GamerTM: Spore First Look

In an industry often fuelled by sequels and remakes, if nothing else ambition should be respected. Will Wright's Spore is unrelenting ambition personified, attempting to morph what are essentially five different games into one, serving up what could be the most universal PC package since The Sims. It also shouldn't be ignored that, though developed at Wright's Maxis, Spore will be published by the house that EA built – the publisher most tainted by claims that it farms out nothing but yearly sequels, yet here setting out its stall with one of the most fresh and driven IPs for years.

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yesah3650d ago

Really looking forward Spore, the massiveness of having a planet with your own creatures sounds good. It'd be cool if they had little wars within the world. I just hope they dont dope this game down, and they stick with their goals.