GTA IV Map for PS3 leaked?

6 snapshots on the official GTA IV map that will come with the PS3 version of the game.

Update: have removed the images on request by Rockstar, the images can still be found under "Story images" or on

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360sucks3586d ago

i dont need this map
i from the bronx

SullyDrake3586d ago

You have mental deficiency.

Teh-Venom3586d ago

@360sucks, dude you're not funny.

SUP3R3586d ago

I'm from Brooklyn. What's your point?

DRUDOG3586d ago

These shots look real to me. Damn, I can't wait for this game to drop. I'm going to have to call in sick for a day or two, I think...

TruthBTold3586d ago

Fox News: "many people, for the most part men, seem to have called out sick all around the US. Many are concerned if this is some type of biological attack" : P

Premonition3586d ago

Wow, the map looks pretty big, cant wait to explorer that baby and whatever goes down in town on April 29th, I wished Rockstar would push the date up :)

Teh-Venom3586d ago

hype train A-coming!!!!!!!!!!!!i wonder how that punk got the game already!

SUP3R3586d ago

probably his dad is associated with the production.
I'm happy though, map today trailer tomorrow, doesn't get any better.

RedSoakedSponge3586d ago

iv got a feeling this map will look exactly the same on the 360 version aswell except for the bit where it shows the control layout

Alcaponeyou3585d ago

i got disagrees for saying the obvious... it IS a map for PS3...

Fragking283585d ago

no you got disagrees for saying only on ps3