Crispy Gamer: Dark Sector Review

Crispy Gamer writes:

The bottom line here is this: Some people tried to make a good game here, and they did not succeed. They failed.

Despite my hours of trying -- and trust me, I tried like hell to love this game, to give it every break I possibly could; I tried to look past the sluggish controls, past the nonsensical plot, past the fizz-free boss fight; I bought it flowers and chocolates and left little Post-It notes on the mirror in the morning saying "I love you" and "I think you're so awesome" -- in the end, it let me down and broke my heart and kicked me in the teeth for good measure.

Verdict: Fry it

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Lord Vader3767d ago

Pretty harsh. I cant believe it's that bad based on other reviews I've read. However, I'll play it tonite after work & make my own opinion.

BLUR1113767d ago

I really doubt this game is bad like these ppl say , it looks awesome.

DEADEND3767d ago

I just got this game 30 mins ago and I like it a lot, I think the fact that the game came out after GEARS is why they are being so hard on them.

Lord Vader3767d ago

good to hear man, i cant wait to play it tonite = what do you think of the controls ? I know the graphix are nice...

DEADEND3767d ago

It's really good I just wish it had blind fire, restart the game with your gun upgrades and that you could change the buttons however you want them to be. But the game is really nice the controllers are solid.

Lord Vader3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Thanks ! Good to hear - the controls were the only thing I was worried about, if they are decent, I think the game will be fine. Better to hear an honest opinion like yours about that than this worthless review - thanks again..


Elginer3767d ago

reviewer sounds as if the game personally raped him in the night and told him a lie.

Excalibur3767d ago

but then gave it an 8.7?
Did you like the game or not buddy,'cause it sure sounds like ya hated it.

bigjclassic3767d ago

this game for a while and it seems to suffer from minor problems. Guess I'll wait for the price to drop.
*Whats up with HD-era games??*

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