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Exclusive video I PS4 E3 trailer

PlayStation just released an exclusive video of the PS4 hardware. (PlayStation, PS4)

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davethedj  +   781d ago
i really feel sorry for deze xbone fanboys!!! but yo sony killed it :) i just love you
StraightPath   781d ago | Spam
ZoyosJD  +   781d ago
______ ___ _ _ __ __ _
/_PS4_/___X_OX_O__ _

"Erasing the competition and leaving its love - PS4"
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spektical  +   781d ago
the design looks a bit strange, but I'm happy its thin. For me the insides are far more important.
Arai  +   781d ago
Imagine what a slim version will look like, once they shift to 20nm.
Sevir  +   781d ago
Someone on twitter said it looks like the Xbox One
But in Italic... Lol!

I like the design... Looks sleek
stage88  +   781d ago
The more I see it the more I like it.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   781d ago
Same thing happening to me.
VonBraunschweigg  +   781d ago
Hurray for the vertical stand, will look good next to my fat PS3, 2 monoliths flanking my telly. No HDMI left, sorry MS. PS2 on AV1, always.
Lord_Frieza  +   781d ago
this will look nice next to my ps3, wii u and n64
Protagonist  +   781d ago
It has a PS2 aura.
ANIALATOR136  +   781d ago
I think its a nice simplistic design and will compliment the UI side of things
LtFaku  +   781d ago
This video reminds me of the movie "Bruno" (staring Sacha Baron Cohen). Just check it out, NSFW.
Neixus  +   781d ago
Looks like two ps2 sitting on top of eachother, making love, 2+2 = ps4

okay i should stop now

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