The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Choices from Season 1 Link to 400 Days, Familiar Faces Will Return

The new dlc for Walking Dead, 400 Days, will follow 5 brand new characters that links Season 1 to Season 2.

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CaptainYesterday1593d ago

But no Clem or maybe she does appear I really hope she does it kills me to not know if she survived or where she ended up.

PockyKing1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

The featured art is from the 400 Days dlc, so appears that she will be.

Edit: Hmm whoever sent that in must be mistaken then, just noticed that too hahaha.

CaptainYesterday1593d ago

It is? But it has Lee there too :S

Nitrowolf21593d ago

IDK much about this dlc, but I have a feeling this will lead to the end of the first season, as in follow the other people life and establish them for the second season.

CaptainYesterday1593d ago

That's exactly what the DLC is for

fluffydelusions1593d ago

This cool and all but I got a new laptop and no longer have my save file :(

PockyKing1593d ago

Never hurts to replay the game with so many different outcomes that could happen.

jon12341593d ago

I hope I can transfer my choices to my vita