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E3 Day One: Wii U finally starts to purr, but price still needs to be tackled

Craig Shields makes his voice heard on the first official day of E3. This time he looks at how Nintendo have addressed the Wii U during this morning’s Nintendo Direct.

Right now I feel a little bit like Nintendo; alone, confused and looking for acceptance.

You see after this morning’s Nintendo Direct I fully expected to see fans rejoice at what Nintendo had to say. Seeing articles on fast moving sites saying that the Wii U was “saved” “reborn” or “making a comeback”. Shocked is too strong a word to use but I raised an eyebrow at what was actually unfolding before my eyes. (E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

MizTv  +   466d ago
$250 and a new metroid prime and ill get it
Panthers  +   466d ago
I love Nintendo and I want them to succeed, but at this point I think I would rather see them become a software company. I want to play Mario and all the other games, I just dont want to on their console.

Its hard to imagine playing Nintendo games on another console, but I would get over that quick if it happened. Of course they would stay with the handhelds.
MizTv  +   466d ago
i would love to play smash bro's on my vita
MizTv  +   466d ago
ok i guess i wouldnt love to play it on vita......
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MEsoJD  +   466d ago
I would love the convenience of playing nintendo games on better hardware.
just-joe  +   466d ago
Keep waiting for that, sunshine.
Firan  +   466d ago
Yeah it does need a price cut now.

Wii U Premium: 339€
PS4: 399€ (I doubt that will be final price where I live but still can't be much more than that)

I will eventually buy both but Wii U's price doesn't look so pretty right now.
NiteX  +   466d ago
At minimum it should be $100 cheaper than the PS4. I think it would do well around $250-$280.
level 360  +   466d ago
This is just speculations but would'nt it be good to see Samsung build their own gaming console?!

Would love to see how the Koreans build their own gaming machine.

Think Nintendo really needs to review/re-adjust the price of Wii U as compared to new PS4 and XBox ONE.
andrewer  +   466d ago
Stop complaining about the price already...the technology behind Wii U and its gamepad isn't that cheaper than PS4. The Wii U tablet isn't far from the PS Vita in terms of hardware...
deafdani  +   466d ago
While I agree that the gamepad is quite a big part of the Wii U's cost, it's a gross exaggeration to say it's close to the Vita in terms of hardware. Get serious, please.

The Gamepad has a lower res screen, resistive technology, gyro sensor, camera, and NFC chip.

The Vita has a higher res OLED screen (much more expensive), capacitive technology (much more expensive, too), gyro sensor, two cameras, rear touch pad, and on top of all that, it has actual internals to do all the processing necessary for games, which graphically seem to be somewhere in the middle between PS2 and Xbox 360 graphics.

The Wii U's gamepad, on the other hand, doesn't have any internals capable of producing any graphics, because that job is entirely left to the console. The controller just receives the data. The most that the controller can output by itself is a small limited menu that allows you to turn on your TV, change channel inputs and control volume, that's all.

To say that both are similar in hardware is ridiculous.
andrewer  +   466d ago
I don't think it's that ridiculous. It's a bigger screen than the PS Vita. Although I agree that the PS Vita has better hardware, it is not way too far from the Wii U gamepad as it can play some games by itself. Btw, I have a Vita and like it, but just saying that the Wii U price isn't that high for its hardware.
deafdani  +   466d ago
The gamepad can play games by itself? What are those games? I've had a Wii U since day one and this is the first time I hear about this.

Care to enlighten me?

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