Call of Jihadi - Wafaa Bilal on the FPS the US government wants shot down

In September 2006 Al-Qaeda became a game developer.

Its first release? First-person shooter "Night of Bush Capturing", a game free to anyone with an Internet connection and an open mind. Its six-mission campaign is constructed from genre features familiar to any gamer: work your way deep into enemy territory, shoot enemy soldiers before they shoot you and assassinate the leader.

Only, in this case the territory is America, the enemy soldiers are US troops and the leader in question is George W. Bush. Oh, and the developer is a notorious Islamic militant terrorist alliance.

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Jeromejones3621d ago

'Night of Bush capturing'. In some strange way that just sounds so catchy.

Black_Jack3621d ago

sounds like a porno, but anyway.

i cant see how this is terrorist propoganda when we play games in which we attack muslim/arab and other national leaders aswell. It seems a little bit hypocritical of the govenment to censor this kind of game when so many games run on the same kind of structure with enimies which suit there own ideals.

Maddens Raiders3621d ago

and so relevant to the times. 4,000 of my countrymen have been laid to rest in this wretched oil war by proxy. A little levity doesn't hurt, and Americans need to open their minds to see that everyone hurts when the bullets fly which I think what Bilal is trying to convey. We have no choice now but to help Iraq get back on her feet thanks to the major fk ups of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

The worst "terrorist attack" on U.S. soil before that? Was allegedly by some redneck named Timothy McVeigh, but I'm sure he had help from "someone". This whole war is BullSh*t -- Where is Superman when you need him? :-/

Dino3621d ago

I can't believe I downloaded this game thinking the title had a different connotation. And I was sooo excited to capture some night time bush.