Killzone Mercenary Beta Begins August 21st

MP1st - We got some great news for all you PS Vita owners out there who are awaiting for the closed multiplayer beta for Killzone: Mercanary. While yes it is a few months away, a solid release date has been provided via PS Home as to when the closed Beta will be starting.

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ShabbaRanks1624d ago


NumOnePS3FanBoy1623d ago

I will kill you all at the beta. bybye

wtfbbq81624d ago

where is the love for RPG fans?

solidboss1624d ago

i hope there is another way to get into the beta....i haven't touched home since 2008

SonyStyled1623d ago

youve missed out on some good games and spaces my man. although i do not visit as often as i used too i will admit. still poke in every now and then

Goro1624d ago

Codes won't show for anybody, Sony working on fixing it, it'll likely be available for PS Plus too

Salooh1624d ago

Hope so. I just wasted 2 hours to finish the quests but i didn't get it T_T

cpayne931623d ago

Should be fixed in two hours.

murdock551623d ago

why home? damn yo they need to make home for the ps vita shit. i sold my ps3 to get the vita!. god damn it GG

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