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inFAMOUS Second Son - Official E3 Gameplay Video

An official gameplay video of InFamous Second Son has been released (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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Pintheshadows  +   692d ago
Oh my god. That is... words escape me. Look at it!!!
Arai  +   692d ago
My reaction:


Like....dayummmm! It looks mind blowing, crazy, epic....my god.
Watch it in glorious 1080p guys, anything less would be an insult to the game.
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Jughead3416  +   692d ago
Speechless. i had to replay this. XBONE can't touch this.
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Skips  +   692d ago
Sony should've showed this during their conference.

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UnSelf  +   692d ago
as much as it pains me to say this, this is too much like the previous games. I swear its literally as if they just took I2 and change the palette and updated the gfx.

i platd both I1 and 2 yet sumn about this game turnss me off. Its way too much like its predecessor
Sitdown  +   692d ago
Speechless, but somehow found words to bash xbox one......don't be that dude.

At the reveal in February I was excited for the this game, at the conference last night loss a little excitement, now this video has brought my excitement to new heights. Environment destruction is awesome. Is his power limitless without the need to recharge?
mantisimo  +   692d ago

It looks to play similarly to I2 but the tools given to him and the extra powers are way better imo especially as you seem to be able to jump into the action more than firing from 500 ft away.
AliTheSnake1  +   692d ago
WOW, I honestly never thought PS4 can do this, and this is just a first year game.
Look at the water reflections. The character's details.
Oldman100  +   692d ago
This game looks incredible! I find it interesting that you no longer have to zoom in over the shoulder to use your powers. I think all they need to improve on is the quality of the explosions.
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andibandit  +   691d ago
Looks effin awesome, but i've never played any of the Infamous games, are all enemies humans, cause it dosn't seem like much of a challenge(Guys with gun vs Superman...)
orakle44  +   691d ago
wow. didnt have much interest in this game until i watched that gameplay, very, very nice.
Shane Kim  +   691d ago
Not all enemies are humans. In infamous 1 & 2 there were mutants as well and epic boss battles too.
mikeslemonade  +   691d ago
Takes a lot to impress me and this is a launch window game. Just imagine if they weren't rushed to make it at the launch window. Year 3, 4, 5 will be amazing for the PS4.

And in the gameplay demo I just love how he flips up in the air, and at the top he's like "yea.. i'm under control and you can't stop me". It just sums up Sony's motto in that that new age is here, and Sony is confident and expects to deliver.
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SecondSon  +   691d ago
Thats how I kick ass on PS4!
abzdine  +   691d ago
they had it on screen before the conference started
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Reibooi  +   691d ago
This is the game that I most want out of what is coming in the next year or so. Infamous 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and this just does everything right.

I have to admit I kinda felt it might not feel like Infamous without Cole but that video clearly showed that will not be a issue. I could tell it would feel right just watching it. Can't wait to play this.
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nosferatuzodd  +   691d ago
Wow sony is not kidding around they mean business
MysticStrummer  +   691d ago
Wow. Ok... up until now I've been saying I wasn't blown away yet by any exclusive from either Sony or MS. My mind is officially changed.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   691d ago
It is a sequel so it kinda will look like the originals and play very similarly but better. That's usually how sequels work innit.
BlindGuardian  +   692d ago
this is one of the few videos from E3 that shows that a new hen is really and finally here
Pintheshadows  +   692d ago
I can't wait for the new hen. :)
Wintersun616  +   692d ago
Here's hoping that the new hen lays some more fine eggs like this one.
mantisimo  +   692d ago
I just licked my screen is that wrong?
GrandTheftZamboni  +   692d ago
Nope. All real gamers do that.
UnHoly_One  +   691d ago
I probably shouldn't say what I did to my screen.
creatchee  +   692d ago
Why the hell didn't they show this at the conference???

Looks absolutely stunning!
Inception  +   692d ago
Agree. AC IV & Watch Dogs looks great. But sony should replace one of them with 2nd Son live demo. I mean, this so F*KIN AMAZING beyond what AC IV / Watch Dogs can offer!!!
garos82  +   692d ago
Because they have a lot more to show in the upcoming days, months, years.I think they playing it perfectly.they let 3rd party developers shine at their conference with Destiny and watch dogs, we saw the division played on ps4 controllers at ubis conference and today we see this! My god by the look of things Sony is gonna be releasing megaton after megaton.

Imagine if they show cased only their 1st party efforts to show case next gen.it doesn't bode well with 3rd party publishers

Sony know what they are doing this gen and I'm happy I'll be there day one for the ride
Zool 08  +   692d ago
They didn't need to, they already knocked the stuffing out of the competition blow for blow.
izumo_lee  +   691d ago
From what i heard the game from Sony were being played pre-show on the stages multiple screens. That is what Shuhei Yoshida was talking about when he was talking about these games during his presentation.
MysticStrummer  +   691d ago
"Why the hell didn't they show this at the conference???"

In a word, time.

They're supporting three platforms at once, and they have limited time to shoehorn in as much as possible.

I agree though. I would have had this instead of more Watch Dogs and AC4. If I was them I'd have also mentioned Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online coming to PS4.
callahan09  +   692d ago
The graphics are pretty great, but I really like the destructibility that looks present there. Looks like a lot of fun just like the others in the series. I like the new abilities there. Awesome stuff.
husomc  +   691d ago
i think they need to add more dust to the destruction. like that final move where he slammed down, the screen cleared up too quickly as if there was a giant invisible fan there
GraveLord  +   692d ago
Sucker Punch is really something! I can't believe the jump from inFamous 2 to this one! and this is a launch game so we're not even getting close to using full horsepower on the PS4.
torchic  +   692d ago
and remember how amazing the jump from inFamous to inFamous 2 was?

I remember Sucker Punch saying that they were only using about 50%-60% (can't remember exact number, but it was around there) of the PS3s power for inFamous 2!

very underrated devs!
uncharted56  +   692d ago
I am just waiting for Naughty Dog to unveil their next game during Spike Game Awards like they did with their last two games, because everyone knows a second team that worked on Uncharted 3 is working on a new game. If Sucker Punch has done this in the first year with a open world game then I just can't imagine what Naughty Dogs(Gods) will be able to achieve. So excited for this, Killzone after seeing the gamespot demo, what ever Naughty Dog are doing.

PS: I am also excited for Watch Dogs, AC, Divison and Rockstars next game.
THE-COMMANDER  +   692d ago
LOL! OMG man i really need a Playstation 4 NOW!!!
tuglu_pati  +   692d ago
This look really good!!
Veneno  +   691d ago
I think I have a man crush on this new main character, Delsin. He is such a well designed, well executed character oozing with charisma. Way way way cooler than Cole McGrath ever could be.
Y_5150  +   691d ago
Cole was cool.
nthstew  +   691d ago
the game looks great but the white dot in middle of the screen is distracting my eyes this not something that can't be fixed i hope they make a transparent crosshair in future or make multiple of them like Counter strike so player can choose ....
thumps up for me buying this day 1 when it comes.....
can't wait.....
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Grave  +   691d ago
Totally agree. It was the first thing I noticed. I def think in net gen we should be able to customize cross hairs. Pretty sure that the ugly white box gets changed.
Moonman  +   691d ago
I'm buying this with a shiny new PS4. :)
stage88  +   691d ago
Wow. Just Wow.

Love the Playstation exclusives.
gamewizard99  +   691d ago
Initially I hadn't realised the gameplay had started and just thought it was a cutscene. Wow, this is next-gen.
alb1899  +   691d ago
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   691d ago
HOOO LYYYY SHITTTT!!!! That finisher at the end was the icing on the cake! From the fire effects to the flying OMG it's just too much for me to take in at once. PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xbone   691d ago | Spam
majiebeast  +   692d ago
SuckerPunch is really growing when you go from a game like Infamous 2 to this in a little over 2 years. Sony really did well buying them they saw the potential. The next candidate for a 2 team studio.

Also heard its 1080P 60FPS does anyone know if thats true?
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HammadTheBeast  +   692d ago
I think they confirmed in an interview. But damn, this looks amazing. Day 365 baby.

(Sorry, cheap and waiting for a price drop so I can buy PS+ as well :/
And early console issues should be ironed out by then as well.)
Sevir  +   692d ago
Umm buy a years PS+ card at gamestop and redeem it when you get a ps4.
Or use it on ps3 and have it role over into ps4 retroactively
GraveLord  +   692d ago
No need to apologize. You don't have to buy it Day 1 to be a PS fan.
OrangePowerz  +   692d ago
Well the video is posted in 1080 so I would assume the 1080p are correct.
izumo_lee  +   691d ago
Sony is backing the studio so much they even got them a capture studio ala Naughty Dog to do all the motion/facial capture.

That is why the characters in 2nd Son look more impressive than what they did with Cole. They even released a featurette talking about it. Also is it me or is Troy Baker trying to one up Nolan North by being in every game...first FF13, Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite & now Infamaous.
Daz  +   692d ago
There doing an awsome job on this game by the looks of it.
The_Infected  +   692d ago
Loss of words...everyone lets take a few moments to take in what we just seen! Holy shit that was amazing!!
Jughead3416  +   692d ago
That is what next gen is supposed to look like. Now, KZSF looks similar graphically. We will eventually see what Naughty Dog's second team has been working on. We will see God of War 4, LBP 3, The Last of Us 2, etc. PS4 is gonna be amazing.
Y_5150  +   691d ago
What about a new Playstation All Stars? :)
first1NFANTRY  +   692d ago

nuff said.
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Software_Lover  +   692d ago
Looks like GTA IV pc with Ice Enhancer
Bathyj  +   692d ago
Which is a good thing
Software_Lover  +   692d ago
Yes. Yes it is. Not sure why I got the disagrees but whatever. Can't please everyone.
character models look way way better than gta 4 ice.
Eyesoffiction  +   692d ago
Looks like i am going to have to give the first one another try!
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   692d ago
WOW!!!!!!!! Damn the PS4 is BEAST!!! Imagine What Naughty Dog will bring to the PS4 my brain will explode!!!!!!!! This is Day 1 by the way lol
nevin1  +   692d ago
The sound quality is impressive.
The_Infected  +   692d ago
I'm glad I wasn't the only one noticed that. I was thinking the sounds are very realistic like when he uses the whip and when things fall after being blown to pieces lol
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Genuine-User  +   692d ago
Looks absolutely fantastic. This game will be worth the wait.
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Sevir  +   692d ago
OMG... that looks incredible!
Delsin. Kicked ass and the his powers were awesome, Seems like Rock or Stone powers will also be something he gets, the stone Jump seems to be a variation to the Ice Leap Cole acquired in Infamous 2, I want them to get far more creative than just redskin the powers and adding more animations. That smoke traversing is boss. And damn Infamous looks absolutely eye melting.
joeorc  +   691d ago
"Delsin. Kicked ass and the his powers were awesome, Seems like Rock or Stone powers will also be something he gets, the stone Jump seems to be a variation to the Ice Leap Cole acquired in Infamous 2, I want them to get far more creative than just redskin the powers and adding more animations. That smoke traversing is boss. And damn Infamous looks absolutely eye melting. "

Delsin is more than that , if you go to the Playstation Home E3 event, in the Infamous: 2nd Son kiosk, there is a slide show about info on this game, along with screen shot's.

Delsin has the ability to absorb other's power's!

with that ability, if he gets to keep the power's he absorbs he could be quite a wrecking machine, just with these alone you can see what he can do!

so you just start off with these power's
Sevir  +   691d ago
Oh trust I know his conduit powers is absorbing other conduits powers
And smoke traversing is sick. But I was kinda disappointed to see suckerpunch recycle old powers and Deakin them for the DUP conduits... That Stone leap is just a variation of the ice leap from I2.. and I hope that Delsin's powers get more creative instead of being reskinned. I'm super hyped and impressed by Second Son, but and I know suckerpunch will deliver.
CaEsAr-  +   692d ago
bronxsta  +   692d ago
I hope I don't come across as cynical, but besides the next gen upgrade and the cool smoke teleportation, I don't see what's so mindblowing (at least gameplay wise, the visuals are amazing). So far all the powers are basically smoked based versions of Cole's and climbing animations are still that floaty/jumping style, etc.

It looks like a lot of fun and it's the best (only?) "superhero" game on next gen so far, but I was hoping for something more. As someone who loves watching parkour, I was hoping they'd enhance the traversal with more realistic parkour maneuvers and add things like dual wielding powers (different ones for each hand, allowing different combinations). Maybe they will and then it would truly be my most anticipated superhero game ever.

But right now, it's not a game I'd get a PS4 for.
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UnSelf  +   692d ago
ex freaking zactly.

oh ur from the bronx too huh? that explains it...
bronxsta  +   692d ago
Lived in the Bronx for 15 years. Moved 5 years ago. Now I live in upstate NY. (I'm 21 by the way)

And being from the Bronx explains what?
UnSelf  +   692d ago
nice! it explains ur ability to formulate a reasonable opinion, you being a fan of infamous notwithstanding.

im from and continue to reside in this borough. 25 years
bronxsta  +   692d ago
Maybe it's not that I came from the Bronx, but I always try to avoid the whole fanboy/troll/console wars arguments and opinions and express my own in grammatically correct statements. I try to consider both sides.

Of course if Sony had ended with Uncharted 4, I would also be going OMG GOTY BEST GAMER EVER!!!! like everyone else

But for the most part, I enjoy sharing my opinions in a developed manner, even on internet video game forums.
ILive  +   692d ago
But your opinion was formulated on just a little part of the game.
bronxsta  +   692d ago
As was the opinion of everyone else who commented here...and most of those opinion amount to INCREDIBLE, OMG, GOTY, and one screen lick (yes that's wrong)

Like I said the graphical quality is definitely astouding, but the gameplay shown was anything but. Now more Infamous is always a good thing, but considering this is PS4, next gen, I was hoping for something more spectacular
JackVagina  +   692d ago
I saw in the IGN demo vid that his actual main ability is to steal other conduits ability, so he can get completely different types, but this is the only ability there showing at this time

uncharted56  +   691d ago
They said during the demo with gamespot that it is one of the powers he has which are made to be kind of like Cole but still feel different. They are expanding on the power concepts from infamous 2 and he will be able to absorb powers presumably from conduit bosses to gain many more different types of powers. Also you are telling me you wont get this for ps4 as of now. Tell me something isn't the whole point of gaming is to have a enjoyable experience weather through great storytelling or fun gameplay. This game seems to be doing both so what is your problem then, maybe you should evaluate yourself as a gamer. Play some mario again basic but very fun game aka the whole point of games.
bronxsta  +   691d ago
I wouldn't buy a PS4 for this game in particular, but it's definitely a game I'd get once I already had the console. Now Watchdogs, MGS V, The Division...those are games I get a PS4 for. I don't usually buy consoles at launch, either wait for a price drop or some must-have game. I didn't a PS3 till the end of 2009 and my first games were Uncharted 2 and GTA 4.

I'm not saying that the Infamous doesn't look fun or have good storytelling, because it certainly looks to have both those aspects. I'm just saying that what was shown in terms of gameplay didn't astound. Every other aspect was of the highest quality, top notch everything, but it just seemed like Infamous 2 with a next gen veneer. There's nothing wrong with that, but there was nothing that demonstrated how next gen power would enhance the gameplay beyond what was possible in the sequels. At least in my opinion.

I didn't know about that Rowe could absorb other powers Heroes-style so that fact definitely gets me excited. A lot of cool possibilities there.
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Kennytaur  +   691d ago
I agree, the climbing should have been more like Assassins Creed. As in, actual climbing and not jumping.
waltyftm  +   692d ago
chcolatesnw  +   692d ago
honestly ive been playing on a gtx680/2500k/16gb 1600 for over a year and damn, this looks so clean and dem textures. If its 1080p60fps with those graphics this cannot be done on a 7850/cheap quad core cpu. no way in hell at 60fps 1080. maybe 30 fps maybe would look like that with a 7850 but 60fps at least a 7950.
Crap my wallet is crying I was gonna get KZSF and PS+ for driveclub but now I have to add infamous to the list. And watch dogs on Steam. QQ NEED MOAR MONEY
Genuine-User  +   692d ago
Don't worry mate, Infamous SS is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2014.
#15.1 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
chcolatesnw  +   692d ago
What game is that "Infinite" ?
Oo you meant Infamous. AND DAMN I didn't know. Well I guess its better I can save more cash now.
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6DEAD6END6  +   692d ago
Now thats what you call next gen.
Chuk5  +   692d ago
Looks absolutely gorgeous.
I wish this was coming out day one, instead of in the launch window.
ZBlacktt  +   692d ago
The PS4 is going to own all. Along with Sony's exclusives!!!!!

Killzone is going to be the same way.
laoboy_Smoke  +   692d ago
Bathyj  +   692d ago
He smoked them suckers.


But seriously, Mother of God.
inFamous has always looked nice but it wasnt really known for its graphics, but this is on another level level now.

I love the destruction. Pretty good for an open world game, I hope its really extensive.
When the first bridge exploded and crumbled it took me a full 20 seconds to realise my mouth was wide open. Thats a good sign.

And I would have been disappointed if the TRex didnt break. I wasnt disappointed.

And that swan dive shock attack. I saw that in the trailer and wrote it of as a cinematic but it appears to be an actual move you can do. Awesome.

Loving the quick movement teleportation and flying/hovering mechanics, it looks like a good extension of the flying in Festival of Blood which was heaps fun and handy for getting around. Hopefully by the time you upgrade you can become a full fledged comet.

Also the move where you quick shoot straight up. Its going to save all kinds of travelling time. See this is why I like sequels, they take something great, refine it and make it even better.

Cant wait for this game. Smoking is cool again.
jizzyjones  +   692d ago
Ive always thought of sucker punch as baby naughty dog, that was impressive.
windblowsagain  +   692d ago
Looks fantastic.
#22 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
josephayal  +   692d ago
GOTY 2014
vividi  +   692d ago
My God! This is to much, I can't wait, PS4 already preordered with Killzone SF
jocomat9  +   692d ago
if it looked that good now just wait till the retail version omg. I had to click away after the first to kills to not spoil anymore. OMG though.
SpinalRemains  +   692d ago

Greatest looking next gen title so far, hands down not even a debate!

Sucker Punch kicks ass. Love the series and so looking forward to flaming some bitches with this Navajo kid. Awesome destructible environments!

Superb thus far.
MRMagoo123  +   692d ago
How amazing is that looking jesus christ and its not even finished yet, imagine what games are gonna be like a couple years in.
S2Killinit  +   692d ago
when I saw this in the reveal I wasn't interested at all. But the more I see it, the better I feel about it. Its awesome, looks like good gameplay.
stefan771  +   692d ago
This looks amazing. Whenever I get a PS4, I'm getting this with it.
The_Truth_24_7   692d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
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