The most important current trends in video gaming

A game industry insider reveals the major trends shaping the industry now and for the future. What are the forces behind what you will be playing and what you will be playing it on?

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sestan3766d ago

I see two important points:

1. Casual gaming is expanding at an immense rate.

2. When it comes to global publishers of AAA games the industry is consolidating down to a handful of players.

This means that the days for the hardcore gamer are becoming more in more numbered just in plain fact that the companies investing money into the product want to cater to the highest common denominator, which is casual gamers. I expect to see a hell of a lot less "M" rated content in the near future.

mrdeli13765d ago

Like in 1984 when everybody made quickie Atari 2600 games and it sank the industry ?