Sony’s Conference Might Have Been Better For Consumers, But Microsoft’s Was Better For Gamers

Gamers-Association editor Ridge Dermody feels like he is the only person who didn't like Sony's E3 press conference.

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Arai1528d ago

So...gamers aren't consumers then? lol

dedicatedtogamers1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


This article is grasping at them.

Maybe I'm just old, but you know what other consoles had great E3 conferences and a great lineup of games? Neo Geo CD. 3D0. Saturn. What matters is long-term support, and Microsoft simply isn't capable of pulling that off.

Edit @ below

What platforms is PvZ:Garden Warfare coming to? I thought that game looked really, really fun (don't laugh at me!)

majiebeast1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yeah and not even doing a goodjob. Garden Warfare not exclusive. PS3,PC,360 and Xbone thats from EA's own site.

Tetsujin1528d ago

Actually I'd give the E3 conference to Sony for these reasons:

Answered DRM questions
Touched on Multiplayer for next Gen
PSN+ (With Drive Club as first PS4 game with 3 Indie titles)

Here's what MS did:
Paid Hideo to come out on stage for less than 3 minutes
Games (most were timed exclusives)

Didn't even clear up some of the rumors about DRM, Kinnect, or online

However because on MS the games looked shiner it won according to the author; I'd say since Sony at least touched the important bases it won hands down.

shoddy1528d ago

The only reason Sony didn't wow peoole on games at E3 cause they already show them a month ahead so there is no surprises.
We all seen KZ, infamous and TLOU

Skips1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

It was all or nothing for Microsoft. They had to show every game they had after what was considered the worst reveal in gaming history. From all the backlash, and negativity it got. Any less and it would be a BLOODBATH! LMAO!!!

But what's funny is they STILL got stomped by Sony. lol!

People are totally ignoring the games Sony actually revealed at their official reveal too. XD And not to mention they had to cover games for TWO OTHER PLATFORMS...

What if The Last Of Us, Puppeteer, Rain, Until Dawn, Gran Turismo 6, and Beyond: Two Souls WERE FOR PS4???

Sony doesn't just drop support of a console in favor for their next gen console like MS.

And not to mention they actually have more to show at Gamescom and TGS. Is Microsoft even going to show up this time??? lol!

Dee_911528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Do people think the games shown at the conference where all exclusives?
PS4 almost has more new ips than xbox one has exclusives all together..

haha do people really think the new Metal Gear is exclusive to XBOX One?

Larry L1528d ago

I don't see how MS's presser was better for gamers when the best games they showed were cross-platform games (MGS5, The Witcher). Aside from Forza, a poor man's God of War that's a Kinect game, and a game that's only getting hype because it's made by the real Infinity Ward and is exclusive for some reason (is this going to compete with a TRUE Battlefield experience coming to consoles.....and CoD......AND HALO on that platform?), I didn't see many compelling exclusives.

People are raving about DR3, but that's only because that's the only other thing there was to be excited about. DR3 didn't look that great compared to more modern "zombie" games. DR1 and 2 were a bit more impressive at the time they released.

snipermk01528d ago

laying off the smokes wud be better for who ever wrote this article.

JokesOnYou1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yeah, you can hate micro but imo their conference easily had the best games.

Its no use, almost every game site that I read even through all the negativity pretty much says micro delivered a better show in terms of GAMES...all the "well bu, bu" and "x game didnt look great", falls on death ears since people have eyes to see for themselves.

Dee_911528d ago

how are we hating and what do you mean by its no use? you said it your self its our own opinions just because some people on a site say they like one over the other one has no relevance to anything discussed here.
MS displayed some great games but its not like everything they showed blew away everything else shown.All conferences showed great games bottom line.

papashango1528d ago

Microsoft easily shot past Sony in terms of games.

the used games announcement fell on deaf ears here since I don't remember the last time I bought used.

That said I'm still considering a ps4 since netflix, and hulu are not behind ps+

I thought I would be at a decision after E3. But I really wanna try out some of X1's exclusives. This sucks.

Destrania1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Development has been poor on XboxOne according to devs. Many of those exclusive games they showed were pre-rendered in-engine demos, not realtime in-engine running on the actual hardware (and yes, that is true) And yet they still didn't even look good! They looked bland and uninspired for the most part. Also, where was and is the gameplay for any of these exclusive games? Microsoft didn't even confirm any of these exclusive titles will be available at launch. Every PS4 game shown clearly stated that they were running realtime on PS4, and, Sony showed and is continuing to show far more straight (and damn impressive) gameplay of their games. Not only that, the games on PS4 are simply far more spectacular, unique, and varied. Sony has an incredible launch line-up for PS4. Sony always has and will always continue to prove that they have the best, most creative developers in the business. Sony truly <3 developers, and developers truly <3 Sony. The indie support is awesome too, there were some really interesting and cool looking indie titles they showed... Sony is providing the absolute most powerful system to devs (by far) with the absolute best developer environment and tools. The PS4 version of all cross-platform titles will always be the best version. Sony and the PS4 is 100% for gamers and developers, by gamers and developers. They have a lot more games in development too (duh) and we'll see those reveals in due time. Sony doesn't have to give every title away right now, because they have already shown tons of great exclusive content/games (including third party games with a lot of fully exclusive content only on PS) a lot of which will be available right at launch. Plus the inclusion of Gaikai and all the goodness that will bring. And they're offering all this at $100 less?! Awesome. Sony and the PS4 isn't just awesome for developers/gamers, they're the best by a long shot. 'Is Playstation the best place to play? Without a doubt.'

JokesOnYou1528d ago

Dmarc you misunderstood, its a figure of speech all I said is you may have your reasons for not liking micro or X1 itself but like I said "imo" micro easily showed the better games, I said nothing about you are hating if you disagree with that...I also just mentioned most of what I saw while critical of micros policies generally thought they showed a stronger lineup.

ABizzel11528d ago

No offense to the author of the article, especially because I felt the same way up until the last 40+ minutes of the Sony conference. I think these difference between these conferences were:

MS's conference was about making up, and proving to the gamers they have games and that their console wasn't all about media.


Sony's conference was all about showing gamers they're putting the developers and the consumers first, by showing the improvement with 3rd party developers, indie developers, and making sure the consumer knows that their putting them first and foremost, which is why Sony won in the eyes of the majority of gamers, journalist, and developers.

That being said game for game I agree Microsoft showed better games and demos.

But that's where it ends. "They showed better games and demos", not they have better games.

1. Sony showed over 10 indie games in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and you grouped them into one category. Yet Below, Loco Cycle, and Killer Instinct are Indie and XBLA titles as well. Then Kinect Sports Rivals and Fantasia: Music Evolved are casual Kinect games. So if you want to represent them pound for pound then the PS4 had 6 core exclusives vs. the Xbox One's 9 core exclusives (10 counting Killer Instinct although it's pay to play per character and a XBLA title).

As far as game preference goes

Ryse: Son Of Rome looks great graphically, but the gameplay looks overly dull, with a hint simple RTS-like play thrown in for diversity.

Project Spark: The creation aspect of the game looks intuitive and simple, but how does that lend itself to build complex and innovative games, especially when the level they designed didn't wow.

Dead Rising 3: I agree I was highly impressed with Dead Rising 3, but best action zombie game is pushing it.

And none of the other games really wowed either with the exceptions of MGS5 (multiplat), Battlefield 4 (multiplat), and TitanFall.

You also have to remember Microsoft said they would have 15 first party exclusives in the first year of Xbox One, and they just showed everything they have until 2014 (although there could be a few more 3rd party exclusives coming for E3 2014), vs. Sony showing launch titles only.

ABizzel11528d ago

And as you said Sony spent a decent amount of time on PS3 and Vita, because they're still supporting those platforms vs. MS who dumped first party support for the Xbox 360 to completely focus on the Xbox One.

Just because The Last of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, Gran Turismo 6, Puppeteer, Rain, Killzone Mercenaries, Tearaway, God of War HD1 & 2 Vita,
Final Fantasy X HD & X2 HD, Flower Vita, Dead Nation Vita, Dragon's Crown, Warrior's Lair, and Kingdom Hearts HD Remix aren't coming to the PS4 doesn't mean you can't count them as exclusives.

On top of that 2014 is already too crowed as it is, so why would Sony release a barrage of PS4 exclusives and have all of these huge releases competing with each other forcing many of the games to fail financially due to the sheer amount of quality titles. I'm sure we all can think of 10 - 20 games were looking forward to for launch, but realistically most core gamers are going to buy their console and maybe up to 5 games ($700 for the console and 5 games), so why risk having one of their first party games not be one of those 5. And realistically speaking when the majority of gamers miss a game day one they either neglect to pick it up, or wait until it's super cheap used, or hits the bargin bin.

What I will say is that Sony failed in showing off other games that could have made their demos and showing better. All the Free 2 Play games should have been demoed, and are EXTREMELY important, because as I said gamers are more than likely buying no more than 5 games; however, I can guarantee you that they'll be downloading every Free 2 Play game to see if they're worth keeping. On top of that it's another way to show how the PS4 is cheaper than the Xbox One in another way beside the $100 console price difference.

When you looks at exclusives and console exclusive things start to look completely different.

PS4: Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack, The Order: 1886, Primal Carnage: Genesis, Secret Ponchos, Homesquare's game, Blacklight: Retribution, Daylight, DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy 14, Octodad, Outlast, Planetside 2, War Thunder, and Warframe are all console exclusives.



Xbox One: Below, Crimson Dragon, D4, Dead Rising 3, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Forza Motorsport 5, Untitled Halo Project, Killer Instinct, Kinect Sports Rivals, Loco Cycle, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Ryse: Son Of Rome, Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, and TitanFall.


Finally to finish things up, Sony generally has a Gamescon and TGS conference, whereas MS rarely has one and rarely attends either outside of demo stations. At these conferences Sony generally announces a couple of new games, as well as price drops for their consoles, so there should definitely be more coming for the PS4 in the next few month especially with PC developers and indie developers embracing the PS4 significantly over the Xbox One.

wsoutlaw871528d ago

Ya i think the part that made sonys games less exciting was that we already knew about kz and infamous. If we didnt I would have been so suprised by how great they looked. They also showed off mad max and KH3 but neither trailer was as great as it could have been. They also showed off alot of indie titles most people wouldnt know about. That Rise game for xbone looked awesome but ill have to see about the game play. The ms conference showed they still like shooters and paying for timed exclusives

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Mr_Nuts1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Most of Microsofts games though didn't look all that great. The only one I was really into was Dead Rising 3.

I thought I would be in love with KI but I don't know...I'm just not feeling it. I've wanted it for so long yet now that they announced it I don't feel anything.

jetlian1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

best ps4 exclusive is infamous. kingdom hearts 3 , ff15, mgs5 aren't exclusive. FF15 and mgs5 had the best graphics/trailers.

ryse, dead rising, titan and quantum break all look good.

but sony light drm and no spying camera wins them this fight

AngelicIceDiamond1528d ago

Speak for your self. Titan Fall, Project Spark, Forza and Quantum Break and Killer Instinct have great potential.

Despite QB and Black Tusks showing teasers, I'm eager to see more.

I REALLY wanna gameplay on Sunset Overdrive as well.

NextGen24Gamer1528d ago

"I’ve been team Sony since day 1, and that isn’t going to change. But just looking at that list of exclusives it really looks like the Xbox One has more to offer for gamers. But looking at twitter and almost everything else it seems like almost everyone is saying Sony did an amazing job. Can everyone really be saying that as gamers? Or as cheap consumers looking to save a few bucks? I really don’t get it.."

Exactly! As a gamer, I'm Super Excited about the Xbox ONE! As a consumer, I think it's cool what Sony did with the lower price.

No way am I not getting the Xbox One at launch. Too many cool must have games and next gen features packed into the console.

With the price of the Ps4 being so cheap, it makes it easier for me to pick that up as well when they release a game that i'm interested in.

Sony should sell more consoles than MS with that price and their policies being cheap gamer friendly. But hardcore gamers like me could care less about the price difference. WE WANT THE GAMES!!!!

Xbox One has the games and then some!

Great E3 for both console makers, Sony wins by default for the "On a Budget" gamers!

Xbox One wins easily for the Hardcore "money is not an issue" Gamers!

kayoss1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Is this the new excuse now, .."100 dollars is nothing to gamers.." ? It's funny how the table has turned. The current gen the ps3 was bashed for its high price. Xbox 360 loyalist laughed at Sony loyalist for buying a more expensive console. Now that the x1 is more expensive, the Xbox loyalist excuse is, "100 more is nothing to gamers". Lol
Your arguement is full of contradictions. It is true. When you are defeated you become delusional.
"On the budget gamer", I bet you own an Xbox 360, the 360 was cheaper then the ps3 does that make you an "on the budget gamer"?
The funny thing is the ps4 is cheaper but have better spec. Either Microsoft is ripping off their customers or their soon to be x1 customers to dumb to realize it. I'm going with both.

NextGen24Gamer1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Games are 60 dollars each. If you are a real gamer, 100 dollars is nothing. Price has never been an issue for me when it comes to buying a console. I bought the Ps3 at launch and didn't care that it was 600 dollars one bit. I never griped about the price. My family has 4 iphones and a galaxy note 2. We have 4 Samsung 10.1 tablets and an ipad 2. LOL...

100 dollar difference is pennies to me. I work, and I buy what I want.


I love games too much not to get the console that I believe is better for gamers that have money.

Internet...not a problem...
I don't care about used games.
I buy my games new and I keep my games. Trading in games you get pennys on the dollar and I would need to be desperate to do that.

I also don't use pawn shops...same exact concept...

If you are on a budget...Sony is probably the best option for you this next generation.

You don't need to be connected to the internet to play. You can buy used games and trade games in and borrow your buddies games.

For me...I real gamer with real money...I'm not limited to those things. I buy what I want to play and I play the games! I don't care who sells more consoles...I don't get a percentage...why should anyone care except the people who own stock in the company or works for the company. LOL... I'm a gamer...I want games...Xbox One is delivering on the next gen gaming front. I want my console connected and I want kinnect as an option for every developer.

I'm not alone, most xbox gamers just aren't as vocal as the sony fans who game on a budget. I would hate to be broke. LOL...

isa_scout1528d ago

It isn't cheap gamers vs hardcore gamers guy. Your statement is silly. It's about so many more things than that. NO ONE can deny that this-gen Sony has supported the PS3 far better and far longer than MS has with the 360. Hell, the rest of this year is chaulk full of exclusive playstation titles. No DRM, no used game restrictions, and I for one am glad that I can let multiple people borrow my games(I don't buy used very much but I have a big family of gamers) without any restrictions. That should be a huge factor in most gamers decision. Sony may have not showed as many games as MS but I guarantee that Sony will have more quality titles than MS by a HUGE margin. It's not a sprint; it's a marathon, and Sony always seems to find a way to finish first in gamers eyes.

Clarence1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Anytime you charge a fee for used games and have a mandatory 24he check you can't be all about gamers. Sony has enough games to go around trust me.

Titanfall is Cod in the future. Ryes action buttons all day. KZ 3 and second son can go toe to toe with these games

As far as money goes the PS3 was the most expensive console this gen, yet us Sony fans that game on a budget helped the PS3 outsell the 360. Then you come on here and brag about how much money got.

Having money don't make you a gamer. Playing games makes you a gamer. You sound like a little boy bragging about what you got.

Then you try to $h!t on people who choose to buy the PS4 by saying we gaming on a budget. Lol how old are you. You only got 1hr to play your game at your buddies house. Hope he has the same game as you.

24hr vastly approaching better get home

More like weak24gamer.

Jnewday2k131528d ago

MS wins for the hardcore? are u mad. most of the games they actually showed are just timed exclusive, still comin out for the PS4. Educate yourself. Do you know, and fathom how many studios that Sony owns that are developing exclusives just for them? lets look at the PS3 just for this year. The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, GT5, etc. MS wishes that they had those studios developing sophisticated gaming experiences just for the Xbox One, and thats not happening so hold youre horses buddy. D0 y0u think that those top notch studios just stopped when they made games for the PS3? you gotta be smoking something. Get a F'n cluse

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NateCole1528d ago

What is bad for consumers is bad for gamers.

Jihaad_cpt1528d ago

dude you blew my mind, with the truth!

a_bro1528d ago

Because when a company like Microsoft bribes 3rd party companies to pretend their games are exclusive to the x1, it means there were not enough games in the Sony presser... What load a crap this article is.

Most of the games Microsoft announced in that press conference were multi plats, and I'm sure a majority of people who were watching the press conference via live stream knows that.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1528d ago

Who every wrote this article is hilarious. So you are telling me that Sony over here has been releasing exclusive after exclusives since 2008 and we are still getting 2 new ip's this year for ps3, when xbox has basically starved their "gamers" of new ip's for years... lol It shocks me that these people refuse to acknowledge that when it comes to first party exclusives Sony doesn't back down. They have multiple studios exclusive to them that are currently working on more exclusives and new ip's.

Xbox gamers over here going crazy as if MS are the only releasing new ip's and exclusives. lol

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Thatguy-3101528d ago

I have to agree to a certain extent. I'll give Microsoft props for delivering on the games side but since it's a new Gen everything has to be taken into account. Sony can and will provide the games too because gamescom and TGS are coming up.

Arai1528d ago

I agree that Microsoft had a great showing, I really liked the games after games thing they had going on.

But on the same note it's also very apparent (pretty much wherever you go on the net) that there's a reason why there was a lack of 3rd party games present at Sony's show.

Either way I'm happy we're rolling on to next-gen.