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Submitted by Queasy 900d ago | opinion piece

Sony's 2013 E3 Presser: The good, the bad, the ugly and the missing

XMNR: Sony followed Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Monday and came out with its sights set on one-upping the Xbox One announcements with some revelations for the PS4 that were clearly meant to take advantage of the competitor’s perceived weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, the ugly and the missing from Sony’s 2013 E3 press conference. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Beyond: Two Souls, Destiny, E3, Gran Turismo 6, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Puppeteer, The Dark Sorcerer, The Last Of Us, The Order: 1886)

-Gespenst-  +   900d ago
The good: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III

The bad: All that entertainment BS at the start. Also the Vita didn't really recieve any major new titles...

The ugly: Plus now required to play online. (Worried they;ll retroactively apply this to Ps3 and Vita.) I guess it's a trade off because of no draconian used game / always online drm policies.

The missing: The Last Guardian
friedricr  +   900d ago
i would also throw in for the good.. the DRM, Connectivity, and the Jab ;).
RiPPn  +   900d ago
..and launch price.
guitarded77  +   900d ago
The Last Guardian was confirmed on hiatus by Jack Tretton today on GameTrailers :( So it could permanently be missing.

EDIT: Yeah, just saw that. I was going off the most recent info I had. Seems like there is some mixed messaging going on about this game. Good to hear it's not dead.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   900d ago
It was re-confirmed by Shuhei today that it is still in active development.

Jack chose a poor choice of words, apparently.
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majiebeast  +   900d ago
I would take Shuhei's word for it his department and work in the same building.
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Infamous2  +   900d ago
Vita getting a batman game, god of war and 80 titles. So if that's bad I don't know what good.
xxPillsxx  +   900d ago
Shahid teasing more unannouced games and big titles coming, confirming more games, confirming another big third party developing game for Vita(GTA!?), trying to bring JRPGs, signing with partners for hell lots of Vita games, and Devs starting to engage Vita(according to some speech)
Lots more coming to Vita, it's not dead yet, its action has just begun.
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djsandman  +   900d ago
btw the good (KH3 and FFXV) are on xbox too
VaporCell  +   900d ago
The missing: ps4 release date.
Rockstar  +   899d ago
"The ugly: Plus now required to play online. (Worried they;ll retroactively apply this to Ps3 and Vita.)"

They stated that PS3 and VITA will remain free I'm pretty sure
chrempus_mane  +   900d ago
sony. such good. merry chrempus u guys
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   900d ago
Merry chrempus to you to man.
Merry chrempus to all.
Brianaro  +   900d ago
The only thing I want now is a price drop on the vita memory cards
ajax17  +   900d ago
They really don't have a great argument for the bad.
thelaughingwiseman  +   900d ago
It's a damn shame. Both FF15 and KH3 are not going to be exclusives... So Kill Zone 2, Knack and Second Sons are the main events for the PS4 the first quarter, I'll wait for other exclusives to get the PS4
ab5olut10n  +   900d ago
I have and will keep ps+ anyway because it's a great deal, but the thought of it being mandatory for online play still doesn't sit well with me for some reason.
Kevlar009  +   900d ago
They had me worried when they started by talking about entertainment features and referencing sales and demographics

After that it was a great show. Not perfect but pretty damn good
SolidDuck  +   900d ago
The ps4 stuff was awesome, the price, policies, and games. Ps plus for mp is lame, but having no console drm, and being able to rent or purchase used games makes it ok. But the rest of the conference was pretty average. I kinda expected 1 or 2 more 1st party game surprises that was kinda dissapointing but it does seem like the ps4 has a pretty stellar launch lineup. I also thought they would at least mention there free to play games coming to ps4. Having planetside 2, dc universe, warframe, and war thunder all coming free to play seems awesome to me. I'm really excited about planetside 2 my PC is too old. Can't wait to pick up a ps4.
Krosis  +   900d ago
Sure enough, in typical Sony fashion, they now admit to DRM involvement too. DRM on all Sony first-party titles and it's available to third party devs too ( I knew it was coming; Sony is a master of presentation.

They kept mum on the topic (strategic) and announce it quietly after their press conference. Naturally they wouldn't want to stand on stage and say "yeah we have DRM too".
MonChiChi  +   900d ago
Are kidding me? May I tell how it is like, because obviously you do not get it. PS4 will be as is like this GEN. Meaning First party titles NO DRM and trade in's allowed unless its a sub' MMO. As of this GEN this is not new, 3rd party publishers charge for used games via a $10 online code needed for online play. Please get your head out the gutter and stop listening to every article on the net just because it's what you want to hear.
Krosis  +   900d ago
LOl It's so easy on this site. http://jennoreilly.files.wo...
LeRise  +   899d ago
That's right, it's Jack Tretton who chose wrong words again.

All PS4 singleplayer games are free from any online-DRM.
Multiplayer is up to publishers. Exactly like it was on PS3.
WickedLester  +   900d ago
The Good:

PS4 price
PS4 design (hey, I like it!)
No pre owned restrictions
No internet connection required
Killzone: Shadowfall
Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3
Infamous Second Son
Dark Sorcerer
The Order 1886
All the PS3 goodness still coming!
Indie devs getting some love
Free Drive Club PS Plus edition for plus subscribers

The Bad:

The time wasted on apps, services, music, & movies
The pacing of the presentation was too slow
Not enough time spent on PS4 exclusives.
No PS3 price drop
No PS Vita price drop
PS Plus now required for online multiplayer
No The Last Guardian
No The Agency
CalamityCB  +   899d ago
I'd also add in the tech problems in the bad, when the game was stuttering on ASC4 I really hoped that it was still a early demo.
nevin1  +   900d ago
The Good: $399(PS4) vs $499(Xboxone)

The Bad: Movies, Music and not a strong 1st party showing

The Ugly: Vita
cell989  +   899d ago
The Vita is beautiful, imlooking forward to the walking dead and batman
Blackcanary  +   899d ago
The Good: Abe's Oddysee Exclusive to the PS4 its like the PS1 all over again i love that game.

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