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Final Fantasy XV Battle Gameplay First Look Trailer Hits Home

New gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV showing party play and possible destructible environments. (Final Fantasy XV, PS4, Xbox One)

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Vivi  +   896d ago | Well said
Xwow2008  +   896d ago
LaChance  +   896d ago
One of the best multiplats at E3 !!

edit: come to think of it, if it would have been a PS3 exclusive it would have looked nothing like this. Its actually a good thing they are bringing it to both Xbox One and PS4.
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bintarok  +   896d ago
A deadly cool game, gratz SE!

Another incredible game came out of nowhere :
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darthawesome90  +   896d ago
I haven't seen one bad comment...so why all the disagrees for EVERYONE???

Well the game looks amazing BTW. I love turn based but I can overlook that because this action styled gameplay looks amazing.
shoddy  +   896d ago
Damn I miss the good old turn base systems and good summons.
that's what final fantasy is about.

I don't like the look of button smashing rpg.

I hope ff16 get turn base.
aiBreeze  +   896d ago
Am I the only old skool FF fan who was left disgusted with this? This game isn't a JRPG, it's a slasher.. looks more like DMC than it does the FF games I grew up loving.

@shoddy.. thank you, someone finally seeing sense. All these comments using fancy buzz words with capital letters, if I didn't know better,I'd say Square are learning some PR tricks from Microsoft.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   896d ago
^^^ This is the direction FF needs to go. Turn Based games are outdated. Sure there have been great turn based games this gen, but none match the graphical beauty that Final Fantasy strives for. It would totally kill immersion to have a separate battle screen with turn based combat. Real Time battle-Kingdom Hearts/FF12 style is the way Final Fantasy needs to go.

Final Fantasy is back! Good job Nomura!
dragonrage00  +   896d ago
No its not. I couldnt care less about graphical beauty. XIII/XIII-2 were beatiful games... so what?
@shoddy and @aiBreeze
you guys are not alone. im sure there are quite a bit of fans like ourselves that can look past the pretty visials and realize this isnt a FF game
shoddy  +   896d ago
Button smashing is action rpg.

the true beauty if final fantasy is just rpg wich need tactic like blind, slow, or fuk up your enemies somehow then finish them off with summon and limited break. That how I like it.

button smash is for simple mind player just try to hit the button as fast as possible hoping to make the most damage.

Final fantasy characters should be more unique not just human but mix race.

I hope ff16 won't become a shoota.
Irishguy95  +   896d ago
Pfff Final Fantasy was never tactical. If you were stupid sure it might seem like it is tactical.
Toon_Link  +   896d ago
This gameplay reminds me of the action sequences from advent children. And to all the people upset with the exclusion of turn base gameplay I got a feeling square is planning on making more games for XV with more traditional controls.
rainslacker  +   895d ago
I have to agree with a lot of the people that this doesn't look to play like a main title final fantasy game.

Final fantasy games had definite styles to it's battle system. They were fairly simple, yet there was always strategy to them provided by the turn based system. FFXIII deviated from that, and put more importance into the paradigm system, but one of it's number one complaints was that mostly all you did was press X the whole time.

Now this looks to be a bit more involved, and I do like the battle style, but I feel re-branding this into FFXV isn't proper. There is nothing in the battle system that I saw that resembles anything from prior FF games. It does look more involved than hank n' slash, and there's nothing wrong with that for a spin-off/secondary FF title. But this is an ACTION JRPG, not a CLASSIC JRPG that moves that genre forward, which is something that FF has almost always done, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a questionable way.

It'll probably be a good game though, and it does look like fun, and has incredible graphics. But a main series FF game it is not.
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waltercross  +   895d ago
@ shoddy + bubble

No Idea why you have so many Disagrees, and those who disagreed should be ashamed of themselves, I Miss the old ways of Final Fantasy to, That was truly epic times. I Know SE is trying to do action RPG, but they shouldn't at the expense of the Final Fantasy name.

Name it something else.
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aiBreeze  +   895d ago

I think the disagrees are obvious.. just look at all the shills in here with their capital letter buzzwords.
Temporary  +   895d ago
Ok ... I've just seen the video and i'm pretty goddamned souped! They didnt even show us the Magic spells and I'm blown away, WAIT TIL WE SEE THE MAGIC, I bet they're making us wait to see a spell other than Fire and Sword Shield :D

Edit: Whether it's turn based or not, the geniuses behind this game, the TEAM, is fantastic. They've wowed us before, and they're going to again. Nomura and is team are going to hit a grand slam with this one. The voice acting sounds amazing in Japanese, I hope to be able to play in Japanese with subtitles.
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Shpold be leading on ps4. More powerful anyway.
papashango  +   895d ago
looks like monster hunter...im interested
xGrunty  +   895d ago

I completely agree. While I do agree this game looks and probably will be fun to play. This IS NOT a FF game. Turn based games are not dying. There are plenty of great turn based JRPG's that have come out in the last 5 years that are simply astounding. I always like to throw out Radiant Historia lately, because that was probably one of the best DS games I have ever played. You're crazy to think the original JRPG is dead.

That being said I'd really like to bring my own opinion on this, because I talk about it with my hardcore RPG friends too. How does Square Enix live with themselves? They use to pride themselves so hard on what they do, but this is seriously a joke. Versus XIII got announced at THE SAME time as XIII and now they change the name and move it to another platform? 7 years for this? It's all you sad fans who buy anything because it "looks pretty" that really make me sick. FFXIII and FFXIII-2 were a joke, with the most unforgettable characters and laughable character depth. It's seriously sad the direction this company has gone.
indysurfn  +   895d ago
I can't blame the people that wished this was turn based. I'm one of them. A turn based RPG would have insured I bought a ps4 on day one. This seems more like a devil may cry with final fantasy characters to me. I know the old and new Square enix just a couple months ago said they will return to their roots. I didn't expect they could do it this fast so I will not judge the new President for this.

@Outside_ofthe_Box your all inside the box. Case in point, you said turn based are outdated. That is a bad assumption, all inside the

assumption box. First came pen and paper. Second came action RPG'. Third came turn based rpg's (which make them newer the action rpgs).

Fourth came strategy RPG's. fifth came delayed turn based rpg's also called active time battle (most likely for marketing reasons). America

only has 5% of the world populations, and are one of the few places that people prefer action rpg over thinking (I mean turn based).
Even in Japan when for a few years (not this one or last) the overall country got smaller. But the JRPG market got bigger!!!!! Meaning more

and more people are playing less of the other games and more of the jrpg turn based. In other countries (save USA) turn based have grown a lot.

this is not the way rpg's need to go! If that was the case everyone would make a rpg that has gameplay that reminds you of devil may cry.

square has been doing action rpg's since ffx and have been going down since also!!! While all the other RPG companies in japan have gotten

bigger without merging!!! They need to get back at it.
mean while the Japanese games market only grew 1.2% but squares game share continue to slide. As they make non rpg games and half western rpg games. the other Japanese companies have grown by leaps and bounds. If you have been looking at magicbox.com for the last few years you would notice that it went from 16% of the top 50 games being jrpg's to over 40% of the top 50 game sales leaders being jrpg's week by week!!! That shows that Sqaure was dead set on trying to make people like action rpg over turn based (even though action rpgs are the oldest).

Do you think ffxvi will be turn based? I hope so come on nis/gust!!! port the real JRPG's that are not ashamed to be jrpg's to the US of A!
PLease?!!! by the way guys there is a new rpg out called atelier Ayesha it is awesome youtube it see the 14+ gameplay demos of it. Actual turn based this is just early game stuff so it is nice on the battles from the start.
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bigrob904  +   895d ago
for the people that don't like the action based gameplay i don't really understand. sure i love ff10 just as much as the next guy, or ff7 for that matter but i would be lying if i said i would rather the turn based gameplay more than real time fighting. i hate the fact that i just have to stand there and let somebodies attack hit me when i clearly see it coming and can move. that's why i love rpg's like kingdom hearts so much because it got away from that turn based gameplay. sure with turn based you get that time to pick out your moves and so on, but it also takes away from immersion because you're sitting there picking out attacks while everyone is just standing there. you cannot tell me what you see in this video looks less fun then turn based.
indysurfn  +   895d ago
@Outside_ofthe_Box your all inside the box. Case in point, you said turn based are outdated. That is a bad assumption, all inside the

assumption box. First came pen and paper. Second came action RPG'. Third came turn based rpg's (which make them newer the action rpgs).

Fourth came strategy RPG's. fifth came delayed turn based rpg's also called active time battle (most likely for marketing reasons). America

only has 5% of the world populations, and are one of the few places that people prefer action rpg over thinking (I mean turn based).
Even in Japan when for a few years (not this one or last) the overall country got smaller. But the JRPG market got bigger!!!!! Meaning more

and more people are playing less of the other games and more of the jrpg turn based. In other countries (save USA) turn based have grown a lot.

this is not the way rpg's need to go! If that was the case everyone would make a rpg that has gameplay that reminds you of devil may cry.

square has been doing action rpg's since ffx and have been going down since also!!! While all the other RPG companies in japan have gotten

bigger without merging!!! They need to get back at it.
indysurfn  +   895d ago
@bigrob904 you just proved you DONT like ffVII as the next guy! Just like American review media you say things like; i hate, wait, just stand there!!! But then you speak glowing of the opposite action rpg which means you like twitch game play, and the turn based is cerebral gameplay! They are exact opposites one is for reflex action based, and one is for short/medium/ long term thinking and resource managing! Two different kind of super heros: Batman outsmart-hulk smash. This game is HULK SMASH THINGS!
bigrob904  +   894d ago
@indysurfn i in fact love that game, as a matter of fact i bought it off the ps store to play it on my ps3 because it's a good game. you miss understand, it's not that i dislike turn based because it allows me to think about my attacks because truthfully you can do that with real time gameplay. people are under the impression that action rpg means hack and slash, no, thats God of War(which i also love). if you think about it, it's very stupid that your character's are just standing there looking at the enemy doing nothing waiting for you to finally decide what you want. it takes more skill to do it in real time. kingdom hearts for example you have to make sure not to get hit while also selecting the right spell you want. i'm not saying one is necessarily better than the other, but look at that trailer than at a turn based game. i feel it speaks for itself.
Jaces  +   895d ago
hopefully the fighting will be more reminiscent of KH style. It wasn't truly button mashing but neither was it turn based exactly. I can get behind that.
Epic_Troy  +   895d ago
Nooooooooo this looks absolutely amazing I think is they was too remake ff7 use this type of game play for it
kalkano  +   895d ago
That would make it...not FF7...
G20WLY  +   895d ago
'True' FF game or not...did this just bitch slap Bayonetta, or did I imagine it?!
Epic_Troy  +   894d ago
Nooo this didnt bitch bayonetta did u see bayonetta 2 thats amazing
thehitman  +   895d ago
Gameplay amazingly good but idk if its releasing on the ps4/xb1 then I sort of would've thought the graphics look better than it is. Seems like this game shouldve still been on PS3 and not on next-gen consoles. Im still dissapointed that it never made it considering it was one of the reasons I bought a ps3.
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MoveTheGlow  +   895d ago
There's an amazing Gaf thread on what this means for the gameplay system. It seems like yes, there's magic, the menu changes when you use it. You can equip a ton of weapons and use them in Linkform, including duplicates.

I just... this looks like what a Crisis Core 2 should be, and I couldn't be happier.
Hadoukameha  +   895d ago
I liked CC too but this is FF15, so it should be traditional.
coolfool  +   895d ago
wheres the blood gone?

Edit: I should qualify that by saying that I don't necessary want blood but I remember an earlier trailer for this game having blood in it. I think that was when this game was targeting maturer audiences.
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FragMnTagM  +   895d ago
Is this still turn based?

It is really hard to tell.

I was never a fan of turn based games, but this looks absolutely amazing.
Hadoukameha  +   895d ago
Are you blind or retarded?
Non4Gag  +   895d ago
BUY "Final Fantasy Tactics S" millions of times to make "Final Fantasy 16" a TURN-BASED RPG !!!
FragMnTagM  +   895d ago
Damn Hadoukameha, no need to be an asshole. Bubbled you down for personal attack.

I was just asking an honest question.

I am just not a fan of turn based games. Yes there is strategy there, but it is boring as hell to me.

This game looks great and at certain points in that video it did look like it was turn based. For instance, when the guy was at the top of the stairs with the shield with all the military guys shooting at him, it looked like it was their turn, then he took a turn after they were done shooting.

It might be seamless turn based as in you do not have to bring up a menu if you don't want to.

Sorry for asking a legitimate question sheesh. I don't follow FF stuff as I was never a fan of the series or any JRPG for that matter. I love RPG's just not a fan of overly feminine male characters.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   895d ago
Wow. This looks incredible!!!!!!
Vivi  +   896d ago
Eamon  +   896d ago
brb guys, i'm going into cryosleep and waking up on release day.
bootsielon  +   895d ago
Just make sure you don't wake up 500 years later to fight the atheist league, alliance and unions :)
ILive  +   896d ago
This, metal gear solid 5, infamous second son, killzone, and destiny are the best looking games ive seen thus far. They are really incredible.
Studio-YaMi  +   896d ago
Don't forget :

The Division
The Order 1886
Vivi  +   896d ago
chestnut1122  +   895d ago
I can sense a lot of Lightinng Pussy fans disagreeing with Us. U mad FF 13 Die Hard Fangirls? These is million times better than Your So called ff 13.
-Gespenst-  +   896d ago
More??!! Oh my God this game looks good!


EDIT: Guy in the comments saying the graphics are "underwhelming"

Related image(s)
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Lovable  +   896d ago
OMG...that was awesome! It looks frigging CGI

It seems like you're too overpowered with all that teleporting going on?
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Lucreto  +   896d ago
Just watched Noctis parry blows from an Iron Giant. Day made.
Vivi  +   896d ago
aiBreeze  +   896d ago
How much are Square paying you?
FullmetalAlchemist  +   896d ago
Anyone else think the main protagonist looks an awful lot like Sasuke from Naruto?
x5exotic  +   896d ago
He DID high five that other guy so he has a sense of humor and not a total emo f****t though...
noctis_lumia  +   895d ago
sasuke is awesome
noctis is awesome

go watch some west crap cartoons then...
the worlds knows east animes are the best worldwide deal with it.

not our fault if u were born ugly and hating on beautiful things
Ingram  +   895d ago
not our fault that you are a mentally substandard human being
CrossingEden  +   895d ago
wtf, crap west cartoons,lol yes, lemme tell you how poorly proportion characters standing their with their mouths moving is the best of the best, anime is a joke in the animation world
Irishguy95  +   895d ago
yes but noct has been around since 06. Nomura copied naruto and the narito copied nomura for part 2 sasikes redesign
first1NFANTRY  +   896d ago
ok that water scene was freaking epic! great combat.
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Chaos_Raiden  +   896d ago
Mindblown gameplay. Thanks for the share.
King-Prodigy-X  +   896d ago
My God, what have we just seen. That looked epic.
Crystallis  +   896d ago
Incredible. Battle system looks like so much fun
Loki86  +   896d ago
Ladies and gentlemen, true next gen gameplay right here!
6DEAD6END6  +   896d ago
Day one.
HurtfulTimez  +   896d ago
If this was still ps4 exclusive that would of been the end of xbox one... Xbox one, you got very lucky indeed!
first1NFANTRY  +   896d ago
they narrowly escaped a bullet
We have got some major disagree trolls in here. What the hell? This looks absolutely stunning. Everything i have seen has looks beautiful.
dragonrage00  +   896d ago
I cant speak for everyone that doesnt agree with you but looking past the awesome tech, Im not impressed by the gameplay. As an action game, it looks too repetitive. I want FF to return to its roots. I want strategic combat. I want full control over my party members.
DaPrintz  +   896d ago
Did you not know this game was and always has been an action RPG?
dragonrage00  +   896d ago
Yes i knew. But theres 1 thing this game wasnt until now. And that is a main entry in the series. This was supossed to be a spin-off so i didnt really mind the fact that it wasnt the game i was hoping for. FF has spin-offs across all sorts of genres, from strategy games to third person shooters. However with this game turning into FFXV, it means the new standard for the series is an action game.
#16.1.2 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
Snookies12  +   896d ago
@dragonrage00 - You know what else is a main entry into the Final Fantasy series? 11 and 14... They're online only. I definitely consider this more of a main entry than those two.
zlpw0ker  +   895d ago
ye,I agree with you there,I really love the turn based combat in FF games,for example killing penance in ffx is a major achievement and the strategy for killing him big and it would be impossible to do so with an action rpg like vs13...
it seems SE doesnt care anymore regards that made a final fantasy series great,they are already parts in the game that has shooting,so wouldnt surprise me if ff16 is purely shoting in it.
Irishguy95  +   895d ago
The combat syst certainly isnt what made ff great. it was part of it sure but it has been surpassed by other combat systems. story. music. visua. Gameplay. These are wat masde ff great. There is more to the gameplay than the battle system
Swedish_Gr3mlin  +   896d ago
OMFG - That looked INCREDIBLE !!!
CrossingEden  +   896d ago
this does look really cool and all but how the hell is this a final fantasy game?
SE fans after 13 are like
square enix does literally the complete opposite
*sigh* at least tetsuya nomura is practicing minimalist character design for once
#18 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
dragonrage00  +   896d ago
couldnt agree more. yes the game looks gorgeous and its an awesome display of what the next gen can do. however i see absolutely no strategy in this footage and aparently theres no way to command the rest of the party while you are playing noctis. Now that this game is a main entry in the series im skeptical FF will walk the path of RE and abandon the genre it defined.
aiBreeze  +   896d ago
This tbh.. this isn't FF. The trailer looked awesome and the gameplay footage looks great when you detach yourself from what the title "Final Fantasy" means. But still, this gameplay footage looks like just another big arrow to the knee from Square to it's old generation of FF fans.
HiddenMission  +   896d ago
Not true at all I've been playing all ff games from 6 to now including all spin offs. What makes ff games is the world, characters and story. You seem to be living in the early 90s still and genres move forward not stay stagnant. Kingdom hearts has shown us RPG elements can be integrated very well into action games. Other act like action games are mindless button mashers and i say bull s#*t try platinuming Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden games then come talk. If you want more for actiongames look at God of War for setting the experience bar so high many an RPG wishes it could even be in the same room.

Not trying to bust you up just saying stay open minded and think Skyrim is an action RPG and its considered by many to be near the top of all RPGs.
CrossingEden  +   896d ago
FF has always been turn based or near time based, this is extremely scripted so far
zlpw0ker  +   895d ago
well,ff is about story,characters and the world ofcourse,but the atb gives the player a more relaxed enviroment,and I could care less if turn based is stuck in 90's.its what I come to love for FF games.
DMC cant be platinumed,only the DMC HD. And ninja gaiden sigma 2 and ng3 both sucks and is wattered down as shitt.its only 1 ninja gaiden game and its NGS1.
action games like gow ye,I can play it blindfolded and still kick enemys,gow is made for the noobs that sucks in hack n slash games.
and you nabcake,go search on youtube on truestyle tournament DMC4 dante and you fast see that DMC is not mindless button mashing,but DmC is mindless buttonmashing
im really getting pissed off when talk smack about DMC and NG,but you think gow is the absoloute best,its the absolute shitties hack n slash ,it has no strategy,you cant almost juggle enemys in air,and launching an enemy and use L1+square isnt consering juggling.
HiddenMission  +   895d ago

Take a chill pill and breath bro...I wasnt even talking to you.

What i was pointing out is that IPs change over time or they stay the same, becoming stagnant, boring and then die. Growth is good for games and for gamers.

If you want turned based games there are plenty out there for you. Nomura wants HIS game to play HIS way and if you dont like that then fine SE has already said future games wont always be like this.

I wasnt talking DMC I was talking Devil May Cry which is why I wrote it out. Aside from platinums beating all challenges and all difficulties is not easy or a mindless button pressing task and everyone knows if you say the opposite youre a liar.

Ninja Gaiden is all about skill nuff said.

As for GoW games I wasnt talking skill duh read what I said I was talking about the epic scale...so my comment is still valid.
kalkano  +   895d ago
Yes, genres should innovate. However, that's not what happened here. They COMPLETELY CHANGED THE GENRE of the series. Instead of innovating within the turn-based RPG genre, they moved it to the action-RPG genre. Changing genres is a death knell, for any series.
indysurfn  +   895d ago
@hiddenmission #18.3
First came pen and paper rpg's.

Second came action RPG's.

Third came turn based rpg's (which make them newer the action rpgs).

Fourth came strategy RPG's.

Fifth came delayed turn based rpg's also called active time battle (most likely for marketing reasons).
HiddenMission  +   896d ago
Actualy if you look back at the last gameplay reveal this isnt scripted Nomura was clear he wants this to truely be special and it is your just being negative for what appears to be an issue with SE and its IPs growing versus staying how thy were 20 years ago...genrws and IPs need to grow or they will die its that simple.
HiddenMission  +   895d ago

Really so you think that what was shown 2 years ago made buyers say f this action RPG...really.

Heres the deal consumers knew day one it was an action RPG so stop acting like this is a surprise. If it is to you then that just means you arent a real fan of the franchise since you would have to have been living under a rock not to know.

There are those who will say but it was ok before because it was a spin off title and not a main entry and call BS on that. Here is why those same people are saying it was ok before are also the same people who said FFv13 would save the franchise and redeem SE so now it no longer does that because of its title...get f out of here with that s#*t.

The reality is you who are hating on the hate are actually those that hate SE no matter what they do because its cool to hate on the because thats what its there for right...

To those who hate bring better arguements because these are lame and not really valid at all!
AllroundGamer  +   896d ago
click X for attack, repeat...
Qrphe  +   895d ago
All FF games have been press X to attack. Vast majority of commands are decided with X actually.
#19.1 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
evolution54  +   896d ago
Absolutely stunning! And this is coming from a old school RPG fan! I hated real-time action RPGs but this one definitely looks amazing.
d_dogg2007  +   896d ago
Seeing that xbox one logo at the end is like seeing a shit stain on the mattress!! You know you gotta clean it and can't leave it there!
CoLD FiRE  +   896d ago
WTF! How do you get shit stains on a mattress? Do you shit where you sleep?
jetlian  +   896d ago
lol funny what was he doin. Been waiting a while for this one. I love action rpgs. This will be my first FF game
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goldwyncq  +   895d ago
Typical immature fanboy mentality here. What is it to you anyway? This is actually a good thing since more platform means more sales and higher quality of production in the future. But I guess that's too complicated to get into your thick skull.
fsfsxii  +   895d ago
You mean by more sales that it will sell like hotcakes on the PS4, get over it, the xbox fans aren't interested in any Japanese looking RPG
FF13 supports what i'm saying
goldwyncq  +   895d ago
@ fsfsxii

Just because the Xbone is sh*t, doesn't mean that all games released in the system are sh*t too. Alright, so FFXV is releasing on Xbone, but why would you give a damn if you're not buying one?
Lionalliance  +   896d ago
Holy hell yes!!!
IS it me...or does it appear that Co-op might be possible?
andjudunno  +   896d ago
its like playing advent children...truly amazing
Blackcanary  +   896d ago
i was thinking the same thing.
jakmckratos  +   896d ago
Between this and KH3 this year was always going to be my favorite E3.

Sony and Nintendo needed to come out bigger(well Nintendo more so)

I wanted Medievil 3,Heavenly Sword 2 announced for the Vita and Jak 4 and Uncharted 4 announced for PS3.
Maldread  +   896d ago
I want Medievil for PS4 along with Uncharted, but agree with the rest :)
SlasherXI  +   896d ago
I keep replaying this...so awesome.
Sm00thNinja  +   896d ago
Seriously if Xbox one can do this, I am satisfied. Still ps4 for final fantasy, wow blown away!
KingKelloggTheWH  +   896d ago
The X1's visuals will likely be a bit different do to power difference.
Snakefist30  +   896d ago
There will be a alot of difference between the PS4 and xbox one cause the ps4 has more power!
WitWolfy  +   895d ago
Maybe, maybe not.. It depends from which system the game is ported from.
noctis_lumia  +   895d ago
yea and we can see m$ repeat what they did last gen....(our version needs to be exactly the same as sony versions or we wont let you port it)
vishmarx  +   895d ago
x1 version is a port.rejoice it was confirmed earlier today
Snakefist30  +   895d ago
Thank God!
Maldread  +   896d ago
Looks really fantastic. Just hope the wait wont be too long, but i fear the worst at this point :(

Hopefully they`re done with the Lightning crap soon ;)
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   896d ago
I pray it releases in 2014. Id say 2013 but there's no way it could I think.
Gamer-Z  +   896d ago
This was amazing the combat looked very fluid like watching a movie. Also Noctis looks an awful lot like Sasuke from Naruto.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   896d ago
This right here is PROOF of why FFXIII was ridiculed to death for its sequel after sequel which was causing the delay of this SPECTACULAR TRUE FINAL FANTASY game worthy of the main series and too good to be a spin-off.

Finally, Final Fantasy is back!
#30 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
rhap  +   896d ago
What? Final Fantasy is back?

It's an action game, that's all. Not that I expect anything good from SE anyway, they have been sucking long time.
aiBreeze  +   896d ago
FF isn't back.. it's dead. Lightning Returns saw to that, this just confirms it. I can see where outside of the box is coming from and can respect his opinion, but for me, this is like the final nail in a grand coffin.
Irishguy95  +   896d ago
Why do you think it's an action game? Don't be a tit.
noctis_lumia  +   895d ago
its na action RPG buddy do your homework nab
dragonrage00  +   896d ago
its one thing to like this game but calling it a "TRUE FINAL FANTASY GAME" is a little too much. the main FF series has never been so far from its roots.
HiddenMission  +   896d ago
You seem very closed minded and jaded and just so you know you dont represent ALL old school ff fans. I love the series and Im loving what Nomura is doing with the title...by far my favorite title for next gen consoles
x5exotic  +   895d ago

people who want turn-based crap are slow-minded and need infinite time to think in order to play hahaha
Temporary  +   895d ago
I'm very happy with the direction they went. The battles are going to be huge, and the tag team shit looks fantastic.
#30.3.1 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
SeanScythe  +   895d ago
Mature Kingdom hearts style gameplay, with advent children graphics in an open world to explore. And the ending seems to show stealth.
kalkano  +   895d ago
Final Fantasy used to be relaxing, and fun. Now it's frantic, irritating, button-mashing, that raises your blood pressure. That's not what I want, after a long day at work.
fsfsxii  +   895d ago
You mean the same people who are relaxed while playing and want a relaxing game not a mindless button mashing disguised in the name of Final Fantasy, the slow minded fans are the people who brought the series to what it is now.

TBH, graphics look gorgous, but, this isn't the final fantasy i've grown up with throughout the years, all hope is lost in Sqaure Enix, should i say that sqaure soft is dead??
x5exotic  +   895d ago
@people whining, boohoo FF always had different gameplay, you don't want to button mash? Don't button mash.

You need a turn based game to hold your hands and force you not to button mash? An action game can give you freedom of style, if you're button mashing, that's your own mentality. I know I won't.
Pozzle  +   895d ago
"You need a turn based game to hold your hands and force you not to button mash?"

What turn-based games have you been playing? o_O My hand certainly wasn't being held when I went up against Penance, Ozma and the WEAPONs.
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