PS4 pre-order sales No. 1; Xbox One No. 2 at retailer

Pre-order sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 led over Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One Tues. at Inc. this week following the retail price announcement of both consoles.

This week, the PS4 ranked as the No. 1 pre-order product at Amazon’s Video Games division.

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NeverEnding19891773d ago ShowReplies(17)
SlavisH21773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Its hard to deny Sony taking next gen sales wise and xbox one following. Wii U has done a complete 180 like sony last gen. first to last place. I can't see them competing with these two.

hellvaguy1773d ago

"2nd =/= Last"

This is why the education system is broken. Simple math would tell you that if there are 3 consoles, 3rd =/= last.

Sad face, very sad.

BigFnHooters1773d ago

The Xbox 360 is in last place in worldwide sales.

It has been for a long time.

mikeslemonade1773d ago

There's only 2 next generation systems. WiiU is current gen. Nintendo came out with 2 systems during generation 7. Is the iPhone or Samsung galaxy a next gen system?? No.

steve_ps1773d ago


You do know that ='s with a line through it means does not equal..? (≠) Just a bit funny talking about a flawed education system when you're misusing symbols haha.

Utalkin2me1773d ago


Xbox will be second place one again? Ummm they're 3rd this generation.

Boody-Bandit1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Put me down for 2 of those PS4 sales.
Pre-ordered 2 from Amazon immediately after Sony's E3 conference.

kreate1773d ago

I think I should go cancel my xbone pre-order.

indysurfn1773d ago

i know I went into gamestop to buy a ps3 jrpg and the sales clerk told me they sold out of xbone yesterday, in 1-2 hours. I was immediately thinking must be a squeeze by Microsoft to make people think very one is running out to preorder. please most people are not happy about xbone. Most aren't loyal fools to start the ball rolling where you basically make every single retail device have resale restrictions on them. what's next, cell phones? pc? smart refridge? stereo's? handhelds? PLEASE Microsoft I didn't know when I bought xbox360 it was going to be my last xbox, but you assured that. all sell out to the great illuminati Microsoft

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BigFnHooters1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

"first to last place."

Are you for real?

The PS3 is the top selling console in the world. It has been the top selling console worldwide for three years now.

The Xbox 360 has been in last place in worldwide installed base for a long time. And that even with the tens of millions of new model Xbox 360s Xbox fans bought over and over again due to the RRoD fiasco and other hardware problems that plagued the system.

Absolutely incredible job by Sony.

With the exception of three years or so the Wii fad was active, Sony has had the top selling console in the world non-stop going all the way back to 1994 to right here in 2014.

And the PS4 looks to continue that amazing track record for the next seven years.

The PS2 sold some 90 million consoles AFTER it dropped to 200 dollars. The PS3 still hasn't hit the magic 200 dollar mark where the PS2 absolutely exploded in sales. And the PS3, unlike the Wii and Xbox 360, has at least another five years of retail sales left as it works its way down to 200, 150, 100 dollars.

This gen isn't close to being finished. The only thing for certain is the 360 will end up in distant last place. The PS3 looks to easily hit the 110-120 million worldwide installed base by the time the system stops being sold.

hellvaguy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I think they mean over the entire lifespan, not the last 3 years. Sales figures are just epeen bragging over threads, and mean very little to common folk like us.

TBH, you do realize the 360 was far more profitable from charging online fees right (to the tune of around 2 billion/year)? It's no wonder why sony took a page from MS playbook there and are requiring mandatory online fees with Ps4. Can't really blame them.

IcicleTrepan1773d ago

Pretty sure Wii sold double that of either the PS3 or the 360. PS3 and 360 are for all intents and purposes equal in sales. This is from the worldwide sales figures posted on n4g just a few days ago...

BigFnHooters1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

"This is from the worldwide sales figures"

You mean the 'worldwide sales figures" posted from the 20 year old Xbox fankid who runs the fake vgchartz?

Sorry, we are talking about the real world.

Crazy to think just how badly Microsoft got beat this gen:

* Rushed their console out the door a year early in the US and Japan. A year and a half in Europe

* 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3

* Tens of millions of duplicate consoles sold as Xbox fans rushed out to buy each and every new model with rumors and promises that this new one wasn't garbage

All that and the 360 still ends up in last place.

stage881773d ago

Amazon UK chart

1. PS4
2. The Last of Us (PS3)
3. Xbone

pompombrum1773d ago

BOOM.. finally I have something where I can say proud to be British.

indysurfn1773d ago

@aiBreeze rofl that was funny. even if you didn't mean for it to be that way.

MRMagoo1231772d ago

hey you should always be proud to be british, england made red dwarf series and the office they are the finest comedy country in the world, they just took a lil while too long to catch the sony train is all.Im not english im australian but i love england a lot i spent about 7 hours walking around the museums in london every weekend when i was living in knebworth.

jmc88881773d ago

What are you talking about, power wise the xbox one isn't much more powerful than a Wii U.

0.8 TFlops to 1.2 TFLops isn't a big leap from 0.576.

Meanwhile the PS4 will be 1.84.

As you can see Xbox one is more of a competitor power wise with the Wii U. At 1.2 TFlops it's right inbetween, but if they need to downclock it, it clearly goes to closer to Wii U power levels.

Except Xbox One is the most expensive console by $100, and might be twice as expensive as a Wii U.

Plus you can expect another 10 million PS3's and 360's to still be sold.

Xbox One needs to wish it has a Wii U type launch....that would be a major success.

DRM, Spying, most expensive console yet has the power of a $60-80 PC video card.

..and if the chip issues are real and result in it needing to be underclocked add in reliability issues. (plus that $60-80 pc video card goes from matching to easily beating an xbox one)

SlavisH21773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

last time i checked m$ hasn't release any offical specs for cpu or gpu. They only said 8gigs of RAM and 500hdd. So any comments before a offical reveal is just fanboy talk, DAMN!

P.S. Both ps4 and x1 specs say subject to change plus I dont think the final dev kits have even shipped so let just wait and see so we can make a factual statement and not look dumb

Jazz41081773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Ms has not taken your right away to trade used games. If you have read anything all first party games is business as usual its the third party games that may charge and sony has also said the same thing as they are leaving drm up to the publishers that are not first party. Does anyone not understand this. I talked with several game stores as well that said in the ms email there is no restrictions on trading xboxone used games in at retail. Im not jumping on hating anyone im just trying to give you the facts. Where ms is restricting you is on giving or selling your games to a friend as they have to be on your friend list thirty days. As far as the diffrence in price ms is giving alot more in there package then sony. Im not saying gamers want it but thats the truth. I also do not like the 24 hour check in but my consoles are always conneccted now and my internet is great. I can see this being a issue in alot of places and I think ms needs to change some of these policies but i still think they will do well as the generation goes on but I believe sony will win this gen if things stay as they are now.

MRMagoo1231772d ago

you should maybe do some reading on the policies of MS for xbox one if you think you will be able to resell your games.

LoveOfTheGame1772d ago

People don't seem to realize that the only real difference between the two systems is that PS4 is $100 cheaper and Xbox requires 24 hour check in.

Xbox can play and trade used games, there will be a system to rent and loan, and any fees are left up to publishers.

kupomogli1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )


The difference isn't just the 24 hour check in and $100.

Microsoft themselves released the Xbox One's policies for used games. Here's the policy of lending games.

"Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable you to give your disc-based games to your friends. There are no fees charged as part of these transfers. There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once."

You have to be friends on Live atleast 30 days. This means that there's no selling the game on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

The second thing is if you lend the game to someone, it can transfer the license one time. That's not lending. That's giving the game to the other person. You cannot receive that license back. The person cannot give it to someone else. The only thing the person can do is sell it to Gamestop or Best Buy for what's more than likely going to be $1 and then placed back on the shelf for $54.99.

Here's the link to the official Xbox website for proof.

With the PS4, or literally any other video game system in the world(except newer games on PC.) I can lend a game to a friend. I can take it back the next day and play it. Then I can lend it to that same friend again the following day if I wanted to. Unlimited amount of times. You can't do this on the Xbox One.


Edited a few things to be more concise.

NextGen24Gamer1772d ago

bragging about being 1st worldwide in console sales seems strange to me. Why? Do you benefit from this?

Being an American, I could brag that my console of choice has dominated in my Country. But what does that do for me?

Is it console sales that matter or money made? Because MS easily makes more money than Sony! Now that's something to brag about!

I just don't understand Sony Fanboy logic. Are you rooting for a corporation?

For me it's simple. I'm a Gamer who loves to play games. I could care less which console sells more units or which is more powerful on paper. I want the next gen state of the art games & gameplay. Xbox for me has delivered and will continue to deliver. MS knew going into this next gen that they wouldn't sell as many consoles as the ps4 even before the price was released. When they made the calculated decision to make it a connected console, they knew they would cut a big chunk out of their base consumers.

But for those like me who don't mind and actually prefer our next gen devices to be connected, we benefit. Next gen isn't for everyone right away. It's expensive for the average consumer and it requires internet. I'm sure Microsoft has a base amount that they predict to sell. They are okay with being the Lamborghini of the video game industry. Sure more people will own the cheaper more easily to jump in type of car....but consumers like me, could care less. Do you think the Lamborghini owner cares that there are more Hondas sold than Lamborghinis? Nope. The market is big enough for all 3 consoles and it gives consumes choice.

The games shown at E3 clearly showed me that xbox will be where the best games will be made.

DevilishSix1772d ago

Hate to burst your bubble, but the Xbox One isn't the "Lamborghini of the video game industry", lol it's more like the Prius of the video game industry. It is significantly less powerful than the PS4 and limits your ability to play, lend, and sell your games. But if your a fan of MS, hay all the power to ya.

Bcroger21772d ago

Console sales do matter. Why would game developers make games for a console that no one has? Why do up you think ps2 had so many exclusives from 3rd party developers? This is not a car, console sales do matter because without them 3rd party companies would not make games for those consoles.

Xbox one is not like a "Lamborghini," it's less powerful, and you have less consumer rights with games. At least on a Lamborghini you are allowed to trade or give it away ( along with just about every other product) with friends and family if you wish. Just because a console costs more, doesn't mean its any better. If a game is 30$ and another is 60$, does that make the 60$ game the "Lamborghini" while the 30$ one the "Toyota?"

NextGen24Gamer1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

The fact that a console sells units matter, but it doesn't matter which console sells more. Wii sold more consoles, but yet has the least 3rd party support.

The Xbox One will sell a minimum of 40 million consoles...All Connected...

I believe that while Ps4 will sell more consoles due to price their core base...The Xbox One will likely sell more games...jus like this last generation.

I believe that DRM will make games less expensive for the xbox One and its definitely more attractive to developers.

Xbox One looks to have the better launch games and first year games from what I have seen. And I'm not calling the xbox one the lamborgini because of price...I'm calling it the lamborgini due to the features & tech behind every console sold. Kinnect 2, Custom CPU by MS, and their investment in the cloud and their 300,000 servers.

In my opinion its just a more high tech console than the ps4. Sure the ps4 can crunch numbers a little better, but I believe that it won't matter one bit due to the other tech features MS has included in its console to give consumers more than just pixel pushing power (BTW Games looked way better on the xbox One so far) but actually next gen features.

Devs have already stated that more so called power doesn't equate to better looking or playing games. All we can do is play the games and see the games to compare. And just from what I have seen. Xbox One's graphics are mindblowing and the next gen features are exciting.

NeoTribe1772d ago

Thing is id buy a wii u WAY before I bought an xbox one.

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Perjoss1773d ago

At $399 it really will, got my pre order in, I think anyone who wants one on launch day better pre order too to avoid disappointment.

i3eyond the Circle1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Day One Edition =/= all pre order available systems.

There wil be a core SKU available for preorder soon. The Day One Edition is an LE.

i3eyond the Circle1773d ago

We'll see more preordereable SKUs soon.