Crafting Iron Man's Story

Secret Level's Jeffrey Tseng writes:

"Hi there, my name is Jeffrey Tseng and I am the Game Director for the Iron Man game on 360 and PS3 being made here at Secret Level. My role is to formulate and direct the creative vision of the game from start to finish.

Writing the story for the Iron Man game was a challenge because we knew we had to follow two rigid foundations. First and foremost, we needed to be true to the vision of Iron Man as presented in the movie. The Iron Man movie will be the first time that many people have ever seen the Armored Avenger, and we needed to be consistent with the characters, personalities, and story line of what they understood to be Iron Man. On the other hand, we also needed to satisfy the legions of Iron Man comic book fans who are looking for more elements from and faithfulness to the stories that they are so familiar with."

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