What's It to Ya? Sony's E3 Grade

"Sony came out with a couple of show-stoppers, some sharp contrasts, and games, games, and more games. Although, like Microsoft's conference, it felt contrived. It's all familiar territory, but the content was clearly in the pudding. Accordingly, Sony seemed to be playing it safe in regards to the games it was showcasing. The technology in the PS4 is impressive. And, is being master-minded by the lead architect, Mark Cerny. Further, Sony announced that the PS4 will retail for $399.99, countering  the Xbox One's retail price of $499.99."

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NameRemoved00171774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

If Sony gets an A- then Microsoft is being moved into the special needs group.

Tatsuya 1773d ago

SONY should be A+ and Microsoft should be Massive Fail.