PS4 vs Xbox One Size Comparison

Check out these images that show a PS4 vs. Xbox One console size comparison.

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GamersHeaven1648d ago

PS4 is half the size less vents Microsoft is horrible at making hardware.

US8F1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Xbox one looks like a small air conditioner

"So big, because it is full of ...."

GamersHeaven1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

LOL spit my drink out! Actually it looks more like a humidifier :D

Enemy1648d ago

I never really realized how closely the Xbox One resembles my cable box until now.

Skips1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

PS4 is HALF THE SIZE OF XBOX ONE??? LMFAO!!!! Woooow just wow. -__-

What makes it even more sad is the fact that the Xbox One is 50% LESS POWERFUL.

EDIT: Weren't there rumors of the Xbone having heat problems too???

Good thing GDDR5 produces less heat. lol

BattleAxe1648d ago

Lets be realistic you guys, it looks more like a of the early big ones.

Bhai1648d ago

Its a Biblical issue people...

David vs Goliath!

Complete with the scene of 'People's Savior' vs 'greedy tyrant' HaHaHa!

kreate1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

i wonder how the xbone buyers gonna carry that home... better bring a dolley.

on a serious note, the difference is quite significant.

douevenlift1648d ago

Microsoft once again shows why they're a software company first and a hardware company... well last.
The xbox was big, clunky and ugly. The 360 looked ok, but had hardware failures that made China blush. The Xbone (pronounced ex bone, how it will forever be called) looks like my old VCR from 1992. For a second I didn't know whether to put a disc in it or put my feet up on it, or rest my drink on it lol

SilentNegotiator1648d ago


Ps4 is 50% more powerful, Xbone isn't 50% less powerful.

The latter suggests a 1:2 power ratio.
The former (a fact) is a 2:3 power ratio.

fuzzyLogix1648d ago

Look forward to it sounding like you have a jet engine under your TV, PS4 is going to be te same as the PS3 Phat and only keep cool if you have 6 feet of free space around the console. Stick it in a TV cabinet and you're screwed.

ShwankyShpanky1648d ago

@fuzzy: Are you really trying to take a dig at the PS3/PS4 for heat dissipation? Really?

I won't even touch that... it's just too easy.

Ju1648d ago

And I thought it's supposed to be the next water cooler. I guess you can't believe all you hear, huh?

Fairchild Channel F1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


Well his name IS fuzzyLogix after all...

What were you expecting :)

andibandit1648d ago

Just put a door in the xbone and you've got a new room

bligmerk1648d ago

There is a pretty solid rumor that MS is having problems with eSRAM yield. There is also the rumor they are going to under-clock the SoC because of this. They have chosen to go with a big motherhonking fan on top of the SoC and make the case with whole panel sections as open grate slots. The whole combo looks like nothing but heat problems. The rumor is made even worse by the news that Gamestop has 1/4 the pre-order numbers for the XBone compared to the PS4, indicating production problems with the XBone.

The PS4 size plus lack of huge fan vents indicates Sony may be using liquid cooling heatpipes instead of a giant fan. More expensive but much more efficient and reliable. There are going to be a lot of ooh's and aah's when the case of the PS4 gets opened up to see what is inside. It will make the insides of the XBone look like it's already 10 years old in comparison.

NegativeCreepWA1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Having AMD parts in small space is never a good idea.

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LackTrue4K1648d ago

"agua fría"

lol....that's a kick a55 feature, come summer time!!!

Xaphy1648d ago

wow and people were actually hating on the ps4's design.

Condemnedman1648d ago

Their both alwful designs but the PS4 is better out of of them but its hardly a looker .

1nsomniac1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Agree with @Condemmedman. Really don't understand Sony's need for unnecessary angles.

I would prefer the XBone design but with the size of the PS4.

Or just the PS4 with no silly slanted angles. It's not only kids that buy these consoles you know!

Garbanjo0011648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

It's hard to compare a gaming console with a giant brick of obsidian. What the hell? PS4 makes me think dirty thoughts when I touch my current controller . . . I'm gonna cheat on that bitch with a new slender, darker, dirtier whore that does things all the right way . . . she's got the "moves" too . . . bwahahahaha.

XBO looks like that ugly chick who stole your virginity while you were drunk at a party and then bragged about it to all her friends ruining your reputation. (True story).

torchic1648d ago

"stole your virginity"

the story of Mankind.

Why o why1648d ago

Nice......You projected a vivid image in my mind. +1

theBAWSE1648d ago

I lost it at 'true story'


Blachek1648d ago



I think the Ps4 has some unique design elements, but i do like the XB1's simplicity.

Garbanjo0011648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Don't get me wrong I love XB. I have a 360 sitting in my living room and no PS3. (I do have a PSone however . . . FF 7-9 baby). I'm not a fan of the DRM, I think digital games are dangerous, and having the console and the games to plug in and play is not a hard thing to do.

XB revealed this magic brick that literally has to be connected to the internet to play ANY type of game. No offense but that sounds pretty simple (minded) to me.

If XBO was revealed, with games first, OPTIONAL features like the kinect or TV functions without the DRM . . . then it would actually be a console war. MS made a console like a PC. Period, and that's not exactly what gamers want.

If MS didn't do DRM, then I would have a tougher time deciding which console I'm going to get NexGen, however they DID and the PS4 will be sitting in my living room . . . that sexy piece of eye candy that I can't get enough of.

Doctoglethorpe1648d ago


Please don't compare that travesty of an Orwellian trojan device to my PC. Its just not true.

YoungKingDoran1647d ago

Don't worry man, we are here for you.
Masculinists rise!

Garbanjo0011647d ago


Thanks dude, *sob. We are going to get through this. Where the hell are my pants...

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Gridloc1648d ago

I wonder if the Xbox will also have a power brick...

UnwanteDreamz1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

That is the power brick. lol

Blackdeath_6631648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

i think it does the pictures released by wired that show the inside of the XBone have no evidence of an internal powersupply contradicting what we were already told by ms there was also a picture of what possibly maybe the powerbrick and it's absolutely massive. i'll try find pictures for you this pic shows what it will actually look like in these pictures you can see the inside proof that there is nothing to supply power there

a closer look in the right pic at the top right and very top of left pic

with regards to the size of the console people have estimated that the ps4 is 65% smaller in size to the XBone some are sayiing its 39% smaller

farhad2k81648d ago

PS4 is half the size AND more powerful, along with that, it comes with the same sized Hard Drive as the XBOX ONE (500GB).

Sony are great at creating hardware.

Virtual_Reality1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

And PS4 HDD is upgradable, this means, if the main HDD fails, it can be replaceable.

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Bathyj1648d ago

I actually didnt like the PS4 much when I first saw it. I thought, eww.

But its really growing on me.

The tapered front and back, the sunken shadowline and the sexy blue stripe. Please tell me that lights up like the PS2's hypnotic blight light. Everyone used to comment on that.

The front of it looks like a camero or something.

C0MPUT3R1648d ago

Just like the PS2 it looks better vertical.
Also to it looks like a futuristic PS2.

IRetrouk1648d ago

There was a light mentioned on one of the fact sheets sony released, cant find it now but will keep looking

TheLyonKing1648d ago

It's the ps2 on steroids. I love it.

sAVAge_bEaST1648d ago

ps4 is the true sequel to ps2

just like battlefield 4 will be the true sequel to battlefield 2.

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nthstew1648d ago

Ps4 kinda look like laptops.. this is good thing though we all know laptops are more efficient, compact , powerful and sleek..

TheTwelve1648d ago

Big and ugly Microsoft hardware...just like last two gens

ambientFLIER1648d ago

Really??? The original PS3 looked like a george foreman grill and was larger than the xbox.

slpknt6sic61648d ago

To me the Xbone looks like a DVR and a VCR had a baby, and a betamax and first gen xbox had a baby. And by some miracle those two babys meet and fucked. Thats what we get Lol I kid.

Seriously though ps4 looks sexy.

1648d ago
Epic_Troy1648d ago

Ps4 looks like a tetris block lol

TAURUS-5551648d ago

yeah PS4 looks nicer and it takes practically no space, the xbox1 is too big like a VCR.

Blachek1648d ago

I'm ok with the Xbox looking like it does. I'm not one much for an eccentric piece of "art" near my television. PS4 is very compact which is attractive, but I'm not a fan of the angles of it. Both are an upgrade in terms of aesthetic to me from last Gen.

UNGR1647d ago

Don't say anything positive in any way towards the X1, the Sony fanboys will flag you as spam, and bubble you down for trolling. Giving credit where it's due is something not appreciated here when it's credit Microsoft earned, even if they make big mistakes.

DevilishSix1648d ago

The Xbox 1 likes about the size of my Sony hi-fi VHS player purchased in 1992. Thats how far behind the times MS is. Oh and a testament to Sony's well built hardware that 21 year old Sony VHS player still works like the day I got it. Now granted that was a $300 unit two decades ago, kinda expensive but point is I trust Sony's hardware, always have.

FATHASUN1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

What a Box!

FATHASUN1648d ago

MS claims the the XB1 Wil be whisper quiet. We shall see. Do keep in mind that games will play off the hard drive so there may be some truth to this.

UnHoly_One1648d ago

So these are just computer mock ups.... How do we even know if this is accurate or not?

There isn't even a story that goes with the pictures saying how they got the dimensions or anything...


I'm not saying it's bogus, I'm just saying we have no evidence to indicate that it is accurate either.

Fairchild Channel F1648d ago

More then likely they used the dimensions in the fact sheets provided by each company.

Tsar4ever011648d ago

Microsoft doesn't design nor make it's hardware, they outsorce it to outside manufactures. MS is software. Sony on the other hand is hardware everything, they design and build everything from from ground up, but software needs to be outsourced also. I don't get how they could so ingeniously get all that cool tech in such a small package. I'd love to see the motherboard soon, to see how they pack all that gddr5 memory on board after reading only 512mb per stack come on pc graphic cards.

nirwanda1648d ago

But because of the size of the fan they have put in it will definitely be alot quieter it's the trade off you get with airflow.

jeffgoldwin1648d ago

True story. I upgraded my desktop pc with 120mm fans over the 80mm ones because they are more quiet. I don't get why that is, but Ive searched the decibel levels and larger fans are more quiet.

But I don't know what fan sizes these consoles are using.

Buckfastman1648d ago

Dont forget, the xboner needs an external power brick too. lol

NameRemoved00171648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


Ram does not run hot at all and faster ram has no benefit in games, I am againist the xbox one but saying GDDr5 ram is better than ddr3 ram for gaming is not true at all it is equal except maybe slightly faster loading times, the only heat problem would be caused by poor air flow to take the heat from the cpu/gpu out.

NeoTribe1648d ago

Half the size indeed.