Blu-ray Sales on The Rise - '9 million movies Sold Since HD DVD Death'

New data from HMR Research shows that the 9 million movies have been sold on Blu-ray since inception of the format in the United States, with 3 million of those having been sold during the first 11 weeks of this year. If this trend continues, Blu-ray is poised to sell nearly 15 million units in this year alone.

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mighty_douche3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )


edit: i dont think you got me, put a sarcastic twist on it... "BR sales increase!" "never *slaps cheek*"

decapitator3765d ago

Thats what the Cynist say . Good news for the BD Camp.

fenderputty3765d ago

gift card to amazon. I need to use it to get another movie. I'm thinking I am Legend.

decapitator3765d ago

Yeah you should get that movie. It was excellent. One of my favorite movies ever.

fenderputty3765d ago

I've got enough to get my two movies actually ...

any ideas?

Maybe "no country for old men"

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

lol i disagree. I am legend is crap. I am looking to get enchanted and dreamgirls. In this phase right now where i am digging musicals. There are still a couple of blu ray movies i am looking to get especially from universal. Would like to get American Gangster and Bourne Trilogy. I am still hoping one day Lucas will bless us with a digitally re re re mastered version of star wars in hi def glory. That right there could be a system seller lol. New line cinema should also feel free to drop lord of the rings on us any time.

Back on topic. 9 million is pretty impressive. I bet those doubters are thinking twice now

mikeslemonade3765d ago

It's only almost April. They should atleast have like 36 million movies sold by the end of the year because there's more movies, movie studios are becoming multiformat and blu-ray exclusive, and more blu-ray owners by then.

EZCheez3764d ago

It was a great movie until the end. I won't give any spoilers but the ending ruined the entire movie.

Bonsai12143764d ago

how was the end terrible? it followed in the spirit of the book. though the movie end changed from the book end, it still captured the same overall message.

Danja3764d ago

Nope I didn't like how it ended either ..It felt a lil rushed after they invaded his house...but either way it was an OK movie...

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Brian52473765d ago

"Blu Ray is too late!" garbage.

iAmPS33765d ago

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Blu-Ray will die soon, Downloads will win"

What a bunch of retards we have in this world, Blu-Ray will last as long as DVD, and just wait until Nazisoft releases their new console with a Blu-Ray player. Sale numbers force companies to do what they have to do.

Good luck BOTS, maybe you will watch High Def movies on your next console.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

All this GOOD News is hurting my Head!!! ;-D
+DAM!!! I just got a 1000TB Hard Drive for the xBox HDi(HD-DVD2)service!!! ;-D

decapitator3765d ago

If the expiration date is not anytime soon, you should wait and pcik Terminator or grab No countries for Old.

I liked that movie but the ending left me wanting more though.

fenderputty3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

LOTR trilogy, Matrix trilogy, Bourne Trilogy and Starwars Saga. It would be nice to see some Transformers too. If those hit this Christmas, I'm going to be broke. There's a lot of games coming out that I need then too.

Edit: I have no idea when the would actually hit. It's just sort of inevitable that they will hit.

shadowghost7523765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Can anybody recommend any films coz i havent bought any yet 4 my PS3, PM if there are any that are must buys;

I like any film genre and recommendations on films that you liked would be great


Torch3764d ago

Well, that's a pretty subjective question, since everyone's got different tastes & preferences, but I'll bite:

Here's are my picks strictly from my current collection and my reasoning for each:

*Goodfellas: One of my all-time favorite movies, and only $20.

*Spider-Man Trilogy: HUGE Spidey fan, and brilliant, amazing eye-candy in 1080p/i

*Superman Returns: HUGE Superman fan (no kidding). Although the movie didn't fare well with the critics, still worth a place in my library if only for the pretty colours and vibrant sound.

*Resevoir Dogs - 15th Anniversary Edition: Not a big Tarantino fan, but this one's a classic. Anything Steve Buscemi is worth a watch. Plus it was only $20.

*30 Days of Night: If you're into horror flicks, this Sam Raimi film treats you with what a good old-fashioned horror movie should be - something which most current horror movies seem to lack.

Here are some movies, off the top of my head, I WANT for my collection (whether they're available for Blu-Ray or not)

*Gladiator: One of my all-time favorites. Epic.
*Scarface: As above.
*Troy: Awesome movie. More epic goodness.
*Godfather Trilogy
*Shawshank Redemption
*ANYTHING Pixar/Dreamworks
*Indiana Jones Trilogy (Quadrilogy actually, come this summer)
*Terminator Trilogy (Note, T2 is usually available for less than $20)
*The Departed
*The Green Mile
*Die Hard Quadrilogy
*Full Metal Jacket
*Saving Private Ryan
*Sin City
*Usual Suspects
*The Exorcist
*13 Ghosts (if nothing more than for eye/ear candy)
*The Bourne Trilogy

Again, these are just my opinion, and off the top of my head (there are many, many more); your preferences will likely differ.

To find out more about specific movies, visit the second-greatest website in the world (LOL...after N4G, of course), the Internet Movie Database:

Hope that helps.

fenderputty3764d ago

You didn't like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies? Disney did a b!tchen job on those films. They look great. So does Planet Earth.

Leon_Blu3765d ago

It sure is baby

and two coming

Rescue Dawn and I am legend

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