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Battlefield: Bad Company boycott is born

Based on the widely reported news that EA has confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company will not ship with all of its weapons available to players, opting instead to charge players for extra weapons, it appears at least a few people are upset enough to try and do something about it.

From the article: "How, in good conscience, can EA take more money out of fan's pockets, who have already spent 60 bucks on the game. EA has said that the game's weapons are appropriately balanced and that the new guns won't unbalance a game. If that's the case, then why buy them? What value do they even have? I'm not buying what EA is selling and you shouldn't either.

It's time to boycott EA's Battlefield: Bad Company." (Battlefield: Bad Company, Culture, Dev, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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LGFreedom  +   2800d ago
I will not buy this game
The beta is good, no doubt, but unless they change their DLC, I agree with the guys from sarcasticgamer, I will not buy this game.

I'm voting with my wallet.
Drekken  +   2800d ago
after the crap they put together for AoT, EA is on my Shiit list. I am done with this garbage company.
gamesR4fun  +   2800d ago
ya i wont either but lots of stupid peeps out there already holding their collective ankles for the ol EA ramrod
bumnut  +   2800d ago
it will be a dry ramrod too!!
cellypower  +   2800d ago
EA you $***.
shadowghost752  +   2800d ago
Not buying it, wouldn't get it even if it was being given away.

EA always rip us, the consumer, off no matter what console we own
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shadowghost752  +   2800d ago
EA recently are producing shoddy games (i.e. Half Life 2 on the PS3) and they now dare to charge us for downloading a few guns, pathetic.

Not buying it
JSA-Gamer  +   2800d ago
Do Not Want
The Beta is great fun, too bad EA is screwing the long time faithful with bonus guns you have to buy.

I'm voting with my wallet too. I vote boycott.
Tyetan  +   2800d ago
No deal, EA.
EA is a producer of crap for the most part and to charge extra for that crap is just criminal. So I agree, boycott the sorry SOBs.
Voozi  +   2800d ago
Where's my prone EA?
I'm just annoyed that there's no prone feature...unless it's going to come in a future update and we're going to have to pay MS Points in order to be able to prone lol...(I kid I kid...but does EA!? XD)

But yea kinda dumb they took out prone considering you prone to take cover & fire your gun...
bumnut  +   2800d ago
no sh!t?

my friend told me about this but i just assumed he did not know the controls well enough.

screw ea, spend the money on extra maps for cod4.
Relcom  +   2800d ago
Haven't bought EA since Madden 08, so i'm doing my part
RitzDaGC  +   2800d ago
Seriously, f*** EA and f*** this game!
BeaArthur  +   2800d ago
I'm still bitter that I couldn't access the beta last night because their servers were messed up. If I really like the beta I may pick the game up but there is no chance that I would ever buy extra weapons for it.
GamerSigma  +   2800d ago
Wallet = Vote
I don't support blatant nickel and dime schemes in regard to DLC. If something is worth it to me, I'll buy it. If it's not, I won't buy it. But if I feel it's a blatant attempt to work money out of my pocket "because they can", I get soured to the whole game completely.

I will not be buying Battlefield: Bad Company the game _or_ the DLC. Nice move EA.
SKUD  +   2800d ago
Lord Vader  +   2800d ago
You know what this has been coming for along time...

Maybe it is time to standup to getting nickel & dimed like this...

$60 is too much to pay for these games, much less our European friends that pay $70-$90 U.S. for games...

Besides, after playing the beta, it's pretty much the same thing as COD4 with vehicles.

I'm voting with my wallet too. I vote boycott.
bumnut  +   2800d ago
they did the same with the godfather, i found a cool looking gun, went to pick it up and a message appeared saying this gun costs 150 ms points!!!!!!!!!

wtf? it was already in the game!

people can talk about boycotting the game, but the sad reality is that most 360/ps3 owners won't know until they buy the game. then it is too late.
BeaArthur  +   2800d ago
haha, I remember that in the God Father. The first time I came across one of those weapons I just kind of looked at it for a second and then said "you're kidding right". I don't mind shelling out money for extra maps and DLC like the kind in Mass Effect but I will never pay extra money for weapons.
Rob4Vendetta  +   2800d ago
It's always the same with this company...trying to rip off the consumer...As one of the largest gaming companies, how can you put out such crappy games all the time?? how is that possible?? madden??? please....Anyways i've been boycotting EA for a looong time now, eversince madden 06-08 were the same *&^%
shadowghost752  +   2800d ago
i no man, i was looking forward to playing Half Life 2 on my PS3 but because it was a crappy port i failed to enjoy it, thanks again EA
VanDamme  +   2799d ago
Shadowghost isn't a very girly name. You sure you're no man?
Salvadore  +   2800d ago
This will teach them a serious lesson
I'm really a fan of Dice because they are great developers with a lot of passion and it really hurts me to see them being stranglehold by EA's lucrative ways. I was looking forward to play Bad Company, but I shouldn't be forced to pay an additional amount of money for weapons with no value. I hope this really teach them a lesson as it's hurting their image and their talented developers.
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VampHuntD  +   2800d ago
No surprise
The devil that is microtransactions rears it's ugly head yet again....I'm with sarcastic gamer, down with this nonsense. If the game has content already created befroe release it should be on teh disc. If the content is created afterwards as a thought of the developer to expand gameplay (like Halo 3, COD4 Maps, Warhawk Dropship) then they deserve to be paid for that extra time put into it. EA is smoking something good if they think people should pay for stuff that should already be in the game.
Nameless  +   2800d ago
A boycott wont work. The average consumer will buy the extra weapons. In the end the fan boys dont matter
Lord Vader  +   2800d ago
I disagree. It may not "work" but it will send a msg to EA. All we "hardcore" gamers have to do is msg all of our friends & support articles like this, & dont buy the game. Every copy that doesnt sell WILL HURT.

I quit buying Madden every year along time ago even though I'm a big football fan. Every copy that is not sold will hurt EA. Also, if they had any sense, they should be trying to get away from this kind of shady business practises they have been doing for YEARS. They continue to tarnish their image in the gaming community.
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Forbidden_Darkness  +   2800d ago
no matter what you all think, i'm going to buy the games and might even buy the guns also, i'm not going to miss out on a game just because you have the option of buying new weapons later. this makes absolutely no sense! EA doesn't make you pay for the guns just so you can play the game, you can still play the game and have loads of fun and not buy the weapons!!!!!!!
bumnut  +   2800d ago
with thinking like that you could get a job at ea (joke)

i understand what you are saying but ea need to be tought a lesson.

and the only way to do that is with not buying the game.

the ea statement does not make sense, you can buy the guns but it won't make a difference?!?!? why buy them
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DARK WITNESS  +   2800d ago
its not a case of if we can play the game or not, its the principal behind it.

maybe you are not but most of us are tired of it. the more you support them, the more crap they will keep making cos they know they can get away with it.

if everyone thinks that it wont change anything, well then it wont cos you go ahead and buy it anyway. if everyone said No! we are not going to be ripped off and don't buy it, i bet you EA will make the guns free, then you can ask yourself why you would have paid for something you could have got free.

its BF now, if or rather when EA gets its hands on GTA, what do you think it will be then....the game will come with 5 cars and 10 streets, the rest of the map you buy, cars you buy, bikes you buy, etc.

If people stopped buying their games they would not have the money to be in this position anyway.

i am not touching this game.... and i will let all my friends know they should not touch it. I will go into their friends lists and tell their friend's friends not to get it etc. spread the word.
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Teh-Venom  +   2800d ago
hopefully this boycott changes a tad bit, but we as gamers need to unite and take these big monopoly company down.
iAmPS3  +   2800d ago
You buy these weapons now, next game EA will be selling the Main character for you.

You will pay $60 bucks for the game, but will just be able to play if you buy the playing character for $ 5.99 more.

Those greedy bastards.
Alcohog  +   2800d ago
What a joke.
SUP3R  +   2800d ago
I'll probably buy the game, but I'm not spending a dime on DLC...I never do anyway...oh no wait I forgot I bought that waste of time Warhawk Omega Pack, but I've committed myself to not purchasing anymore. EA can shove it.
shadowghost752  +   2800d ago
i agree the Warhawk omega dawn pack was a waste of money but the next dlc- operation broken mirror looks good, i might just give them another chance with it- but you are right EA can shove it
zakupilot256  +   2800d ago
Boycott like a Mother F@#$ER!!!!!!! Get Al Sharpton, he gets results lol. Seriously, yea this is BS, the game looks great and the demolition of the environment is awesome but to charge more money for more weapons is bs. BOYCOTT!!!!!!!! FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!!!
ravinash  +   2800d ago
The really sick thing is the weapons are probably on the disk so you already brought it, you just have to pay again to use them.
Dlacy13g  +   2800d ago
I will buy this game DAY 1!
I am in the Beta now...and this game is wiked good!

The special purchase weapons are no better than the ingame guns you get. You can run a stat comparison in the game and compare ANY of the guns. All the "purchase" weapons have "exact" stat equivelants in the normal weapons. Its just a "skin" thing. If someone wants to have a different looking gun then fine...but you will not suffer for not getting them.

Boycotting this game because of that would be LAME. Stop being so elitest....enjoy a great game.

Edit: Also if you stop and think...if the guns for purchase are really on the disc already...then a simple code will be used to unlock them. It most likely is going to be a universal code ...which will quickly make its way around the internet...for FREE.
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conswella  +   2800d ago
suck my balls.
im not buying anything.
Empyrean_Eclipse  +   2800d ago
EA money-eyed freaks

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BeachBar69  +   2800d ago
just think if you got pissed at gas prices, or something worth fighting for? lol. Ill prolly get the game too, who cares about the guns, game still good, the no prone deal really sucks.

EA does blow, and why cant people get special guns for the golden edition? What else is there to give for the golden edition? A collectible poker chip, and a lame DVD with crap servers?-(RB6V2 special edition)
ravenguard88  +   2800d ago
Fnuckin' EA.
Lord Vader  +   2800d ago
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