3 Player Playthrough Review: Remember Me

IIronically, everything about Remember Me is as forgettable as can be.

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1777d ago
MadMax1777d ago

Game is an 8 at least!!!

Nemesis45671777d ago

Strongly agreeed. It needed a few tweaks, and that's what sequels are for. The games message, and the main protagonist is a character I have completely enjoyed. (A very rare thing nowadays IMHO)

MadMax1777d ago

The audio and world alone should get praise. It was different and unlike any other game. Fighting was different too, combo system that you can create yourself.

I have got to give it to them for trying to do something very different from the norm and it seemed to work. It did need a few tweaks, but like you said thats what sequels are for.

Its too bad this game is not getting enough recognition. I do see quite alot of good reviews though. Most people that have tried the game have really enjoyed it. Its up there for me!

Blo0dm0n3y1777d ago

That review sucked, should be in the range of 7.5 possibly an 8.