Fact or Fiction: Nintendo at E3, Sonic's Comeback & More

411's Mark Salmela and Derek Robbins give their thoughts on Nintendo's supposedly big E3 announcement, playing Guitar Hero: On Tour in public, "downloadable content" that is already stored in the games you buy, hope for a Final Fantasy VII spinoff that doesn't suck, using the Wii Wheel, and Sonic's return to form in this edition of 411 Fact or Fiction.

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kapedkrusader3767d ago

Sonic needs pants. Running around butt-naked, with nothing but sneakers on just looks uncomfortable. Maybe that's the reason he's running, someone stole his pants... Or at least undies, I know I'd buy the game if he were running around Emerald Coast with a banana hammock, at least he'll have somewhere to carry all those rings he collects. Come to think of it, where DOES he keep all those rings? Since they always fall out when he lands ass first on a spike, the logical explanation is that he keeps them in his ass. Maybe instead of pants, they should give him a backpack. Hell, I'll take the backpack over the pants. At least he won't have to carry all those rings in his ass...

ChanDangle3767d ago

Didn't you know running naked makes you faster? Also applies to driving.

PS360WII3767d ago

lol sounds like you've thought about this before