PS4 Pre-Orders Dominate Amazon Top 20

Sony's PS4 takes up a lot of slots on the Amazon Top 20 after the announcements at E3 2013.

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bicfitness1623d ago

Holy crap every single multiplat except CoD is the PS4 SKU. Talk about a role reversal. Cheaper system, more power, better multiplats. What's not to like?

xHeavYx1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I wonder how many of the people who ordered the Xbone changed their mind after the Sony E3 conference.
Surprised to see FIFA on that list for the PS4, after all the deals between MS and EA

NatureOfLogic1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

We may have another market takeover like the PS2 days. PS4 is dominating the charts right now. Can't wait to get my PS4 with KZsf and Knack.

Edit: I also forgot that I get drive club with PS+ at release. PS4 is full of win.

Boody-Bandit1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


I'm not going to lie. I was one of those people. I had an XBOX ONE in my cart at Amazon because I love me some Forza. My wife was like go ahead, you bought consoles in the past for one game. I said, "no, let's see if Sony implements any of these restrictions and their policies are concerning DRM. If they have them then maybe I will say the heck with it and get both or even possibly get neither."

As soon as Jack Trentton made the announcement no restrictions, no drm? I removed the X1 from my cart and put 1 PS4 in it's place and ordered a 2nd under my wives Amazon account.

If Sony can go next gen without any of these restrictions or DRM, so can MS. If not, I'm a one console owner next gen for the first time since gaming's inception. <- That's how long I've been gaming.

I felt like my team won the Super Bowl when Jack announced NO DRM, NO Online verifications of any kind. Obtain your games how you choose and do with them what you choose.
*check mate*

RandomDude6551623d ago

EA making out like bandits. Get moneyhat from MS and sales on ps4

Nathaniel_Drake1622d ago

Yeah the FIFA one is the kicker no pun intended

TAURUS-5551622d ago

many ppl will switch to PS4 after seeing both consoles at last.

its never too late to cancel a pre-order

abzdine1622d ago

if they wanna kill it for good, they should invent a slogan: "we play used games".. and BOOM BOOM BANG in your face!

Greatness awaits

Ares84HU1622d ago

I preordered my PS4 from amazon with; inFamous Second Sons, Killzone Shadow Fall, FIFA14, Battlefield 4, CoD Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV, Need for Speed Rivals, Knack and Watch Dogs.

Can't wait for them to arrive.

abzdine1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


could you please pre-order an extra game or two for me? maybe other people too? :D

Good job man, i'll be getting Killzone and Knack for sure and Drive Club will be offered with PS+.
But i still need to get Beyond and GT6 :D
oh GOD, i forgot Killzone: Mercenaries...

Greatness awaits

Horny1622d ago

I purchased the ps4 today to make sure I get one once it releases. $427.99 with tax.
Also bought a copy of last of us.

CJDUNCAN1622d ago

I still went ahead with my preorder of the X1 only because my brother already preordered PS4.

X1 has the better exclusives that are geared towards what I like and just the familiarity with the controller is a plus as well.

As for the restrictions though I don't really mind as I don't trade games in anymore. The intrusive Kinect though, I definitely will have to see how to combat that.

mikeslemonade1622d ago

It's free to pre-order. You don't have to necessarily have the money now so I went ahead and preordered the PS4.

guitarded771622d ago

I pre-ordered from GameStop. I love Amazon, but for console launches I want to be able to pick it up immediately and not wait for UPS.

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Boody-Bandit1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The more people learn about the restrictions MS is implementing with the XBOX ONE, the wider the lead will grow. All the marketing in the world can't spin what they are trying to pull on consumers. MS has only one real option, drop the restrictions and do away with DRM any way they can.

RedHawkX1623d ago

yep no one should purchse or even touch that system untill there is no drm and used games are allowed. im gonna fight xbox one this whole generation furiously untill they get rid of them dumb restrictions. sorry in advance to many but this is war on gamers this aint about console vs console its console vs gamers.

DevilishSix1622d ago

That still won't work as they have taken damage to their reputation. If they remove restrictions gamers still won't trust them, because we know what they were trying to do.

G20WLY1622d ago

...And drop that price! WTF is that price about?!

irepbtown1622d ago

Casual gamers will not pay £429.99 or $499.99, that's just the truth. Why did Nintendo Wii sell like crazy? Because it was cheap...

If MS is targeting Casual gamer's they need to lower the price to under £200 which won't happen. They're losing the Hardcore gamers because of the restrictions.

What on Earth are they doing?

Beast_Master1622d ago

The thing with the price that alot of folks are missing is that the Xbox one will come with the Kinect and the PS4 will not have the camera in box. The new PS eye will be separate from the packaged system.

I think MS is too far into development right now to change their stratagy involving kinect in every box. So that is the reason why Xbox is 100.00 more and why it will probably stay that way till early adopters finish buying up the first round of consoles.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"Holy crap every single multiplat except CoD"


The Last Of Us > xbox one.

SheenuTheLegend1623d ago

its way better than xbone.....
the last of microsoft

NumOnePS3FanBoy1622d ago

The LAST OF US > xbox one exclusives

IRON883 1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Just preordered my ps4 2day!!!! Got it at my GameStop at 11:30am said they had 13 left

sAVAge_bEaST1622d ago

so did i ,,.. I got mine at best buy for 25$ The dude that rang me up ask why? ps4 over juan.

I said no DRM, no online bs. and no SPY-CAM.. I said this so others could hear me....

he was a b.b. microsoft fanboy,.. guess you can't win them all.

BX811622d ago

@iron883, how much did you have to put down? I pre ordered the ps4 at GameStop today, I had to put down $100. The kid didn't even know that gs has online bundles. Also if u pre order at GameStop make sure to ask if its day one. The kid told me they only got 10 Xbox and plenty of ps4's. he said they still take pre orders even if they don't have enough. You'll just have to wait to get the system. Glad they still had day one ps4's.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1622d ago

Don't forget that we (playstation) have better exclusives. Any PS know that we are covered in that department and don't have to worry because we are still getting new ones on our ps3's

dillydadally1622d ago

Hmmm... CoD is the only multiplat game that has more Xbox One fans... I wonder why?

ExtoVert1622d ago

ya thats seems to be true, a large amount of 360 players only play COD, I asked my friend "why do you pay $50/yr just for one game and not use any other feature?" Anwser: "because of time exclusive " he spends over $200/yr and only plays cod on the 360 -__- mmmmm yaa no thanks cod is dead to me

avengers19781622d ago

"Wait till E3" they said " ms will blow you away" they said... Well they had nice games and all but look at the momentum behind PS4 getting even stronger.
Playstation domination has returned

Long Live Play

s8anicslayer1622d ago

I wonder why Amazon has a launch edition PS4? I don't see that the have included anything in themselves and maybe they know something we don't?

bicfitness1622d ago

Still can't order off Amazon in Canada. Might have to hit up a Best Buy or Gamestop, God forbid, to make sure I get one at launch.

Toon_Link1622d ago

In another thread a n4g member said that the launch edition guarantees the console on launch day if you choose 2day shipping. The standard edition are the second wave of shipments so you might still get on launch or you could have to possibly wait 2-7 days to recieve.

KwietStorm1622d ago

I noticed that and asked Sony about it. No response yet, but I also noticed my preorder was automatically changed to the launch edition.

zeddy1622d ago

i hope the games arent £54.99 thats way too much.

Psn8001622d ago

Roll up , roll up grab your Xbones now 3 for a £1 hehehehe .

showtimefolks1622d ago

you think this is great wait for world wide sales chart once its released, what people seem to forget is ps3 was $599 yet still outsold xbox360 from day one because PS brand s very strong in europe and japan, but what's great for sony is now the US market seems to be shifting back to PS brand too

my most awaited game is the one from Ready At Dawn studios

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TheLyonKing1623d ago

Am one of the people in the uk who pre ordered!

silvacrest1623d ago

i'll be pre ordering soon, just need sort out the best way of going about it

Lord_Frieza1623d ago

pre ordered mine as well ^_^

TKCMuzzer1623d ago

Amazon's pre orders are not a binding contract. You can cancel at any time, it's always good to get your name down in case of shortages which if things carry on could be a reality.

I pre ordered at Amazon but if a better one comes around I will just cancel it. In fact I have pre ordered from two separate places just as a fail safe, I will just cancel one nearer the time.

sourav931623d ago

Haha I had mine pre-ordered when amazon had the price at £599. I had faith in Sony and knew they couldn't charge THAT much. I can't wait for November/December. Greatness Awaits.

Relientk771623d ago

Glad to here it, I see a future of success for the PS4

TheHater1623d ago

You guys should check your gamestop stores :) The majority of them are only taking up to 8 Xbox One preorder and up to 62 pre-order for the PS4 base on my gamestop and from what I gather from neogaf.

ThatCanadianGuy5141623d ago

Xbone supply is super low.Only 6 at my GS while PS4 had over 20 in reserve.

MS looks to be having supply issues.

kingPoS1623d ago

I think it might have to do with the esram yeilds.

C-Thunder1623d ago

6 Xbox and 20 PS4 at my store too. Seems those yield rumors were true, wonder if we're in for another mass death of xboxes.

sourav931623d ago

It's a ploy. By providing a low supply, MS can say that stores were sold out within a week, whereas PS4s were still in stock.

travelguy2k1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


you beat me to it, by 15 hours lol

Cueil1622d ago

it's no ploy sourav93 it's simply the way things had to happen... either that or Microsoft make some have reduction in GPU power... they'll eat the bad yields... it's probably why the console wasn't agressively priced

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