Retro says it was tough choosing between Metroid and Donkey Kong, but “had unfinished business”

It sounds like Retro could have been in charge of the next Metroid game, had the company not decided to pursue the new Donkey Kong game for Wii U.

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gamer421810d ago

So, my dream of a 1080p 60fps metroid from retro is delayed.
That's all I got from this.

guitarded771810d ago

Pretty much... but we all know it will come eventually.

linkenski1810d ago

Don't think a new metroid would be 1080p on Wii U.

greenmeanie1810d ago

Exactly. Donkey Kong is cool and all, I am just not the biggest fan of all time. If they had done Metroid, day one for me no doubt!

Felinox1810d ago

Exactly. Kind of a face palm moment really.

ziratul1809d ago

DK Country Returns = 5 mil sales, They did not want to risk as their first Wii U release. Metroid is on the way late 2014 or 2015

3-4-51810d ago

Well now you know what game they are working on next.

Dj7FairyTail1810d ago

wait til the next Nintendo Direct for Wii U I am sure Nintendo will finally show it

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weekev151810d ago

Weve not long had a dk game which was great. Wish they had at least made it 3d instead of ANOTHER side scrolled. Ah well its Retro so itll still be incredible.

Mr_Nuts1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I feel like Nintendo have a trend of side scroller after side scroller.

You have a good HD console...make some bloody amazing 3D games. It's 2013 man, thats the problem with Nintendo...tradition.

gamer421810d ago

Monolith X was one of the top games of E3 for me. That trailer looks amazing!

Mr_Nuts1810d ago

gamer42 - I kind of meant it towards Nintendo franchises like Mario and co

Mario - Most games so far are Side Scroller
Yoshi Yarn - Side Scroller
Kirbys Yarn for Wii - Side Scroller
Donkey Kong - Side Scroller

So much can be done with these franchises, they are all going to look and feel the same in the future.

mamotte1810d ago

Well, it's not like a ton of companies are doing 2d scroller recently. I find it kinda refreshing, in a world dominated by 3rd person games, and FPS.

thisisdallas1810d ago

I don't even...I can't image why...When Sony is showing off Killzone and Microsoft is showing off Titanfall Nintendo shows off DK? I know it will be an excellent game and I know I will love it but what happened to trying to cater to the core gamer? There isn't one decent Nintendo published FPS and I have absolutely no idea why.

ChickeyCantor1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Nintendo also showed Monoliths game. But you only saw DK?

dark-hollow1810d ago

If DKCR anything to goes by, this game will be awesome for core and none alike.

Core doesn't necessarily means bravo alpha team shoot'em up.

MNGamer-N1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

DK IS for the core gamer. The previous installment for Wii was insanely difficult at times. I don't think you played it though did you?

n4f1810d ago

hey you wanna play killzone well buy a sony product. you wanna play titanfall well buy microsoft.
simple isn't it

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1809d ago

I agree with you- to a point.

Nintendo said that they wanted to cater to the "cORE"- It would have been great to see another "cORE" like title out there.

That being said DK made more $$$ for Retro than a Samus game ever did.
So, I understand the switch in priority.
(Although I loved Prime and have played everyone).

I also have a concern with too many FPS's on the other consoles too- like Nintendo has so many Platformers.

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Dan_scruggs1810d ago

Yeah that and DK Country Returns sold about 10 million copies.

from the beach1810d ago

They heard Killer Instinct was coming and momentarily thought the year was 1994.

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