29 Million Blu-ray Homes Expected This Year With HD DVD Dead

The Blu-ray Disc victory in its recent format war with HD-DVD will propel this technology into 29.4 million homes worldwide by the end of 2008, according to the latest research published by the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service. According to, "Blu-ray Devices: Forecasting Sales and Ownership," Sony's PS3 games console will continue to drive the Blu-ray market until 2009, after which stand-alone Blu-ray players will become the dominant segment. By 2012 more than 132 million homes worldwide will own at least one Blu-ray device.

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Harry1903768d ago

so people can enjoy hi-def
and unaltered sound.

sonarus3768d ago

Blu ray association needs to ramp up the advertising. They are doing an excellent job at Blockbuster but we should be seeing more tv commercials promoting blu ray. Also the NEED that 100 dollar price drop.
Historically ps3 always drops price before other blu ray players so expect a ps3 price drop 2. Maybe we could see ps3 at 300 this yr who knows.

Syko3768d ago

I think they need to get the prices of the movies down also, For me they aren't to bad since I get the New releases off Amazon for around $20, or whoever has the best online deals going at the time. For your average Best Buy customer though I imagine that the cost off the movies on top of the costly player is enough to avoid the purchase.

$100 drop on the players and "New Releases" in between $20-$28 adoption could start to rise significantly. I just gotta figure a $400 player and $35 movies scare quite a few away.

decapitator3768d ago

it's not impossible but it will be hard. Hope for a price drop soon so it will appeal more to customers.

fenderputty3768d ago

That doesn't mean that everyone of those people will have HDTV's though. Still ... with each passing year, more and more people adopt HD technology.

It would be nice to see a price drop and a little more advertising though. It should be an interesting Christmas for BD. TV deals are usually at their best and, PS3 should be flying off the shelves.

decapitator3768d ago

You absolutely right:'Report: PS3 Continues to Drive Blu-ray; Over 132M Homes to Own Blu-ray Players in 2012'

Gamezdaily explained the report more thoroughly. It's almost inline with the reasons you gave.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33768d ago

And they said i was Crazy!!! ;-D

Kaz Hirai3768d ago

Don't worry, Emperor Kutaragi, those who called you crazy will soon be eating their words like the PIGS they are!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 33768d ago

Thanks for all your kind words;) You lot are truly the best fans out there;)
The xBot Lemmings are falling! OH!NO! ;-D

shadowghost7523768d ago

i wonder how many of those will be PS3s?

fenderputty3768d ago

They're expecting the brunt of BD players will be PS3 for quite some time. I think everyone is.

shadowghost7523768d ago

so if there will be 29.4 million blu-ray players sold at the end of 08 that means that a lot will be PS3s with 10 million PS3s sold as of the end of last year the number will soon grow, the PS3 is one the cheaper blu-ray players as well, so as well as playing games you get more for your money. Sounds like a winner to me

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The story is too old to be commented.