just the way it is implemented nowadays...PS4 WILL NOT HAVE DRM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!DRM IS ONE THING AND ONLINE PASS ANOTHER...

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