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I Hate Everything, Like When People Forget About Hating EA

Remember when everybody was mad at EA for SimCity and Dead Space 3? If those same people line up to buy the company's next round of games, we've got a problem on our hands. (EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   812d ago
They gave dlc to ms even tho its the least wanted platform.. I will always hate EA
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Patashnik  +   811d ago
For every intelligent gamer who stops buying EA's games out of principle - there are 1000 know-nothing customers lining up to buy anything they make, day one. EA know this.
nirwanda  +   811d ago
I think they are starting to see how they are being seen in public and now are trying to make amends with stopping the things that they started in the first place.
JeromeNtheHouse  +   811d ago
oh yea...I forgot I can't stand EA
tigertron  +   811d ago
I did hate EA...I hated them for their bad practices and how they made DS3 not scary and ruined ME3's ending...but then I saw Mirror's Edge, Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront 3 and then...everything became great...

Let's hope they don't ruin said games, because this is EA's chance to make amends.
wallis  +   811d ago
They won't make amends though. Enjoy those games anyway, but I always felt mirror's edge got a sequel despite EA not because of them. Dice have been saying for a while they'd love to do it - the only variable in the equation were EA who have suddenly changed their minds. Do I think this could be due to a sudden new found respect for their target audience? Maybe. Do I also think it could be due to a far more likely Dick Dastardly style scheme to suck every penny out of us through raw manipulation of our beloved franchises?

Yes. Yes I do.
yugovega  +   811d ago
i just must know why they still want to try making a nba game? i mean 2k shows gameply and ea shows dribbling. only thing i saw of theirs with gameplay was battlefield. at least it was impressive. seems ea doesn't know what gameplay is because that madden video wasn't gameplay.
despair  +   811d ago
I don't hate EA, never quite got that, how can you "hate" a company? Its irrational, you can not like what they do but hate is very strong.
xBigxBossx  +   811d ago
I didn't mean to hit disagree. But I agree with you, people just like to band wagon hate a lot of the time. Did DS3 suck? Yes. Worst video game company or should I say worst company in America? Lol no
aiBreeze  +   811d ago
When the company ruins your favourite most anticipated games.
despair  +   811d ago
Then you are disappointed in them, but hate? If I hated people/things who wronged me (intentionally, unintentionally or in a general sense) then I would exhaust myself just keeping track of all those people/things.
brighthand  +   811d ago
I bought bf3 day one on PC. I despised the fact that they had us depend on origin to run it, and I also dodged their whole "premium" nonsense like the plague. In retrospect, that was a GREAT decision, as I would have paid $50 for 3 of the 5 DLC, since B2K was a preorder bonus, and close quarters was all the COD I thought I escaped when I played my last game of MW2. That premium pack is now available for $15 which would be worth it to me, except battlefield was turned into an extremely twitchy shooter with less emphasis on tactics than before -plus I would have to deal with that cancer Origin again if I were to resinstall the game. Needless to say, EA still got no more money from me beyond the initial cost of rentin- I mean, purchasing their game, and I don't plan on buying bf4 either.
InTheLab  +   811d ago
I think EA is finally conscious of the fact that gamers are pissed. They completely brushed off that whole "worst in the US" thing the first time. Peter Moore's feelings were hurt when it happened again.

Their games are failing to make an impact. DS, MoH, ME3 controversy, Bioware imploding, The Sims always on.

I haven't forgot what they did to my favorite games....but I at least acknowledge that no online pass for the two consoles that matter is a step in the right direction. Publishing on the WiiU is the right thing to do. Finally making Mirror's Edge for the fans is the right move. Battlefield looks good. Pumped for an open ended Dragon Age 3 where politics from DA2 are replaced with demons again.

I think they get the message that gamers are over their s*** and if they want to remain relevant, they need to change.
aiBreeze  +   811d ago
Agree with what you said. Still I think their no more online passes thing, was them assuming both Microsoft and Sony would have DRM restrictions in place. Hopefully they will stick to their guns and not go back on their word.
JBSleek  +   811d ago
They make some damn good games so EA has my support. I don't care about the politics behind crap, if I think it will be a good game I sill support it.

I don't have time to hate a company...
Veni Vidi Vici  +   811d ago
The hate isn't due to the fact that they make good games. Activision makes some good games as well but many people hate them too. It's because of the practices that they force on the consumers. From DRM, online passes, overpriced DLC, requiring people to use Origin, etc. Many of the games they produce would be MUCH better if they didn't do the things they do.
SideShort  +   811d ago
Eaxactly how I feel as well. They gave me Mass Effect, the ending wasn't bad at all, and if a byte of on disk dlc was required for "from ashes" I do not care. It was good dlc. There will always be people like the comment author above mine who will come up and repeat all the "why we hate EA" reasons. Can't believe how entitled gamers really are these days. Now watch, I'm going to get a "We're not entitled, we have to right to call out our favorite developers" comment. If you really cared about your developer, you wouldn't bash their product all day and night just to turn around and say its tough love and constructive criticism. If I were head of bioware, I wouldn't have even wanted half those so called "fans" buying my game.
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Dlacy13g  +   811d ago
While people openly hate EA...they also secretly love them. EA as a company reflects a lot of what gamers hate but they have tons of games we love and want year in and year out.
soultecc  +   811d ago
i guess everyone has forgot about origin i hate origin. please just do awaw yith it and get all the games back onto steam

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