GamerTM: Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

2008 is a Metal Gear year. There are relatively few franchises out there that can make this kind of statement – Snake is perhaps only kept company by Grand Theft Auto and Halo, but the trade-off is a massive shadow cast over any competitors hitting the shelves in the same year. Though it's unlikely Ubisoft would take kindly to such a description, there's no avoiding the fact that Sam Fisher's latest opus, due out in the second quarter of this year, will be squaring up to Konami's cash-cow at release.

It's not an entirely fair comparison either, because – while stealth is the lifeblood of both series – Ubisoft has always been careful to give Splinter Cell its own distinct flavour. Indeed, it's fair enough to say that the series has more in common with the French publisher's fellow Tom Clancy franchises than it does Metal Gear. No doubt aware of such aspersions, Conviction is set to see Sam Fisher finally step out of the shadows and into harsh light, in every sense imaginable.

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Boldy3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I have never payed much attention to Conviction until recently. I'm really lookin forward to this game now.

Grown Folks Talk3765d ago

is my favorite series. I can't wait for Conviction. Double Agent was a step down from Chaos Theory, but I have high hopes for this one. The open nature lends itself to great replay value.

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I pity the people who get hyped up for this game. Not every game works in that open world format. Ubisoft will learn that the hard way. Anyways would be interesting to see what they bring to the table. What was so fantastic that couldn't be done on the ps3. lol.

I honestly completely forgot about this game lol. If they come out withing 3 months of MGS4 they should just forget it. On the other hand it could give jealous 360 owners something to play during the mgs fever.

From the preview you can tell the previewer wasn't impressed. This game will be worse than double agent. IMO double agent wasn't even that bad.
If there is anything i can give them props for, it is trying to stay out of MGS4's shadow. I hated assasins creed so much and i am sure i will hate this even more

Grown Folks Talk3765d ago

It's not on the PS3 so it won't matter. If you are a fan of the series you'll get it regardless of what else is coming out. & this jealousy stuff is garbage. Everybody doesn't like Metal Gear. Is it really that hard to understand? & if they do, they probably have a PS3 or will get 1. I'd personally go back & play Syphon Filter 1 & 2 before I'd play MGS4.

BenzMoney3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Nobody cares to read your opinion, why even bother to comment? You're just here to troll a 360 exclusive, as usual.

And it's obvious you know nothing of the Splinter Cell franchise from your "This game will be worse than double agent. IMO double agent wasn't even that bad" garbage.

As a long time Splinter Cell fan (since the original) I can say that this game will undoubtedly be better than Double Agent, and *hopefully* will be the best Splinter Cell so far.

Double Agent's single player was garbage compared to Chaos Theory, any Splinter Cell fan would agree. Double Agent was done by Ubi's "B-Team" and Conviction is being made by the "A-Team" again.

Splinter Cell - Ubi Montreal
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - Ubi Shanghai (garb in comparison to original, but introduced multiplayer which was done by the Montreal studio [thanks The Lazy One for reminding me of this])
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Ubi Montreal (best SC yet)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Ubi Shanghai (garb)
Splinter Cell: Conviction - Ubi Montreal

The game is gonna rock. Don't hate and stop trolling, troll. Your opinion = dirt. I pity trolls like yourself.

The Lazy One3765d ago

Edit ur list of developers to include who did the MP. I think Montreal did the MP for the second game, which was an incredible experience. Some of my favorite times on the original xbox were in that game.

NO_PUDding3765d ago

Double Agent was a boil on a perfectly great series.

I was infact a Splinter Cell fan before an MGS fan on Playstation, but I hate it when series ditch their roots for totally new directions. That isn't how it works, series evolve they don't ditch their roots. Chaos Theory was superb. Double agent was crap. Bad reception of Double Agent makes Ubisoft think they ahve to change the direction, and now it's gone gimmicky.

Conviction is the coolness of having a Simpsons lunchbox when you are 14. And to further this analogy, what made you so cool when Chaos Theory was out was that Transformers lunchbox. AWESOME!

Fisher is now an emo... and a cliched rebel.

Glad to be a gamer3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

My first sc that i played was da and i loved it. Can't believe that the guys that have played other sc didn't think it was good.

@Benz money Gonna have to check out the previous sc that you rated cos if there better than the new one ive really missed out on some solid gold gaming. That end mission before the boat was a great ending.

@Sonarus lmao look like the leapords shown its spots. Guess you wont be laying sc conviction due to you not actually having a 360 uhum! i mean not liking the game.

Mgsand Sc are great franchise and anyone into the stealth genre will miss out not playing either.

P.s didn't you have a forum post about sc versus mgs4 and you were going over good and bad points for both and from that it seemed youd played both and enjoyed them. was that all lies!!!!?!??!

Richdad3765d ago

2008 is MGS year but that doesn't mean that Splinter Cell Conviction is bad I mean the last game Double agent was no way AAA but a A title. But the thing is that this is being developed by the original SC team who worked on Chaos theory and Pandora tomorrow with the first one. So you can see they have got the guts to go.

Also first SC was Ok but Pandora tomorrow and Chaos Theory looked damn good, I mean when I saw Chaos Theory of Xbox 1 I thought its a 360 game it looked so good the textures the movements where great. But you might be saying that the should keep the original mechanics intact but its important to innovate also one of my friend who is a big fan of Chaos theory was pissed to see the Assassin Creed style game play but its different I mean Splinter Cell lacked one thing heavily that was accessibility and this is going to be improved in the new game.

Also the Assassins team have always made story driven game mainly and their actual gameplay never had been stealth and they never used open world concept. But SC team has done somewhat a benchmark in stealth game and there were level but they were open world in all SC after first.

I mean if you have Vallet for Dark Sector and Supreme Commander you should better get this one first. Wait out for the review, you will know it you have a 360 and I think you should get it for that or PC if you want.

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I am not here to troll in fact i am going to be quite honest. Here is the situation plain for you all to see.

This is essentially a scenario like last yr where ps3 had few exclusives and naturally those who owned only ps3's went on praising the little ps3 exclusives they had. I have an Xbox 360 my comment on the 3 month span was directed for me. If SC comes within 3 months of MGS4 I will not even look at it.

So because 360 has few STRONG exclusives to back, all 360 owners want to rally behind this confirmed garbage. Go back and look at the game play video they showed and tell me that got you excited.

I don't troll 360 news that isn't my style.
I am actually a fan of splinter cell. I have played and enjoyed every single splinter cell ever made. But after the BS that was assassins creed i am telling you this game will be crap. It will even be worse than assassins creed mark my words if you like

@Benz Double agent wasn't that bad definetly the worst in the series but I still enjoyed it
Putting so much praise behind UBi Montreal doesn't mean squat
Didn't they spit out assasins creed?
Didn't they spit out lost via domus?
As far as i am concerned they are about as talented as the rest of the Ubisoft team

@glad just because i think SC will be crap doesn't mean i don't have a 360. I beg you go and scope that gameplay video and tell me exactly what excites you there. I BEG YOU. If you look at the footage and tell me honestly it "excites you" then i will try the game out based on YOUR recommendation

@richdad you guys don't seem to understand. I am not saying SC conviction will be crap compared to MGS4 i am saying it will be CRAP.(PERIOD). Even if MGS4 wasn't coming out i would still call it crap. Assuming i was hating on it because it was an X360 exclusive that rumor still stands that it is coming to ps3 and to be honest i believe it will but that doesn't change the fact that i still feel it will be crap. If you enjoyed Assassins creed, i guess you can be hyped for this but i didn't so to me it will be crap. End of story

I am a big fan of the stealth genre. SC for me is a great alternative to MGS. I did a SC MGS4 comparison on the forums and i rated both games very close MGS winning by just a hair. If SC conviction turns out good i will eat my words HAPPILY. Double agent was crap due to the unnecessary changes but the changes are not as large as conviction is turning out. Ubisoft isn't even hyping the game like they did AC. The previewer shows no excitement watsoever but yet you believe by some miracle the game will be the best in the series. 360 has a solid line up there are far better games to be looking at than this crap

But from what has been shown and the evidence presented before me in the form of assasins creed this game will be crap. Take it or leave it

Richdad3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Please read my whole comment I was saying that why Conviction will not have bade features of Assassin I never compared it to MGS. Instead I said MGS is best in 3rd person stealth genre but if there is a 2nd place it goes to SC by small margin.

Also I know you have a 360 saw you how excited where you abt GOW2 in the forums.
Also brother its not your problem but most people are pissed of to see something new but its damn necessary to innovate Yes Assassin has big issues but there could improvement in it and the sales show that there is a need for those games who innovate but if you say that Devs stop innovating and do things with least risk than you are going the wrong way. Also Assassins issue was it was repetitive but I think its gonna end here.

Yes for God sake believe that all former Splinter Cell ( although good) had heavy accessibility issue and it was for hardcore gamers mainly.

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I rated both games and honestly i love the stealth genre so much i would hop at the chance to play any of them. I bought SC. DA twice for a matter of fact once on ps3 but it was crap so returned it and got it for 360. I enjoyed the MP. Not the best in the series and i def enjoyed chaos theory more. SC is a great game it is just not as grande as MGS. Both games have their strengths and their weaknesses.

If anything i am pissed off at Ubisoft for trying to change an already great formula. It seizes to be a stealth game when you start doing assasins creed nonsense of squeezing through the crowds. Stick to what works find more interesting ways to hide up the enemy A.I. dish out a deeper story. Don't turn the entire series on its head so i am stuck running around with the crowd (FVKIN BORING). I have nothing against the SC series but i am STUNNED that after playing assassins creed and seeing the gameplay videos for SC anyone can be excited for this game. Personally i thing the main reason the game is exclusive to the 360 is because of MGS4. Sort of the way haze became a timed exclusive because of halo. Its just a plot to get 360 owners who can't play MGS to get the next best alternative. I am genuinely sad that this is the direction they took the series. I am not here to troll or hate

I am a hardcore gamer and i understand why they would change it to be more suitable for casual gamers. AC markets to more of the casual crowd. Turning a perfectly good game into a casual games pisses me off. This is all the nintendo wii's fault

Richdad3765d ago

But it could be a mid route like Hardcore + Casual hope say thats what I am talking abt. I mean also if you are a fan of MGS what was the biggest thing missing in Splinter Cell it was cinematic and the formula they have now is good for that. I mean Splinter Cell did have a good story but it was not cinematic, the game play was the main saving grace of the game.

But being cinematic is important for a game, don't you think and this turn will give it better voice acting and story telling than the Conventional way.

H-V-H3765d ago

sonarus is HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!

NO_PUDding3764d ago

@ RichDad

You obviosuly don't know the series that well. It's not the same Team as Assassins Creed for one, just in the same building. Also Chaos Theory and the original Splinter Cell were worked on by the same team. Double Agent and Pandora Tomorrow were different teams. This team is indeed Ubisoft Montreal. But it's hardly a return to form.

Also the 360 wasn't out when this was released. So I dunno how you thought it was a 360 game.

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Z5013765d ago

MGS & the Tenchu series.
That is all.

Boldy3765d ago

Ok, but this story is for Conviction, not Tenchu and MGS.

Grown Folks Talk3765d ago

Tenchu 1 & 2 when I had my PS1. They just don't update them with the times. The newest 1 still looks like a Playstation game. As for Metal Gear, I only liked the NES version. As the story states, stealth is about the only thing they share. 2 different games really.

Richdad3765d ago

I know stealth genre games are filled of bad games but you can be rest assured with Splinter Cell. You should try SC2 or SC3 on PC or Xbox to mainly know the difference the PS2 version where not so good.
Also PC will be good to go since it can be played on very low end PC now.

GFahim3765d ago

Conviction will eb great cant wait to get it for the pc

Z5013765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Yeah, Tenchu Z did suck, but

Tenchu, T2, & Wrath of Heaven are one of a kind and good in their own right.
Ya know, Ninja who actually ACT like ninja.

LOL @ disagrees
Those ARE'NT the only 2 stealth games "I" play?
Coulda fooled me.

Grown Folks Talk3765d ago

You know good & well that other people whom you have never met know what you do better than you do. =} I don't click disagree, I just respond. Like I said, Tenchu just never seemed to advance to me. They feel old to me.

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