Sony's Jack Tretton drops the mic

Geoff Keighly interviews Sony's Jack Tretton about the E3 conference and more.

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majiebeast1687d ago

That mic throw is gif material.

Geoff:Drop the mic
Jack:Im not gonna drop it im gonna throw it!

jonboi241687d ago

Geoff: Drop the mic
Jack: Dropping stuff is what MS does, I throw shit.

Yi-Long1687d ago

... as much as he first battered MS with it, then shoved it somewhere dark and deep, probably in the vicinity of where MS has had it's head burried the last few years.

irepbtown1687d ago

Geoff: Drop the mic
Jack: B*tch please... I throw shit.

Black_McGrath1687d ago

I thought he threw it off the balcony.

jonboi241687d ago

haha I didn't think of that till now. hope he didn't hurt anyone if it did go over.

SuperSteve1683d ago

Don't worry; I'm sure Don Mattrick's shitty hair protected what few brain cells he has left.

Moonman1686d ago

That console looks handsome standing there. :)

danieldeath1687d ago

Shit , so indirectly there will be DRM on Third party titles.

Galacticos1687d ago

It will be up to the publishers, just like with the PS3.

nick3091687d ago

Drm is more expensive then an online pass, stop being fanboys. Get both

AliTheSnake11687d ago

@nick309 That's a big waste of money

elhebbo161687d ago

@nick getting both makes no sense.

Drekken1687d ago

How is this an different than it was a week ago? Five years ago?

maniacmayhem1687d ago

I think a lot of people are getting confused with Online Passes and other forms of DRM. Online Passes is just one form of DRM. But now the tech is there for publishers to actually implement other forms of DRM. Like having the system actually check in to that game's servers to see if the game is used. Publishers can also have any type of their own security for their game to combat used games IF they feel the need too.

As Sony has stated:

"The DRM decision is going to have to be in the hands of the third parties, yeah, that’s not something we’re going to dictate or control or mandate or implement."

DRM just doesn't mean Online Passes only.

Revolver_X_1687d ago

Who cares? Sony isnt mandating it, so just avoid the 3rd parties that do.

SexyGamerDude1687d ago


It's no different from the PS3. There are already games on PS3 that require a constant connection and force DRM on players.

FF 14
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
DC Universe
Final Fight: DI

PS gamers, no need to worry. It's the same as before. Nothing changed.

rdgneoz31687d ago

@SexyGamerDude True, though FF14 and DCUUO are MMOs so there is the need for a constant connection to be able to connect and play.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1687d ago

@maniacmayhem. true but the only thing i see them third parties only implementing on ps3 are online passes and increase in them but if they do increase the price they will only be shooting themselves in the foot. As for not being able to play the game disc at all, like ms is doing, I dno't see that happening on sony's console

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MestreRothN4G1687d ago

On EA games? Count on that.

Or for any moment did you believe that 'we are getting rid of online passes because we care for you' obvious lie?

MysticStrummer1687d ago

People have the opportunity to vote with their money and make even EA give up on the idea. The question is will they do that, or play along and complain later when things get even worse?

InTheLab1687d ago


I think people have been voting with their wallets.

All of the people that would be interested in Dead Space know full well what kind of business EA is. Anti-consumer/Anti-Gamer. They know that EA makes games for focus groups instead of people passed on Dead Space. Passed on Fuse. Passed on the once great MoH. Nobody cares about NBA Live. They remember how EA screwed NFL 2k and fans of both.

They fired their CEO. Fired have their bloated staff. Refocused Battlefield to be Battlefield and not CoD. Ditched MoH. brought back Mirror's Edge....

People spoke with their wallets and EA appears to have been listening.

Now let's hope they don't give us another reason to vote them into the sh**ter if they screw up Dragon Age...

MestreRothN4G1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Even iGN, who received tons of money to call BF4 contender to Game of the Year (lol), criticized yesterday their urge to become CoD, with corridor and frantic, brainless CQC action.

They know their image is shattered, that's all. They will not become consumer-friendly from night-to-day. They know really well that MARKETING is much more important and profitable than QUALITY and are doing the same about their reputation: They continue with bad policies and will continue to milk and ruin franchises, only with a different mask.

It will work with some people. We are not their target. We are hard to be fooled, we are well informed, we criticize and care for this industry.

Now... Answer me: Do you think the millions of consumers out there know that Battlefield and Dead Space is published by the same company? Do you think it makes any difference to the majority of the market?


Apart from that, yes, we have been speaking with our wallets. So far, they are winning.

jonboi241687d ago

Shit sounds like it. Looks like there is no DRM check built into the system itself but 3rd party games may need it. I can see it happening for online games like Destiny and at that point I can tolerate it. I just hope this won't happen on those single player only experience like FF 15.

poopsack1687d ago

This is pretty much how PC gaming works. The point is that Sony, the gateway between the dev and the player, is not enforcing anything upon the consumer, and thats what matters.

Blackdeath_6631687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

if you dislike DRM sony won't implement it but publisher may do so if a game has to be always on take it out on the publisher not sony. with xbox it was built from the start to support this and facilitate drm because internet is required every 24hrs there is no dodging it even for games that don't necessarily require it

HarryMasonHerpderp1687d ago

It's basically the exact same rules as the current gen.
Publisher's can choose to be douche bags and stick it in (Sim city) but you can always boycott it and buy a game from someone who doesn't force DRM.

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CaptainYesterday1687d ago

When he dropped the mic or well he whipped the mic backwards I laughed my ass off! I really admire this guy :)

Arai1687d ago

Great speaker, very likable and was crystal clear in this nonsense.

CaptainYesterday1687d ago

There are a lot of very likeable people at Sony Shuhei Yoshida, Jack Trentton, Mark Cerny, Kazuo Hirai, and Andrew House are just a few :)

Y_51501687d ago

I like Reggie but I admit. He does spew out nonsense from time to time.

Walker1687d ago

R.I.P The Last Guardian :'( !

Dir_en_grey1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

You totally know they are secretly switching it to PS4

I don't mind though cuz I want Ueda to do the best he can to fulfill what he saught out to do

Y_51501687d ago

He said it's on hold. So anything can happen but it'll eventually be finished.

Mr Tretton1687d ago

Wow, hit on me before you buy me a drink like that.

FunAndGun1687d ago

Whatever you wanted Mr. Tretton.

Revolver_X_1687d ago

Hiliarious. +bubs Mr Tretton. On a serious note, I officially went gay for you last night ;p