NZGamer: Fable 2 Preview

There will soon be every reason to venture back into the land of Albion. The highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Fable is heading this way. Although an official release date has yet to be announced, gamers can expect Fable 2 to hit the stores towards the latter part of in time to decimate your pre-Christmas savings! Fortunately, no gamer is going to care about the price tag if the title lives up to even a fraction of the anticipation and excitement that is starting to build.

Set 500 years after the original story, Fable 2 will have you returning to an enchanted land which has "for every choice, a consequence". Only this time around, the tagline might actually mean something. While almost universally enjoyed, one of the few perceived flaws in Fable was that the game never really delivered on the epic promise of every single action having a resulting reaction. There were definitely hints of this happening in the first title, and even the odd occasion or two of it being quite obvious, but the second Fable looks set to hold up that statement in a much more dynamic and apparent fashion.

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Grown Folks Talk3765d ago

I want to know about it, but at the same time I don't. If I don't know about all of the features that get left out, they won't bother me as much. Either way, it should be a solid title.

slak3765d ago