Has Saints Row IV Gotten Too Crazy?

IGN: ''Three IGN editors recently sat down to discuss the latest showing of Saints Row IV, due out August 20 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.''

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Lord_Sloth1644d ago

As long as it's still fun, then no. We have a bajillian other, nitty gritty titles out there. As long as I get to co-op with my bro, slammin into cars and shootin guns everywhere, I'm there. Only now I can throw fireballs and fly too!

Doctor_Freeman1644d ago

I agree, its looks outrageously crazy and fun.

JsonHenry1643d ago

The only reason I liked SR3 was because it was completely insane and over the top. If I wanted to play GTA I would just play GTA. But unlike the GTA games I actually bought, played, beat, and thoroughly enjoyed SR3. I hope they keep the same over the top craziness and lowball humor.

claud31644d ago

it's got more freaking stupid and sad

Hufandpuf1644d ago

It looks like THQ was desperate for some money and told Volition to put everything they wanted into the game as fast as possible and then resell SR3.

chrempus_mane1644d ago

perhaps trying to distance themselves from gta. leaving behind their fans from SR1&2 though. merry chrempus guys

2pacalypsenow1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I miss Saints Row's Gangsta Roots . Saints row 1 Is still my favorite One

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The story is too old to be commented.