GTA V E3 Screenshots

The GTAV splash page has been updated with the 9 new screens that you might have noticed during Sony's E3 press conference last night.

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hennessey861234d ago

I don't think it will look that good in game though to be honest

ape0071234d ago

hopefully a ps4 version is coming

alivegamezone1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

HD Screenshots added!

brianunfried1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Almost hard to believe that is current generation. Looks amazing!

alivegamezone1234d ago

It's a game by Rockstar, friend! :)

Simco8761234d ago

The Last of Us to hold me over until this game. Can't wait to visit the Grove again

plaZeHD1234d ago

I am trying very hard to be excited for this game, but I am not.
I need a doctor ASAP!!!

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